Updated January 2019

Best Baby Winter Booties

1. Zutano Fleece Booties ~ $15+

As you all know by now, most socks do NOT stay put, especially on smaller babies. These Zutano booties have snaps that keep them in place to keep little feetsies warm and toasty.

*Comes in 3, 6, 12, and 18M sizes in a variety of colors.
baby winter booties - zutano

2. Baby Conda Stretchy Fleece Booties ~ $14

Baby Condas have rubber soles for walkers and are fleece-lined inside and out. These cute booties will stay put due to the double adjustable straps.
baby winter booties - BabyConda

3. Gap Cozy Bear Slippers ~ $25

We’ve now bought these slippers in two sizes for our 2 year old. They stay on, don’t make his feet sweat and have an amazing slip proof tread. Check out GAP’s holiday, reindeer version for the holidays here. Ho ho ho.


4. Robeez Cozy Crib Shoe ~ $25+

The epitome of baby cuteness, these winter booties come in three shades and are made of leather with faux fur. If you’re in the market for great quality at a reasonable price, look no further.

baby winter booties - Robeez

5. Nowali Moccasins ~ $29

Another warm house slipper for little ‘uns is the Nowali Moccasin. We’ve owned three pairs of these for the girls and they’ve never let us down. Also great for babies who are learning how to walk.

*Comes in 6M, 12M, 18M, and 2Y sizes in a variety of colors.

baby winter booties


UGG has a variety of VERY warm house slippers for children from babies to big kids. Starting with…

A. UGG Kids Bixbee Booties ~ $34

UGG Bixbee booties are made of soft terry cloth (upper and interior). They have velcro closures that open wide for chubby, little feet. Cuter than the Zutano booties, IMO.

baby winter booties - uggs bixbee


B. UGG Kids Erin ~ $49

Moving up the chain, the Erin is made from suede and high-quality sheepskin. It sits higher above the ankle and has a simple hook-and-loop closure.

baby winter booties - UGG- erin


C. UGG Kids Tasman ~ $70

For your bigger kids (starting at size 8), these are the go-to for cold houses everywhere.

baby winter booties - UGG-Tasman


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