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Summer 3Dtwo Tandem Umbrella Stroller Review

The Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience Stroller has been discontinued; however we will leave this review up for those who currently own a 3Dtwo, as well as those who may be able to find one used, or on clearance.

Summer Infant just introduced the new 3Dtwo “Double Convenience Stroller,” a.k.a. tandem umbrella stroller.

Tandem umbrellas are a rare find, but very convenient due to their light weight and narrow profile (see also: Kinderwagon HOP).

When I saw this contraption, I was intrigued— but skeptical. Could two kids really fit in that? Do these canopies really cover everyone (whhhhaaat)? The short answer is: for the most part, yes 🙂


Size and Weight

Most tandem strollers are long (front to back), harder to maneuver, and bulky— but not this little guy! He is super easy to steer and push since he is only an INCH (yes, an inch) longer than a single umbrella stroller.

The stadium seating setup makes for a compact stroller, yet still provides enough legroom for the twins to grow – there was even ample legroom for my 5-year-old niece.

Every twin Mom knows that even though aisles are legally required to be wide enough for a wheelchair (and subsequently, a side-by-side stroller), they usually aren’t. With this puppy, you’ll be whizzing in and out of aisles, checking out the shirts in the back corner, and have your pick of fitting rooms— in short, living like a queen!

The Summer Infant 3Dtwo is very, very, lightweight at 18 lbs (single umbrella strollers are roughly 15 lbs) and the aluminum frame folds very compactly. I literally have no trunk space in my Mazda 5 with my 3rd row seats up and it fits, making it the perfect (and only) option when you are low on space— or need room for groceries, luggage, or shopping bags.

3dtwo trunk


The seats can recline up to about 33°, limited by the nature of the seating configuration. For those of you who failed trigonometry, the recline is a little less than halfway.

Editor’s Note: this limited recline is typical for tandems, outside of the longer ones like the City Select, Contours Options, Vista and such. Thus, this stroller is not appropriate for young infants (0-6 months) because head and torso control are required.

That said, the recline is enough for my twin girls to fall asleep.

On the front seat (only), there is an adjustable calf-rest to keep little chubby baby legs supported (not meant for older children). If the front seat is empty, you can push it up to the bumper bar to gain more space in the back— or for easier in and out for the rear child [below].

3dtwo front recline
Don’t mind the drink…

Surprisingly, the back seat provides ample legroom and my girls do not mind sitting one behind the other.

Right now (at 15 months), we are barely using half the weight capacity—the girls are 39 pounds combined and it holds up to 75 lbs combined (the front seat holds up to 50 lbs while the rear seat holds 40 lbs— individual seat maxes). However, some of the Amazon reviews state that things start to fall apart while toting around heavier children, so be aware.

3dtwo standing
Trying on hats and checking out sister.

The Holy Grail: Canopies

People, listen to me here: these canopies literally cover everything. Some reviewers were concerned that the rear child wouldn’t be able to see with the front canopy pulled down— and I too was worried they would object to the limited scenery, but they really didn’t seem to mind at all.

Both canopies are removable, if you so chose (while indoors, etc.), and the front canopy can be moved up or down the side of the frame, depending on the height of your children. Note that the canopies are not the tallest, but should be sufficient for the four and under crowd.

3dtwo canopies night
3dtwo canopy front

Folding & Carrying

The stroller is very easy to open and close. With a flick of the lever, the (true) one-handed, self-propelled fold is a lifesaver when wrangling kids.

3dtwo top view
Looking down, surprisingly a lot of room for both kids to grow

The small size and light weight are also a plus for lugging this stroller up and down stairs. There is a shoulder strap attached; personally, I’m not sure when I would ever use it, but it’s nice to have for when you need to have your hands free– for, you know, wrangling two kids and all.

Storage, Accessories, & Braking

As with all umbrellas, the storage basket is nothing to write home about, but it is accessible from the sides while the rear seat is occupied—or from the back when the rear seat is empty. Again, this is a typical complaint for tandems, and for umbrellas specifically.


