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Babyhome Air Bassinet Review


UPDATE: As of mid-2017, Babyhome is no longer available in the US – all of their inventory went back to Spain. You can still find them on Amazon (periodically), though, typically on sale.

The BabyHome Air Bassinet is a lightweight, stylish and convenient bassinet. While it was a bit challenging to assemble (note that many other reviewers had difficulty with the assembly as well), it has been a great place for our infant daughter to sleep.

In our case, we already had a 2.5 year old in a crib and really didn’t want to buy another crib, so this bassinet has been the perfect workaround.

The legs can be turned so the bassinet will either rock or sit still. With the “Air” version, the sides have a handy magnetic “shade” that can be put down or up, allowing air to flow through or light to be blocked. There is also the non-Air “Dream” version, which lacks the mesh sides but has wheels that allow you to roll it from place to place. With the mesh sides, you can also see baby from a distance and get a feel for what’s going on in there 😉

Happy as a clam

The mattress is comfy and much more substantial than our Pack ‘n Play, for instance. The fabrics are removable and washable for the inevitable spitup.

We have never used the removable changing pad station, but I can see that it might be handy when we use the BabyHome as a travel crib. For us, the bed (or, at times, the floor) work just fine for changing diapers. This one is a bit lower than one would want for regular diaper changing.

The bassinet is very simple in design, trés European. I love that it’s not covered in garish decoration like many American products.

We have the gray one, but it’s mostly white with gray and white stars on the side flaps and on the diaper changing insert. There are many cute colors to choose from…although some are easier to find than others now that Babyhome is back in España.

Please see quickie 2 min video review below. Enjoy!

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