Updated February 2019

Again, for the 0-6 month crowd, you can get a newborn tub or “support” that’s a bit smaller, easier to store and easier to move around.

0-6 Months

These first three items are “bath supports.” You can’t fill them with water; they’re more for sponge baths in a sink, with water underneath (or not). You feel me?

Leachco Safer Bather Bath Pad ~ $19

An affordable option for the newborn crowd, the Leachco could fit in a larger kitchen sink and can also be used in the bathtub. Cheap and easy, just like my college roommate…

Angelcare Bath Support ~ $19

This is a VERY highly rated, affordable seat that’s made of soft, mildew-resistant mesh material. People have said they even bring it to the beach so baby can hang out in the shade (I would have never thought of that). It’s very easy to wash it down.

This one goes into the bathtub (you’ll have to bend over…) or a large sink. It’s quite multi-functional and can also be used in your bathroom as a place to put baby so you can use the potty. You don’t think about things like that, but… it’s very nice to have. It also hangs up for convenient storage, unlike the larger infant tubs that take up lots of space.

Angelcare Bath Support

Angelcare Bath Support

Blooming Bath ~ $39

It’s very comfortable for baby and they don’t slip around (more highly-rated than the Puj Tub). You can even keep the water running for warmth. Works best in divided sinks vs. farm style, but it can work lying flat as well.

Blooming Bath

Blooming Bath

Shnuggle ~ $49

The cheaper of the two “bucket tubs,” this one is a winner. Babies LOVE being in these buckets; it makes them feel very contained. The only downside to these buckets is that it’s a bit difficult to access and clean your baby’s [ahem] nether-regions.

The Shnuggle’s design makes it easier on baby and parent, plus it grows with your child for 0-12 months (vs. 0-6 months with the others). SAVE YOUR BACK and use this one on your countertop!

The Shnuggle

Get off the floor, lady!

Tummy Tub ~ $49

The Tummy Tub is also very popular. It’s called so because it’s like being back in mom’s tummy. I used this tub downstairs when Alice was born because I could fill it up in the kitchen sink and bathe her on the counter. I also liked taking it outside for a little summertime alfresco bathing.

*For a less expensive option, try the Prince Lionheart washPOD (~$29).

The Tummy Tub

The Tummy Tub

For larger babies (or if you just want ONE tub that does it all), check out…

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