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The Bumbleride Indie Review

Price $599


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With beauty and brains, a Bumbleride stroller is the rare Miss America contestant who also studies microbiology. She climbs Kilimanjaro for fun, speaks Mandarin fluently, and she has no cellulite. We hate her, but we secretly want to be her.

The Bumbleride Indie is a beautiful, compact, lightweight, all-terrain stroller and you can (sort of) jog with it.

Bumbleride Indie on a beach

The Bumbleride Indie is the lovechild of the BOB Revolution (a super technical, all-terrain stroller with sporty, masculine colors) and the UPPAbaby Cruz (compact, highly-functional with a fantastic canopy and storage).

While no stroller is perfect, this one is an overachiever.

Size & Weight

The newest version of the Indie weighs in at 24 lbs, which is very lightweight for an all-terrain stroller. In comparison, the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 and the BOB Revolution Flex weigh in at 25 lbs and 28.5 lbs respectively.


The fabrics on this stroller are simply amazing.

The interior of the fabric is a bamboo/nylon blend, which helps wick away sweat and regulate temperature, while the exterior is 100% recycled PET (plastic bottles and such). It’s a win for everyone. The seat reclines completely flat and folds up on both ends to create a snuggly enclosure.

Bumbleride Indie Full Recline

The only thing the seat can’t do (that you may wish for when spending this much) is reverse to face the rear, but all-terrain jogging strollers typically do not have a rear-facing option. In fact, a fixed seat is what gives it stability over heavy terrain.

Bumbleride Indie Harness
Previous model shown

The seat has comfortable shoulder pads and an elegant 5-point breakaway harness (above).

Car Seat Compatibility

You can purchase a car seat adapter for the Euro seats (Maxi-Cosi, Clek, Cybex and Nuna), Chicco and Graco seats and Peg Perego.

Bumbleride Indie with Car Seat

Canopy, Storage, Accessories

Bumbleride Indie Storage Compartment

Bumbleride nailed the essential things that are must-haves for parents: a huge canopy, a large storage basket, a lay-flat recline — you can even take it for a light jog. Check, check, check!

The huge UPF 45 canopy has a magnetic peekaboo window that can stay open for better air flow.

Bumbleride Indie 2016 Canopy
Bumbleride Indie 2016 model shown

The handle bar swivels up and down to accommodate people of all heights, but it does not telescope. Thus, for you really tall people (taller than 6’2″ ish), I would look for a stroller with a telescoping handle bar because, in all honesty, you’ll probably end up kicking the back of the stroller with the handle bar rotated all the way up.

Bumbleride Indie 2016 Handlebar

Bumbleride added additional storage pockets throughout the stroller; in the cargo basket for the pump, in the stroller seat for your kiddo and behind the backrest. While it doesn’t come with a parent storage tray, you can buy one separately.

Bumbleride Indie storage pockets


The Indie has three 12″ air-filled tires (pump included) and all-wheel suspension. This is in contrast to dad (BOB), which has a giant 16″ tire in the rear — and mom (UPPAbaby Cruz), who has dainty 8.25″ tires in the rear.

If you were Goldilocks, this would be your perfect-sized wheel.

This stroller floats along like a cloud and can easily be steered with one hand.

If you lock the front wheel, you can do some light jogging with the Indie, but keep in mind it is not a distance running stroller. For you marathoners and distance runners, you need a serious jogging stroller.

Folding & Carrying

The Indie has a one-step fold (most all-terrains have a two-step). Once you close the frame, it auto-locks on one side and (kind of) stands in place. It also fits into even the smallest of trunks.

Bumbleride Indie 2016 Fold

Bottom line: They nailed the biggies with this stroller: the great ride, one-handed steering, a large canopy, a large storage basket, lightweightey-ness, a full recline, and the BEAUTY factor. Yes, you can (almost) have it all! The quality of construction is obvious in every component of this stroller. Our only complaint is the non-telescoping handle bar, which could cause a problem for tall parents with a long stride.


