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Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories App

Price $34


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Rarely do I come across a product or service that really changes the game for my family in day to day life; this is one of them.

Like many, my kids have trouble winding down at night. They may be in bed, but actually falling asleep can seemingly take forever, especially for my older daughter who has sleep problems.

When left alone with your thoughts, falling asleep at night can be a time when big emotions can rear their ugly heads, especially if something negative happened that day. If you’ve ever experienced insomnia, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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“Anxiety can intensify around bedtime because we are more vulnerable to scary thoughts when lying down. Our cognitive defenses naturally relax in that position. Bedtime also represents separation from parents, which can be a big source of anxiety. Kids often delay bedtime when they feel anxious”, says Dr. Janet Kennedy, Clinical Psychologist, author of The Good Sleeper: The Essential Guide to Sleep for Your Baby (and You) and Founder of NYC Sleep Doctor. She adds, “their behavior (crying, fighting, pleading) often gets rewarded with more of the parents’ time and attention, thus reinforcing the pattern of protest.”

Since we are anti-screens, especially at bedtime, I’ve always been a fan of using music and stories to help the kids wind down. I don’t always have the energy to tell stories myself, so if someone can tell them for me…. everyone’s a winner!

I heard about Moshi from their PR rep and decided to give it a try. OMG, you guys!! Before the first story ended, Lucie was fast asleep. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. Like… ever.

Developed in partnership with the mindfulness app, Calm.com, Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories brings sleep-inducing mindful meditation to children by way of the magical land of Moshi. With enchanting sleep stories that follow the natural sleep pattern, the Moshi Sleep Stories lead them down the gentle path to sleep.

Pro tip: I highly recommend Mr. Snoodle’s Twilight Train…

Check it out. The app is free to download on the Apple, Google and Amazon app stores and is also available as a voice activated service on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices. You can try it for free for 7 days.

If you like it, the annual subscription is $39 and allows users to unlock new stories weekly. I hope this tool works as well for you as it does for me.

Happy long President’s weekend — get some sleep!

~ Meg


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