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Beco Toddler Carrier Review

Price $160



The Beco Toddler Carrier is perfect for 18+ month kiddos up to 60 lbs. The seat is MUCH wider and taller than on a “regular” carrier, which makes it much more comfortable for both mom and kiddo.

See our video review here:


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    This is a wonderful baby carrier. We had tried couple different baby carrier and this one wins it. First we got an original babybjorn (hands me down), while my baby was okay with it, she quickly outgrow it (she is now 14 lbs) and since it doesn’t have the waistband, it kills my back. So we bought the Ergo baby based on the good review, my baby hates it, I guess it was too tight for her and the seat part is not all comfy. Then my friend told me about the I-Angel, the seat is awesome, it’s an actual seat for the baby so she is very comfortable, my back can still feel the pressure, but most of the weight goes to my lower body now, he material is very sturdy and good looking (even for men), it has a lot of compartment for putting cell phone and credit card. The shipping was amazingly fast, it takes only 1 day to get to Chicago (however USPS sucks and mess up the delivery), so all in all we really like the carrier.

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