Mom and Dad, you made a beautiful baby — congrats! Just don’t tell the grandparents. 😉 


  1. Avatar of Sarah

    We have the Indie and really like it. To be fair, baby is only 5 months, so we haven’t used it for jogging, but it’s been great on strolls so far. While it doesn’t have an official bassinet, we cheated a bit. Between the fold-flat backrest and the snap together feet, it makes a snuggly enclosure that we used when she was even a week old. We also put her in the bassinet-like-space facing us, which isn’t ‘condoned’, but we walked slow and kept and eye on her. The only complaint I have about it is the carseat bar. Yes you can clip a bucket seat onto it (like the BOB), but the functionality feels a bit janky.. more like a design after thought.

  2. Avatar of Nikki

    I absolutely love my Indie!!! I am having the hardest time figuring what I want for a stroller when Baby 2 shows up, because I know nothing will compare to the Indie.

  3. Avatar of nancy schultz

    When you say light jog versus long distance, can you be more specifc?
    If someone were to go running 4 miles is that considered long distances?

  4. Avatar of Meghan Murray

    Nancy Schultz you could easily do four miles in the Indie. There are some nuts who bring their kids on ten-milers who would need the fixed wheel.

  5. Avatar of Kelli Wright

    Thanks for such a great overview. I’m excited to get this stroller for baby #1. Question – are there any issues with collapsing with the car seat adapters? And what’s your recommendation for type of carseat if this is our only stroller? Thanks!

  6. Avatar of mirela balos

    I just can’t decide which stroller to buy. Indie or Indie 4. I only care for the seat to recline really flat which i know both do that. Is the seat wider and longer on Indie then Indie 4? I don’t need the bassinet. I don’t know which is more convenient. HELP!

    1. Hi Jen! The Indie 4 has now been discontinued 🙁 However, if you’re still interested in finding out which car seats are compatible with this stroller, you can find them listed here.

  7. Avatar of maria clara

    Thanks for the reviews! Im expecting my first baby and will need to travel by plane a lot so still wondering which stroller would fit me better. would love to know if you have any tips! Saw the Yoyo baby zen is the lightest but it doesnt fit a newborn. what would you recommend!? thanks a lot!!

  8. Avatar of Rae Marie

    Hello! Could you tell me if the seat on the Indie can be adjusted to be fully upright or is it still at an incline like the City Mini GT? Thank you.

    1. Hi Rae! The Indie is still at a slight incline but are more upright with the new model at 175-180 degrees (not fully upright at 190).

  9. Avatar of Justine

    I’m having a hard time figuring out what car seat to get with the indie 4. I want to get a Graco click connect 35 but some websights say it’s only adaptable with classic connect. But yours says click connect as well?! Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Justine! Sorry for the delayed response, so this may not help you out, but the Indie 4 has been discontinued.

      If you already own the Indie 4 and are still wondering about car seat compatibility, it is compatible with the Graco Click Connect 40 and the Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 32. Check out their compatibility listing here.

  10. Avatar of Alison

    Hi! I’m considering a used Indie, and I’m not sure whether I should buy a bassinet separately. I’m due in June and live 5 minutes from the beach, so I’ll be using it on frequent trips to the beach. Do you think baby would be more comfortable (probably napping) in the bassinet rather than the seat reclined flat?

    1. Hi Alison! That’s a baby personality-specific question. But I think if you can find a bassinet/carrycot for your stroller, you’re better off so that you can see your baby as you won’t be able to when stroller seat is flat. Hope you find what works for you and your baby!

    1. Hi Lauren! We plan to update the Bumbleride Indie article soon (with info on the 2016). Still the stroller is not available for shipping until late July/August depending on color option. Stay tuned!

  11. Avatar of B

    Thank you for a great review. Already decided to get the jogging indie after reading it 🙂 As I live in a city and will need to be in and out of cabs, need a car seat that can be compatible with indie AND has a European belt access. I read everything in your site in car seats but still not clear which European version would work with indie, please help 🙂 many thanks!

