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Love List, February Edition

Hello from 2019!

As we move through the never-ending month of January, we could use a little inspiration to get through the doldrums of winter. Many of us have vowed to drink less, work out more, and/or spend more quality time with kids, but it’s not as easy as it sounds! And what about those wind chills right now!? Dang.

In the short term, we can look forward to Valentine’s Day. Growing up, my family all went out to dinner together on V-Day. Because of this, I have just always enjoyed the day of hearts and love! Here are a few Valentines-ey and midwinter feel-good items to give you a little bump when you need it the most. HNY!

~ Kristen, Editor of all Things Beautiful

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Gallery Perfect 9 Piece Wall Frame Set ~ $95

For the amazing family photos you took for holiday cards last month… frame those puppies and get them up on the wall before you lose your will! I love this set from Target — it is great-looking and affordable.

Aura Daylight Therapy Lamp ~ $98

Meg bought this on a whim after a REALLY difficult (rainy, cold) week battling seasonal depression (SAD). It totally works! The light stimulates cells in the retinas that connect to the hypothalamus. She uses it for 30 minutes in the morning and it just makes her feel 10x better. If you travel a lot, you can also use it to correct jet lag.

“let’s pretend it’s summer!!!”

Heart “XO” Graphic Sleep Set ~ $17

This gender neutral set from Gap is cute enough for your whole brood.

Natural Vitality Calm Plus Calcium Supplement ~ $28

As a parent, sleep is paramount. Lately, I am loving mixing up this powder with warm water in the evening before bed — it’s such a calming ritual. Replace your nightcap with this to help you cut back on alcohol consumption. No joke — it really calms my nerves and let’s me chill. There’s a magical thing when calcium and magnesium are taken together — they relax your muscular and nervous systems. Evidence shows it helps with insomnia, which I battle from time to time.

If you’re pregnant, this was a miracle for my restless legs in my third trimester.

*As always, please check with your doctor about what supplements are best for your body!

Bioderma Make-Up Removing Micelle Solution ~ $15

Who has time to take off the makeup they barely have the time and energy to apply in the first place — me! This stuff is so easy. I hop into bed with the bottle and a few cotton pads and wipe the day away without water – done!

Tucker + Tate Heart Plush Sweater ~ $39

Available in little and big girl’s sizing, this sweater is too cute for Valentine’s Day — and any day, really!

Container Store Water Hyacinth Bin ~ $7+

Have you watched the Marie Kondo doc on Netflix yet (check out the trailer, can you relate!)? Like many, I am currently getting rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy,” and also buying a hundred bins for all the things that make the cut in our house (everything needs a place!).

Bin Clip Labels ~ $10

Level up your bins with these nice-looking labels –

Valentine-Graphic Tie-Front Top ~ $8

It’s true what they say – love always wins!

OXO Tot Grape Cutter ~ $10

Grapes: my kiddos LOVE them, but I hate cutting them. This thing seems ridiculous, but I love it! It simplifies my processes, my goal for 2019!

Chenille Shawl Cardigan ~ $79

This is a great pre-spring cardi, as you can layer a long sleeve underneath it and head right into warmer temps when the season changes (please, sooner than later!). The color is a delicate neutral that will go with anything. Bonus: it’s an amazing top to wear while nursing (ease of cover up, etc.).

Skip Hop Forget Me Not Lunch Kit ~ $9

This highly-rated lunch kit is really cute for Valentine’s Day and the price point is amazing. Many best-selling lunch boxes hover between $20-40. Steal!

Glossier Boy Brow ~ $16

I love this brow gel. A few quick swipes and it perks up my face on those mornings I want to not look like I woke at 5:02 AM after hearing my son spill a box of Cheerios all over the kitchen floor.

Target Cloud Island Boys Sleep N’ Play ~ $12

For the turn-and-burn infant stages, I love me some “3 for $12” footed sleepers. My fave part, zipper from neck to feet for easy night changes!

Acrylic Wall Calendar ~ $134

Am I the only one who still manages our family calendar the old-fashioned way? Heh. I love this highly-rated calendar to keep track of all the things on the docket for your family. Looks beautiful on the wall.

That’s our bag of tricks for this month — be well, stay warm and take care!

Sincerely, Kristen

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