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Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Bassinet Review

Price $83



For this FP Rock ‘n Play Bassinet Review, please note it is NOT the same as the Rock ‘N Play semi-reclined version that was recalled in April of 2019. This co-sleeper lies totally flat!

Looking for a cheap-and-dirty solution for room-sharing in the first few months? The Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Bassinet is an inexpensive, easy option for a newborn bassinet. It’s lightweight, versatile, and very easy to move around. 

rock 'n play bassinet Review, bedside

The Rock ‘n Play bassinet is designed for babies aged zero to six months; and at only $83, it won’t break the bank. 

You can use this bassinet in “rocker” mode or lock the feet in place for stationary mode. (Note — the rocking is very subtle. This thing doesn’t rock all that much and probably won’t rock on a carpet. If rocking capability is a super-important feature for you, this might not be your answer.) 

rock 'n play bassinet stand

The Rock ‘n Play bassinet has mesh, breathable siding and comes with a plush rattle toy and a mirror (the toy is removable; the mirror is not — which some moms find annoying because it can be distracting for babies). 

portable rock 'n play bassinet newborn

What moms love the most about the FP Rock ‘n Play bassinet is that it’s a fantastic space-saving option: it collapses and folds so easy for storage, travel, or simply moving from room to room at home. Simple bedside sleeper by night, safe nap space in the living room (or wherever) during the day? Yes, please! (It’s also a great buy for grandparents’ homes due to its portability and weight. See also: Grandparents’ Baby Gear Guide.)

rock 'n play bassinet review - folded

At the bedside, it’s a little low for scooping up baby to nurse (especially compared to something like the Arm’s Reach or the HALO Bassinest), but for the price, it gets the job done.

rock 'n play bassinet review bedside

The pad on the inside is advertised as machine washable and safe for dryer use, although some users have reported that it shrinks somewhat in the process, leaving space between the edges of the pad and the siding (see below). For this reason, we recommend hand-washing and air-drying the pad. (If yours does shrink, we recommend you contact FP directly to inquire about a replacement pad, as this issue could pose a suffocation risk based on the safe sleep guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics.)

At the end of the day — the Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play bassinet is an affordable, minimalist, portable solution for newborn sleep. It’s not the highest quality product on the market; but given that you’ll only be using it for a maximum of 6 months (realistically, more likely only ~4), it’s still a sound choice, especially if you’re looking for something convenient with a low profile. 

Note, again, that this item is NOT the FP Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, which was recalled due to infant deaths. Unlike the recalled sleepers, this portable bassinet lies completely flat. We wouldn’t be surprised if FP decides to rename it at some point, but we don’t see any reason to stop recommending a safe, affordable product on account of its name alone.


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