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Love List January 2020

Watch It: Schitt’s Creek

This show is a lighthearted, dry and hilarious sitcom that makes me laugh and tugs at my heartstrings. I am taken by the lovable yet deplorable characters. Created by father-and-son team Daniel and Eugene Levy (and also stars Sarah Levy), I love that it’s truly a family affair.

~ Marissa

Watch It: Marriage Story

This movie sheds light on the little talked-about aspects of messy divorces. It is so raw and real, and Adam Driver’s and Scarlett Johansson’s performances are heartbreakingly good. Watch it. It hurts… it hurts so good.

~ Charlene

Watch It: You

Serial stalker Joe Goldberg (aka psycho Dan Humphrey — shout out to my fellow Gossip Girl fans!) is back, still looking for love in all the wrong places. Now on its second season, this dark drama is a solid thriller that ranges from creepy to funny pretty smoothly, with some satirical commentary on social media sprinkled here and there. Watch it. It’s addicting.

~ Charlene

Read It: The Magicians

This is the first book in a trilogy — it’s a little old (2009) but I’d never read it before. If you enjoy reading fantasy, sink into this. It’s a grittier, adult-ish version of Harry Potter meets The Chronicles of Narnia.

~ Brit

Read It: The Coddling of the American Mind

This provocative book explores some of the reasons for and problems resulting from a culture of over-protectiveness of American youth. It’s primarily focused on higher education, but the authors dive into broad social patterns, mental health therapies, parenting culture, and more. If you read Marissa’s anxiety series and were hungry for more, take a look. Be forewarned: it’s divisive.

~ Brit

Listen to It: Ramit Sethi on Personal Finance

We love Ramit. His Google talk offers so much and his nontraditional approach to “budgeting” is so refreshing. In addition to advice about finances, he pushes listeners to think about the meaning of your own “rich life,” which is what it’s all about!

~ Meg

Listen to It: Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

This longform interview podcast is hilarious and insanely popular. Dax Shepard talks with celebrities, writers, artists, and academics about all things personal and “the messiness of being human.” Lines are crossed, laughs are had, and authenticity shines.

~ Heather R.

Shop It: The Instant Pot ~$79

The “Instapot” is a GAME CHANGER in the kitchen, friends. I didn’t beleive it ’til I tried it myself. Meals, done, in 10 minutes. It feels like cheating/defying the laws of physics (well, it is). If you don’t believe me, then believe the 49,000+ Amazon reviewers who rate it 4.6/5. Unreal.

~ Meg

Shop It: Milk Shake Leave-In Conditioner ~$20

I’ve had a hard time finding a leave-in conditioner that detangles and isn’t heavy on the hair (and doesn’t cost a zillion dollars!). I have one bottle for me and one for my girls (no more tangles!) and I #cannotlivewithoutit. Bonus: it smells like birthday cake.

~ Meg

Shop It: Tangle Teezer Hairbrush ~$19

When I say Lucie hates to brush her hair and screams every time we try, I AM NOT JOKING. I have searched high and low for years and this is the only brush she will use. A lifesaver! Use this in conjunction with the aforementioned Milk Shake Leave-In Conditioner and you’re golden!

~ Meg

Shop It: Standing Desk Converter ~$179

We’ve all heard it: “sitting is the new smoking.” Like so many other Americans, my entire work day is basically spent in front of a computer at my desk. I am floored how much better I feel at the end of the day after working on my feet rather than from a chair — and I like that I can easily move from sitting to standing with this convertible desk top.

~ Brit

Shop It: Klean Kanteen Reusable Straws ~$9

I keep one in the car (for all of those last-minute iced teas), one in my bag, and the rest at home for the tiny monsters. Highly recommend!

~ Heather R.

Shop It: Sherpa Pullover ~$118

My parents gave me this for Christmas, and I’ve barely taken it off since then. It is SO soft and warm, and it has pockets! It’s men’s sizing, so order down.

~ Brit

Shop It: Colorful Koala Leggings ~$22

Everyone has been raving about these, and they’re right! They feel and fit just like Lululemon leggings for a fraction of the price.

~ Melissa

Shop It: Spanx Under Statements ~$20

Do you hate wearing a thong as much as I do? But sometimes, you just gotta: yoga pants, tight skirts, leggings, etc. ARGHHH. These are so comfy and they don’t ride up into your crack (LOL) — you’ll hardly even feel them at all.

~ Meg

Explore It: mXe Movement Studio ~$35/month

mXe (“moxie”) Movement, a fitness studio in my hometown, helped me get back into shape while also feeling GOOD about my body after I had my twins. The mXe workouts and community changed my life; I got my Mojo back — truly! mXe still makes me feel confident, in more ways than just physically. I feel STRONG. They are now offering an online streaming subscription so you can do their workouts anywhere, anytime. Love!

~ Marissa

Explore (With) It: Herschel Fanny Pack ~$34

Now that I’m over the “I need to bring a gazillion diapers, wipes and changes of clothes phase,” I get to travel light. This fanny pack is all I need these days: I can fit my keys, wallet, phone, and more. It’s also a must to hold all your travel essentials (passports etc…) during an airport transit!

~ Charlene

Explore (With) It: Fitbit Inspire ~$78

I love my Fitbit, and this model is thin and discreet compared to the others. Aside from counting steps and competing in challenges, you can track workouts and other activities, food intake, sleep, and heart rate, AND it sends notifications reminding you to move your a$$ if you’ve been sitting for too long.

~ Charlene

Explore It: New Year’s Dietary Inspiration

Eating well isn’t complicated — you don’t have to do weird cleanses, buy special products or commit to a specific “diet.” If you’re trying to eat less out of a package or a box, Whole 30 is a fantastic place to get start started (psst: do it for life, not just for 30 days!).

~ Meg

What are you loving? Let us know in the comments section!


  1. Is it bad that I’ve already watched all the recommended tv shows? And I loved them all. Schitt’s Creek makes me a super proud Canadian.

  2. I stumbled upon Samit’s blog once. I’ll have to go check it out again.
    I’m saving this article because I don’t need my life to be lonely in 2020. So, I’ll have a lot to read, watch and listen to.

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