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Nuna Pipa Review

Moving forward, every Nuna car seat will be fire retardant-free – yay!

Nuna made a splash when it entered the US market not long ago. The Nuna Pipa is the Tesla of infant car seats: sleek, high tech, expensive. No joke, parents, this seat is tight!

Here is a demo of the fabulous Pipa infant seat from a past ABC Baby Show:

The Nuna Pipa infant seat is VERY similar to the Cybex Aton M, but with a nicer/larger sun canopy that includes the “dream drape” for total darkness (I LOVE the dream drape!!). See also: Best Infant Car Seats

Dream Drape

The Pipa also has what’s called “rigid LATCH connectors,” which click right into your LATCH hooks without needing any force to jam them into place.

Like the Cybex Aton’s load leg, the Pipa has an anti-rebound stability leg, which serves the same purpose (namely: to help absorb shock in case of an accident, thus reducing the impact on baby).


It used to be so simple: it was just the Pipa!

In 2017, they introduced the Pipa Lite and further complicated things from there…

Nuna Pipa Lite ~ $349

The Pipa Lite (and its variations, Lite R and Lite LX) weighs only 5.3 -5.7 lbs stripped down (with no canopy or anything, nice try). More like 6 lbs all-in. ANYWHO.

Warning — these seats MUST be installed with a base; you cannot install these seats “Lite” seats without a base. Of these, only the LX includes the beloved “dream drape”.

Nuna Pipa Lite

Yes, it is the lightest-weight car seat on the market — by far — so if having a lightweight seat is of the utmost importance to you — and you don’t want to take it in taxis, Ubers and such (can’t install it without a base, remember?), this is a great seat.

And then…

In 2020, Nuna added 2 more variations: the Pipa RX and the Pipa “R”. C’mon, Nuna, you’re killing me! You used to be my posterchild for simplicity!

So now, you have the 2 different seats: Pipa and Pipa Lite — AND you have the 2 different bases, the regular ol’ OG “Pipa” base and the “RELX” (Relax?) base, which “offers more adjustability to fit a wider range of vehicles”.

Essentially, the RELX base gives you more positions for your LATCH connectors — and more recline positions. You see, the non-family cars (sports cars and whatnot) tend to be more difficult when it comes to car seat installation. The load leg on the RELX base has more positions, which helps in cars with a center “hump” in the backseat floor area. Essentially, this RELX base solves the previous big complaint that people had about the previous Pipa, which was that it couldn’t be installed in most middle seats due to the rigid LATCH connectors and tight connections.

Are you totally confused yet? Here’s how I would decide…

  • Is being lightweight of utmost important to you? If yes, choose one of the Lite versions (understanding that you can’t install it without the base).
  • Do you want to install the car seat in the middle position? If so, choose the RELX base.

*The Nuna Pipa has a European-style belt path, so it’s very easy and stable with baseless installations (except for the Lite…).

Stroller Compatibility

Nuna makes a few strollers that may interest you, including the Pepp Next, the Tavo, the Mixx2, and the Demi Grow. There are more, but these are their most popular:

  • The Pepp Next ($299) is their lightweight (21 lbs, not exactly “lightweight”), compact stroller that folds nicely and has an easy, one-hand push. This is your travel stroller. For the price though, I would expect something much more lightweight, but there I go being judgey again.
  • The Tavo ($349) offers more room, both for your little one as they grow and for your stuff as you’re out and about.
  • The Mixx2 ($599) is their all-around versatile stroller. It’s reversible and offers great storage, luxury finishes and suspension for a smooth ride. You can even fold with the seat facing either direction.
  • The Demi Grow ($799) is their convertible stroller offering featuring twin seats. It can even take two car seats or two bassinets at the same time, perfect for twins. See our full Nuna Demi grow review here.

For compatibility with other strollers, it seems anecdotally that the Nuna Pipa and the Cybex Aton(s) all fit well with the Maxi-Cosi car seat adapter for any given stroller.

Nuna also makes their own adapters for UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz , the Babyzen Yoyo, the Bob Jogging stroller, and the Bugaboo Cameleon 3.

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