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Maclaren Twin Triumph Review

Price $349


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Editor’s Pick

Looking for a lightweight stroller to take your duo around town? You should definitely check out the Maclaren Twin Triumph; in fact, it’s our top pick in the twin umbrella stroller category.

Maclaren is a wonderful, yet elusive British brand that has trouble keeping strollers in stock — at least in the US. But when people find them, they buy them. Right now, you can find the Twin Triumph on Amazon — and hopefully at your local children’s gear store.

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review

We used a Maclaren Twin Triumph for our nanny share stroller when Lucie was a baby. It was ideal for us because we had a small, walk-up apartment in San Francisco with no outdoor storage (and little space inside as well!). We needed a high-quality, day-to-day double stroller that could be folded compactly and taken up the stairs at the end of the day. The Twin Triumph was perfect. And now, the updated model is even better.


The fully padded seats recline independently to a near flat position, so it can be used from 3+ months (although they say 6+ months), and there’s extra security netting on the bottom of the seat so small babies can’t fall out. The stroller has a 5-point harness with three height positions to keep kiddos safe and secure as they grow. Bonus: it can hold up to 100 lbs (50 lbs per seat) — this is a high weight limit!

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review Testimony
Photo courtesy of Dana Sikand from AdventureswithChildren.com


The Twin Triumph’s most recent upgrades include two independent, expandable UPF 50+ sun canopies.

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review canopies

Each canopy has an added zip-out visor that extends even farther (the evil sun will never get you now, kiddies! Mwhaha!). 


Maclaren Twin Triumph review side

The Twin Triumph has two underseat storage baskets that hold about 4.4 lbs each. Keep in mind that no umbrella stroller has a glorious amount of storage – and the Twin Triumph is no different. 


The Twin Triumph has foot-operated linked parking brakes, which are very easy and smooth to set and release. The brakes are also flip-flop friendly. 

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review Brakes

The Fold

It offers a simple one-handed fold with an auto-lock and carrying handle for convenient toting. Once folded, the Twin Triumph is super compact, making it easy to throw in the trunk and travel with. In fact, many people I know keep it in their trunk for outings, knowing it won’t eat up all of their trunk space.

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review Fold

However, flip-flop wearing parents, beware: the folding mechanism is not very summer-shoe friendly; you must use the top of your foot to raise the triggers on the back of the stroller to begin the folding process… doing so while wearing flip flops is tricky. Note that any umbrella stroller that uses this “Maclaren fold” will have this issue as well.


The Twin Triumph maneuvers very nicely for a double umbrella because it has 3 sets of wheels (6 wheels in total — two more than the UPPAbaby G-Link 2) — this is a big deal! It also has some suspension, which is a feature only found on higher end umbrellas. 

It fits easily through standard doorways and smaller spaces, and parents like pushing it because the handles are padded and ergonomic. The only downside is that tall parents report kicking the rear middle set of wheels when pushing this stroller, which is not a problem for the G-Link. Note that you can easily replace the Twin Triumph’s wheels and handle grips, and the stroller comes with a Sovereign Lifetime Warranty.

Things to Know

The buckle clasps on the Twin Triumph are tricky to open and close, HOWEVER… you have to know the trick: all you have to do is push the front and back at the same time. Also, the harness height is hard to adjust (say that three times fast!). Lastly, it doesn’t come with a cup-holder — although you can buy one separately.

maclaren twin triumph review

Aside from that, there aren’t too many bad things to say about this tried-and-true friend. It has very similar features to the G-Link, but edges it out due to much better maneuverability.

Maclaren twin triumph review abroad
Expat mama, Katie, strolling her twin girls in the Maclaren Twin Triumph in Madrid.

Maclaren Twin Triumph Review — Bottom line: The Triumph is a great day-to-day stroller for city dwellers with limited space and for those who have to carry a stroller up and down the stairs. It’s also great for car use and airline travel. With good steering, an easy fold, amazing canopies, and reclining seats, the Twin Triumph is our top pick in the twin umbrella category.


  1. Avatar of Marina

    There’re some more negative features:
    1. It’s heavy compared to delta stroller. Not that lightweight.
    2. Harness is impossible to adjust, the buckle gets stuck especially during winter, and buckle is located very low and by design is not secured on any part of the seat except the fabric. It can be pulled out by a smart toddler who is then sliding out of it with ease and laughter. Not safe at all on top of being very difficult to adjust.
    3. No leg rest.
    4. You have to push it with both hands at all times, and you can’t really hang any bags on it. Which means you can’t go to the grocery store and push the stroller pull the cart, you’d need the third hand you don’t have.

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