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Pandemic Silver Linings — Noticing the Good

There’s no denying it: parenting during the pandemic is HARD! 

But what if for just a moment, we switch our focus from all the challenging and anxiety-provoking bits, and turn our attention to the silver linings? Not that we want to take the hardships this pandemic brings lightly… but at the end of the day, noticing the bright spots — you know, those special moments of joy and hope — in the midst of all the chaos and challenges could make all the difference in our ability to tackle yet another Mond… Tuesd… (wait, what day is it again?).

We recently asked you, our dear readers, what has brought you joy since the start of the pandemic, and boy did you deliver. Not only has it really warmed our hearts to know you have been able to find things that you are thankful for, even during such a stressful time, it’s also helped us notice our own bright spots — so, thank you! Below are some of your responses, along with a few of our team’s. 

Wanna see all the things that have brightened your quarantine days? Check out all of our reader responses here. 

Special Moments with Children — Firsts & Milestones

Seeing all the firsts my baby is making and spending time with my preschooler doing projects and activities when I normally would have been at work….

Christine Anne

I was there for the first ‘uh-oh’ — I actually get to see the milestones in person and not hear about them from daycare.

Rosa Fernandez

My kiddo learned how to ride a bike! Great use of all of this time at home.

Caitlin Brown
Pandemic Silver Linings

This has happened to coincide with our 2 year old daughter’s language explosion, which means we’re more present for how literally every day there’s a new word, phrase, intonation, and way that she’s playing with words. As an English teacher it’s particularly rewarding, but also just cool.

Ali Stewart

Potty training my almost 2.5 year old son has been so much easier without the stress of having to leave the house or replicate our daycare teachers’ routine. We came up with our own routine at home and it’s been pretty painless overall. I have the working mama satisfaction of knowing that, while he learns a lot from daycare teachers and others, I alone got to guide him through this important milestone…

Krista Cole Jackson

Not Having to Pump at Work (and More Time at Home with New Babies) 

Extended maternity leave! I am a teacher and was only back at work for one week and then we had spring break. During spring break everything started shutting down. I may have had to teach from home, but I didn’t have to pump AND I got more time with my now 5 month old.

Kelsey Olden

My maternity leave was set to end in mid-April. I was dreading going back to work and being away from my baby on a daily basis a lot earlier than I did with his older sister. I was dreading being attached to a pump and not getting to nurse him anymore. Now, with being at home, I still get to nurse him, snuggle him, see him roll over from back to front for the first time, and a lot more I would have missed out on.

Taylor Israel

Enjoying a Slower Pace of Life

Not having to get out the door by a certain time in the mornings — (just in general not having to rush to go/get anywhere — I’m trying to really let the mornings take as long as they want to).


I’ve been loving sitting in the backyard and just listening to the sounds, watching the birds and noticing nature come alive. Plus, my kids are learning about the simple things in life: watching trees bud, flowers bloom and the endless fun of playing with cardboard boxes.

Pandemic Silver Linings
Backyard lilacs

I don’t know about anybody else, but I haven’t worn makeup or done my hair since this started; also, I pretty much wear the same type of outfit every day. It’s really freeing!!


When you take your life off auto-pilot, you realize all the things you were doing ‘just because’… I have learned that many of the commitments we had are a net negative and we won’t be returning to them!


Finally did all the things we planned to do when we had free time… realizing a slower pace of life isn’t all bad, eating dinner every night as a family, getting to spend more quality down time with my hubby, and the best of all… watching my kids become best friends!

Lisa Riley

Exploring nature in our neighborhood! We’ve lived in this house for 7 years but never knew about the hiking trails and frog pond that are blocks away. We’re making family memories that I know my kids will always cherish.

Chelsea Reed Sterrett

The pandemic and quarantine has altered the trajectory of global warming.

Pandemic Silver Linings

I’ve never been good at staying in the moment, but this pandemic is helping me get better at realizing I can’t control what will happen and have no way of knowing what the next few weeks or months will bring, and so I just need to focus on this moment that I’m in NOW. Yes — it’s easier said than done, but I’m working on it.


Tightening of Family Bonds

Lots of family runs and bike rides. no work commute = SO much time with the kids. The best silver lining is that my 3yo and 5yo have completely bonded with no other playmates available, and my 5yo is becoming really good at conflict resolution!

Sara Tappan Hutto

With all this time at home, we’ve had to get seriously creative about keeping busy. My kiddos have put together family fashion shows, dance parties, plays, made up games and have had a blast dressing me and my husband up in wacky costumes!


Normally, my husband is hardly ever home. He works a lot of hours and commutes a couple hours a day so it’s been really nice having him home (even though he is working). The kids and I are really enjoying this time and my husband gets to eat three meals a day with us plus spend countless other hours connecting in different ways.


My husband had long hours and commutes far so he used to be gone from 7am-7pm five days a week. After lockdown he works from home and he and our 3 year old son have developed such an awesome bond which was missing before. We are lucky we have jobs and are healthy so to us lockdown has been a blessing in disguise.

Christina Jeanett Lim
Pandemic Silver Linings
Bringing back the “family meal”


A few of my neighbors (who are also friends of mine — and moms) and I have all gotten a lot closer. The quarantine really strengthened our bond and a sense of solidarity. We help each other out with the day to day, in whatever ways we can — from grocery orders to venting about our partners. The social distance barters that we leave at each other’s doors (like brownies and cocktails) really do help a lot… hehe.


I absolutely love all the rainbows, hearts and other artwork that people have been hanging in the windows, as well as the children’s sidewalk chalk art. It shows such a sign of solidarity, love and hope. Here’s a sampling of ours!


We’ve had driveway happy hours, where we’ve met neighbors for the very first time, despite having lived here for years. I can’t think of any other way this would have happened on its own.


Since the start of quarantine, my husband and I have each reconnected with old friends we haven’t seen or talked to in ages. Who knew all it would take was a global health crisis for us to jump on a Zoom call or Houseparty chat to “see” each other again? Of course it’s not the same as having an in-person reunion, but it’s a good reminder that we don’t need to hop on a plane (or drive anywhere) to catch up with each other again!


There you have it. No matter how small or big, in the midst of the fear and hardship that COVID has manifested, there is good. I urge you to also start to notice the positive moments — the silver linings, if you will — and really take those to heart. 

Please share your pandemic silver linings with us in the comments below, and I urge you to check out all our reader responses here. Stay healthy, safe and well!  

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