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Love List, The Self Care Edition: New Year’s 2021

’21? For real? The number itself looks so bizarre. How did it get to be this year? Psssh. Who knows.

For this crazy new year, we’re zeroing in on our favorite things for self care… because we all need some right now. For real. Here’s to change 🥂.

Vuori Joggers ~ $84

A friend turned me onto these and I never want to take them off. Like, seriously — it’s a problem. So I ordered 2 more pairs 😂

They are soft and not too heavy. They fit me in all the right places. Couple them with a new pair of sneaks (or actual running shoes) and you have yourself an instant athleisure makeover. ~Meg

(Also available directly from Vuori — get 15% off your first order.)

One Minute Journal ~ $15

The therapeutic power of writing is undeniable, but journaling doesn’t come naturally to everyone — nor does everyone have the time. Enter this one-minute journal with prompts to guide you. It’s as easy as it gets. ~Charlene

Minnetonka Lolo Leopard Slide Slipper ~ $45

My feet are obsessed with these… so I pretty much never take them off. Plus, they are so cozy and cute! ~ Marissa

Bridgerton, via Netflix

If Gossip Girl and Pride & Prejudice had a child, and it was raised by Shonda Rhimes… you would get Bridgerton. The series debuts as a period drama and a racy, sexy courting tale. We loved the diverse cast and sumptuous costumes; and though the dialogue was often unsubstantial, we couldn’t get enough. It’s addictive, and we can’t wait to see what season 2 brings. Also, the Duke 🔥🔥 ~ Charlene

Olly Women’s Multivitamins ~$15

The Olly multi delivers a daily dose of 18 essential nutrients, including B vitamins, antioxidants, vitamins D and C, and even Biotin (hello, luscious hair!). If, like me, you don’t like swallowing large pills, this multivitamin is a nice, more enjoyable alternative. I mean, you’re basically eating candy. ~ Charlene

Kindred Bravely Pajamas ~ $49

I still wear my Kindred Bravely pajama pants, years later (sans the nursing top). They are so comfortable, stretchy, and the fabric quality and cut can’t be beat. ~ Melissa

Psst: Kindred Bravely also just came out with a handsome new Bamboo Pajama Set ($69), which is temperature-regulating and cozy.

TLC Skin Care

Hannacure All-in-One Facial Set ~ $110

This mask will give you the wildest skincare experience of your life (you really have to go through it to understand — but if you need visuals, google “Hanacure and Drew Barrimore”). Plus, it will instantly give you glowing, brighter, tighter skin. ~ Charlene

Ice Face Roller ~ $22

This thing feels so refreshing, and it rolls away puff in minutes. ~Brit

The Everyday Oil ~ $22

This oil is a Jack of all trades. It cleanses, moisturizes, clarifies and heals. You can even use it on hair. Plus, it smells divine (with a blend of lavender, clary sage, Palo Santo and Geranium). ~Charlene

Revision Skincare DEJ Night Cream ~ $150

My derm friend, co-founder of the Skin Sisters, turned me on to this amazing night cream that packs in moisture, time-released Retinol and bakuchiol. After one year of use, my skin’s never looked better! ~ Marissa

Adora Rich Dark Chocolate Calcium Supplements ~ $12

My daughter is sensitive to milk, and we had a hard time getting her enough calcium until we found these. They’re actually made from chocolate — and they’re so good. ~ Anand, LL’s CTO

White Belgian Flax Linen Diamond Quilt & Sham ~$varies

I love this PB bed blanket so much that I bought one for every bed in my house! It’s heavy like a weighted blanket… warm in the winter and weirdly cool in the summer. Machine washable and comes in a ton of colors. ~ Melissa

If you’re looking for a “true” weighted blanket, there’s always the beloved Luna blanket, too.

Vessel Oracle Deck ~ $38

I love this deck of cards. Bright and whimsical, it represents various feelings and emotions that we go through daily. It’s a simple way to start the day: draw a card in the morning and set your intention for the day around it. ~ Charlene

What are you loving for self care this year? Please share your favorites for 2021 in the comments.

We see you out there, parents. Take good care!!

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