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Goodbye 4th Trimester

Parents, congratulations. All of you.

You’ve made it past a critical point: the dreaded 4th trimester – colic, being up all night, getting your nipples chewed raw, blowout poops, endless crying…yeah, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

It might not all be over, but the worst is definitely behind you.

Thus begins a new era: getting your life back. Getting your toes done. Having a date night (what?). Buying some new clothes. Having sex (okay, let’s not go TOO overboard here). For many, this also means going back to work (ugggggh!).

It’s Alive!!!

You may have noticed lately that your 3 month old is much more alert and energetic. No more blank stares; she looks into your eyes and smiles now. THAT, dear friends, is pretty awesome. You may have even heard your first giggle. Hopefully by now, she’s also on (somewhat) of a predictable, 3-nap-a-day schedule, but if not, don’t sweat it.

If you work from home, like many people these days, this is the point where getting things done is getting a lot more difficult (you didn’t think the all-day-napping-thing would last forever, right?)! Even if you’ve mastered typing and breastfeeding at the same time, it’s damn near impossible to work from home. Yup, time to get help! Sorry, bank account.

Childcare is a hairy monster. Just know that you’re not alone. Check with friends and neighbors, contact your local mother’s group, or go online to services like Care.com, UrbanSitter, Sittercity, etc.


At this age, your 3 month old will enjoy some additional stimulation in his daily life. Listening to music. Swatting at toys. Walking to the coffee shop. Playing peekaboo. You name it. Just remember: you don’t have to “do” anything specific. Just talking to your baby and involving them in your day to day life is where it’s at.

As baby starts to reach and grab this month, play gyms are a fun place to be. Another crowd favorite is the Kick & Play Piano (one that hangs from the crib or stands alone as a play gym).

The Kick & Play Piano

Mobiles are also really fun at this age. A crowd favorite is the Tiny Love Meadow Days Baby Mobile

I also like the rudimentary Manhattan Toys Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile.

Another cool one is the The Peanutshell musical crib mobile.

Note: These all require a crib.

In 3 months from now, your baby will be sitting up and starting solid foods. Can you imagine? For now, enjoy your chubby little back-lying toe-sucker. They grow up fast!

Congrats to you, Mom and Dad! Pat yourself on the back for making it through the 4th trimester. You did a great job. 😉

Onward and Upward!


  1. Avatar of Danielle Griffin

    Thank you, I needed this! Just started back to work this week (from home) and was already getting discouraged, BUT this has lifted me up and got me excited and I am ready to push through. Time to pull out our play gym, yay!!!!!! My baby is growing so fast, bittersweet but looking forward to his growth and development. This site is amazing! Thank you again.

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