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I’m Scared of Toddlers

Lucie is almost 9 months old. Wow, how time does fly!

The past three weeks or so have been an amazing time of accomplishment: crawling, pulling up, standing, clapping, and demanding (what?). Demanding?

So, my in-laws are in town for a month to help us with daily childcare (God bless you both!!!). Ever since they arrived, though, I’ve noticed a definite change in personality from a go-with-the-flow chilled out baby to a more demanding, fussy, I-want-that! baby. So, my question is: is it the age or the circumstance?

I ran this by a few mommy friends who have older babies. What I found? Terrified me. Let me see if I can summarize: “HAAAAA! Just wait!!!! It gets waaaay worse!” – or something along those lines.

My friend Sara: “When Clara turned 15 months, I couldn’t WAIT to go back to work full-time. She has become such a demanding little bee-yotch (she means that in the nicest possible way). The other day, Clara put me in a headlock, led me down to the ground, and said, ‘Ride!’ (as in horsey).”

My friend Elise: “Oh yeah, my 3-year-old just spanked me on the ass and said, ‘Mommy, I’m the boss in this house!!'”

My friend Andrea: “My 1-year-old will SCREAM in his high chair until you give him his sippy cup. Then he throws it on the ground and makes you pick it up again. Rinse and repeat.”

Is this true? Is the honeymoon over? Maybe THIS is what parents always talk about when they laugh maniacally when you tell them you’re pregnant. “Your life is over, mwwwaaaaaaa!” And I was always like, “Hahaha… no really, fuck you.”

So please, I’m not terrified enough. Please do regale me with your favorite toddler horror story…


  1. oops cut myself off there! that I would not fit into my reagulr jeans which I stupidly packed to wear home. I had a C-section which makes it doubly hard to lose weight immediately, even with breast feeding because your body is healing from surgery and even if the jeans had magically fit, I couldn’t have worn them anyway because the abdominal area would have been too painful to have anything pressed against it! I ended up wearing home the maternity bottoms I wore to the hospital. With second baby I knew better and purchased an extra large pair of elastic waist pants to wear home even then, it was a bit of a squeeze and uncomfortable. I told myself if I had another I would wear a nightgown home! but, can’t complain too much. After both babies were about eight or nine months old I was back into a size eight!

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