    1. That’s wonderful! According to their website the Bumbleride Indie is compatible with (with an adapter, sold sep): Maxi Cosi/ Cybex/ Nuna (MNC-15) & compatible with: Maxi Cosi Max 30, Maxi Cosi Mico AP, Maxi Cosi Mico, Cybex Aton Q, Cybex Aton 2 and Cybex Aton and Nuna Pipa – all are Euro seats.

  12. Avatar of Kate Rubin

    Hi — is 22 lb the “real” weight of the stroller (including wheels, canopy, and anything else essential)? We looked at a floor model of the weekend and the person in the store thought the weight was closer to 24 or 25 lb. Would love to know from a trusted source, thanks!

    1. Hi Kate! Bumbleride is all about true weight, so that 22 lbs does include wheels, canopy, seat fabric and axle assembly.

  13. Avatar of Amy H

    Hi- I’ve been researching (obsessing) over strollers for the last several weeks because I’m not happy with the one I got(Chicco Viaro).

    I called Bumbleride’s customer service yesterday to ask some questions and they were super helpful and very nice! I’ve already fallen love with the Indie and this service makes me really want to finally commit!!

  14. Avatar of Cheryl

    I’m not a jogger, but will need a good, smooth-ride stroller for cobblestone streets and off-loading overseas. I think rubber, air-filled tires are a must. I like what appears to be the compact size of the Indie, and its relatively low weight; how does it compare to the BOB Motion? The Motion is smaller and more reasonably priced than the BOB joggers, but I found it a bit hard to push at the store.

  15. Avatar of Cheryl

    Oops – make that “off-roading…” and btw, I love this blog so much, it was a lifesaver in trying to buy everything online from somewhat remote places overseas when I was pregnant. I had pretty much one shot for ordering and then getting stuff in time, no opportunity for returns and running out to get substitutes.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Cheryl! Have you checked out the Baby Jogger City Mini GT? It’s really the best balance of all-terrain and lightweight out there (and 3-wheel vs. 4), IMO. The Indie is more heavy-duty. The BOB Motion is a fine stroller, though I think it’s been discontinued. It’s very similar to the Indie, though perhaps not as colorful and eco-friendly 🙂

  16. Avatar of cori

    In the pic above (and elsewhere) it looks like the indie regular seat can come out completely when you put in the car seat. is that correct? Or does the car seat just go in the adaptor “on top” of the regular seat?

    1. Hi Cori! For Indie (and all Bumblerides) you do not need to remove the seat fabric to attach adapters (or bassinets). It is optional 🙂 Also, know that the seat fabric is removable without tools!

  17. Avatar of sunny

    To anyone whose kids like to sit up all the way straight, this is NOT the stroller for you. I just received the 2018 version of Bumbleride Indie stroller, although it has many good features such as smooth ride. However the critical drawback of this stroller is that the seat DOES NOT INCLINE to 90 degree. My little one either keeps struggling to pull him self up or to slouch in the seat.

    1. Hi Sunny! Thank you for your feedback! You are right, this stroller (as well as any jogging stroller) doesn’t sit all the way up. This is because of the ergonomics for push and comfort of child while in motion. That said, give it time, hopefully your child will adjust to the slight recline – mine did.

      1. Avatar of Sunny

        Hi Melissa,

        Thanks for the response. We chosed Bumbleride indie to navigate nyc street and it is labeled as ALL TERRAIN stroller. It is not used for jogging. I’m glad your kid adjusted to the seat. However my little ones likes to sit up straight when he is awake. When we push the stroller outside while he is struggling to pull him self up, the seat does not give him much support. I think it actually defeats the ergonomic design purpose.

        I want o share this with the rest of the Moms who are specifically looking for a stroller which can incline to 90 degrees.

  18. Avatar of B

    we originally liked the design and ride, however the quality is sub par. Plastic part on our stroller keeping the seat upright broke after minimal gentle use. Customer service tried to sell us an entire frame, took zero responsibility and was unwilling to answer any questions about how to install a new frame if we were to buy it.

    When we left a review on their website with less than 5 stars, it was immediately deleted. You can see clearly that they only allow five stars, and I find that dishonest.


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