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Babyhome Emotion Review

Babyhome Emotion Stroller ~ $299

As of mid-2017, Babyhome is no longer available in the US – all of their inventory went back to Spain. That said, we are leaving this review up (for now) as you may still be able to locate a few pieces in store or online. Yes, we are sad about this too!

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  1. I have been using this stroller since the spring. I LOVE the one handed push, the look of it, and that it is compact. I wish the seat back was more upright and I’m not crazy about the fold, but its a really great stroller.

  2. Yes, YES! Two years, ago, we bought this exact stroller in the gorgeous purple (above) when we ere expecting our first and living in a 1BR in NYC. Everyone else I knew was buying the UPPA Baby Vista, which was bigger than what I wanted (plus expensive) and they also would end up buying another umbrella stroller for the times when they did not want to push a tank around.

    I only wanted to buy ONE stroller, and this one served us very, very well. I do recommend the sun shade extension, but the drink holder only holds small/thin bottles and cups and sticks out at an odd angle, so maybe not worth it. I do suggest getting the attachable foot muff, though, especially if you’re walking around outside a lot. The underneath basket is on the small side but I could fit two bags’ worth of groceries down there if I unpacked the bags and stacked the items myself. And if you just clip your diaper bag to the handle bars then you’re in good shape. We have a smaller skip-hop bag that was perfect.

    I never felt that I needed another stroller while in the city.

    Like the reviewer mentioned, It has a great “push” feel. While the handle bars aren’t adjustable, but my 5’8″ husband had no complaints. Also, the wheels will squeak after some use. Or at least ours did. The stroller comes with a small bottle of silicone grease to apply to the axles so this goes away, but it does come back from time to time. I think it’s more of an issue if you use the stroller heavily, as we did.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot attach a rider board or in any way make it a double. When we had our second baby only 22 months later, I had to buy a double. But I got the Phil and Ted Dot (through Costco, and came with the doubles kit) ) which has been fabulous, and also super compact and meeting all of our needs. AND, the price two of those strollers is STILL less than the UPPA Baby Vista (without the second seat!)

    We moved out of the city but still do lots of walking. I now keep the Emotion in the trunk so that I can pop the baby car seat on and off when I have to run into stores to do errands.

    I have always wondered why this stroller hasn’t taken off in urban areas. Thanks for finally giving it some PR!

  3. I’d really like to see how this compares to the babyzen yoyo stroller. They seem very similar, and I love my babyzen. I’m not familiar with the emotion stroller though.

    1. Hi Erica! These strollers do look a lot a like 🙂 Your Babyzen seems to be about 3 inches taller than the Emotion, but essentially the same specs for everything else. I hope you found this article interesting and informative as you get to know the Babyhome Emotion.

  4. I’ve had this stroller for over a year and I love it for its amazing one-handed steering . It really excels when navigating cramped stores/spaces with narrow passageways. But please, can we get a snack tray!?!

  5. Unfortunately, this stroller isn’t compatible with the Nuna Pipa car seat. The Maxi-Cosi adapters attach to the car seat fine (which is expected), but when the adapters are attached to the stroller the seat is too wide to fit between the bars and be lowered all the way into the adapters.

  6. Amazing stroller, strongly underrated. Highly recommend it for its size, lightweight, foldability, style, slimness, and price. You’re definitely getting the best bang for your buck with this stroller compared to any other stroller on the market!

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