We shoved a few wet bags, blankets, and a lunch bag in there for a festival and it worked fine. Note that you won’t be able to fit a large diaper bag back in there. However, the stroller is sturdy enough to hang your diaper bag from the back without worrying about it flipping backward.

The parent cup holder (included) stays on, even when being shoved in and out of the trunk. The mesh storage pocket on the side is perfect for a phone, keys, pacifiers, bottles—and whatever else you need quick access to.

3dtwo mesh side pocket

The 3Dtwo worked great on the walk to drop off/pick up the girls from daycare in our neighborhood. The front wheels can “lock out” straight in rougher terrain and the rear wheel brakes can be done in flip flops. I can usually push the stroller with one hand and *try* to keep my dog from running after bunnies with the other hand. That’s called having your hands full!

The handlebars are taller than on most strollers; at 5’7 (me) and 6’2 (hubby), we appreciated the taller handles with soft foam wrapping. Note that shorter parents (less than 5’4″) have said the handles were too tall for them.

Bottom Line: For $200 ($142 on sale), this stroller is perfect for narrow aisles and quick errands. Quick errands are never as advertised— getting in and out of the car with two is always a production, people. Truth be told, this stroller is exactly as advertised: a convenience stroller. I don’t think it will be my go-to everyday stroller, but I love keeping it in the car. It’s also great for travel.


Compared to the Kinderwagon Hop, this stroller is lighter, less expensive, and has better canopies, but is perhaps not as well made. The only other downside is that it can’t be used with young infants.

*While Summer Infant sent me this stroller per my request, this is my own honest opinion. We don’t take money (or goods) in exchange for favorable reviews. If I hated it, I would tell you: see here.

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  1. Really very good review on the tandem umbrella stroller. You made a good research before publishing this article. I really enjoyed my reading.

  2. I simply came across your blog site and wished to state that I have actually taken pleasure in reading your blog site posts.I merely wish to inform you that I am brand-new to blog and absolutely liked this blog site .I more than happy to discover this post very beneficial for me, as it includes great deals of details. I always choose to check out The Quality and pleased I discovered this thing in you publish. I need to bookmark your website for future updates.

  3. Do you have an update on how your 3d two is holding up I want to buy for my small 3 year old and 15 month old they probably weigh around 50 together

    1. Hi Mary! The 3Dtwo is holding up pretty well. I have to admit I am a bit hard on it (throwing it in the garage or shoving it in the trunk) and everything is still is great condition. I still use it frequently with my almost two year old twins that are just shy of 50lbs together and it is still easy to push around (usually with several bags hanging off the back adding even more weight).

  4. Hi,

    nice review. Curious though, did you receive this as a gift from the manufacturer or distributor/store? or bought it at a discount in exchange to write a review? just curious so I can assess…I like it but like in amazon a lot of reviewers receive free or discounted items to review. Amazon requires reviewers to say it, I don’t expect same from a blogger but thought I ‘d ask. Pleaset let me know thanks!

    1. Hi Jenny! Great question, we did receive the 3Dtwo to test from the manufacturer but we never accept anything for a favorable review. We give you our honest opinion a real, practical review.

    1. Hi! We reached out to Summer Infant and were told that, unfortunately, there isn’t a travel bag that would fit this stroller. Darn!

  5. Hi, just wanted to know how this stroller is holding up? Other sites (toysrus Canada – apparently not discontinued here in Canada) don’t have the best reviews. I’m thinking of getting it for a trip to Asia and a cruise with my tall 3.5 yo and chunky 1.5 yo!

    We travel a lot- love my city select, but just so bulky for travelling!

    1. Hi Sarah-Jane! We’ve read that as the kiddos get bigger, the stroller starts to fall apart… even through the max seat weight combined is 75 lbs. If you travel as much as you do, I wouldn’t recommend it. You just don’t want to risk it breaking on you mid-trip. But for smaller errands or trips (like a cruise) you would probably be ok 😉 Safe travels!

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