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Britax B-Safe Review

Price $199



Weight: 10 lbs

Britax has struggled a bit in the infant seat department, which is a shame because they’ve always been a highly reliable (if not superior) car seat manufacturer — in general. After a few design iterations, I feel like the B-Safe seat (and variations of it) are getting pretty good. Would it be my top pick? No. But for the price and compatibility with the B-Lively, for example, it’s a pretty good package.

Note that the B-Safe is a very deep, narrow seat due to the sidewalls that offer good side impact protection. Britax seats are also made with a steel frame, so it’s really in a different class than the Gracos, Evenflos and BabyTrends of the world. Because of the steel reinforcement, it’s also a heavier seat. You’ll hear about this a lot in the reviews. Heavy! But…. a heavy seat is a seat you’d want in a bad accident. #truth

So where does it stand? It’s not an economy seat and it’s not a luxury seat either – *It’s somewhere in the middle*. The canopy is awesome, IMO, and the seat is easy to install, complete with built-in lock-offs. The LATCH connectors are awesome, especially when you compare them to nail-breakers, like Graco’s. It’s little things like this I like about Britax.

Outside of the “deep/narrow” issue, another practical problem is stroller compatibility. If you get this infant seat, you’re pretty much married to a Britax or BOB stroller; it’s nearly impossible to find adapters for this seat with other stroller brands.

Other Variations

Britax currently also offers the B-Safe Ultra ($219) and the Endeavours ($279). The Ultra model has an easy-to-remove cover (for the inevitable puke, blowout, or spit up), a no-rethread harness, which makes it much easier to adjust the height of the straps without having to perform surgery (similar to the Graco SnugRide 35 LX), and cool mesh fabric to keep your little one cooler for a more comfortable ride. Those features make the Ultra well worth the extra $20, IMO.

Britax Endeavours

The fancy-pants Britax Endeavours is competing with the Nunas and Cybexes of the world (in the luxury space). The Endeavours has an anti-rebound bar and a European belt path. I’ll note it’s way heavier than its European counterparts, at over 11 lbs. And just like the B-Safe 35, this car seat is narrow.

Bottom line: The Britax B-Safe 35 is a well-built seat for a middle of the road price. Thus, if you’re looking for a great seat with some really solid safety features, you won’t be disappointed. It makes extra sense if you’re planning on a Britax or BOB stroller anyway.

*The Britax B-Safe is an American-style seat; the Ultra and the Endeavours are Euro-style. 

Stroller Compatibility

A pro (and a con) of the B-Safe is his compatibility with Britax and BOB strollers (Britax owns BOB).

Your lightweight stroller option: Just like the Graco Breaze, Britax makes the B-Mobile stroller ($159) which accepts Britax car seats and later becomes an umbrella stroller. At 16 lbs, it’s also not that lightweight but again, you’re getting more use out of it.

Your travel system option: Here is where it gets special… the Britax B-Safe 35 car seat + B-Lively ($399) – or Ultra version ($429) – stroller is an awesome combination (my top pick, perhaps, value-wise). See our full B-Lively review.

You can also use the B-Safe with the ever-popular Britax B-Ready G3 stroller ($599), which upgrades to a double when you have another kiddo (see best convertible strollers here).

Both of these strollers utilize the Britax Click & Go connection systems, so you don’t have to buy a car seat adapter for your Britax infant seat.

In the jogging stroller department, if you are already sold on a BOB, the BOB B-Safe 35 ($199) car seat goes with any of the BOB jogging strollers (with an adapter). Britax is really good at bundling nice products together for a crazy-good price, so take advantage!

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