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Winter Love List

Now that the excitement of the holidays is behind us, winter just doesn’t hold the same charm anymore. As we roll into February, the temperatures are getting bitterly frigid and the days remain short — a perfect storm for the winter blues to settle in.

I don’t know about you, but a little retail therapy can go a long way to warm my heart when the sky is moody and it’s too cold (to motivate myself) to venture out. Who’s with me?

We typically don’t buy into the culture of consumerism at Lucie’s List, but sometimes — and especially when that blah winter feeling won’t quit — you just have to treat yourself. We’ve put together a list of products that have made us happy and/or rocked our world during this chilly season. Whether it’s an air fryer, a pretty jigsaw puzzle or some clothes that bring summer to our gloomy days, we hope you’ll find something on this list that will make you smile.

Air Fryer ~ $varies

Much like the Instant Pot, an Air Fryer has once again changed my life. It’s so easy to cook food quickly and with such little mess (chicken nuggets in 10 minutes instead of 35? Yes, please!), now I wonder how I lived without it. ~ Meg

Athleta Balance Jacket ~ $119

This soft zip-up jacket has become my favorite thing of the winter. It’s perfect for when you need something light and super comfy around the house. Also, it goes with everything in my closet. ~ Meg

Lorimer State Bag Fanny Pack ~ $90

My favorite day-to-day bag! I love that I can wear this cross-body or as a fanny pack. It has two separate compartments, so I can organize it effectively: one side for keys, wallet, chapstick, and all my essentials; and the other side for my kids’ stuff (epi pen, bandaids & hair ties). ~ Marissa

Mini Pilates Ball ~ $12

This mini ball is a fantastic exercise tool to strengthen core, abdomen muscles and pelvic floor. Add it to your at-home workout artillery for <$15. ~ Meg

Farm Rio Clothing ~ $varies

If you need to add a little (or a lot of) color to your wintery days, check out Farm Rio. This Brazilian sustainable brand’s motto is “dress in happiness,” and boy, do they deliver. Every piece is cheerful, exotic and full of life. ~ Charlene

I’ll Show Myself Out, Jessi Klein ~ $18

This smart essay collection centered on motherhood reads like Amy Pohler and Tina Fey — it’s snarky, relatable, laugh-out-loud funny, and dead on. If you can listen to it, Jessi Klein reads the audiobook herself; her narration is 👌. ~Brit

Athleta Pranayama Wrap ~ $89

This slouchy wrap is an everyday staple for me — I’ve had a piece like this for years and tried tons of different brands… this is the hands-down winner. I literally bought three of them. ~Brit

Jigsaw Puzzles ~ $21

I have a newfound (or renewed) love for puzzles. They’re a great way to spend a snowy or rainy afternoon without relying on screens. Plus, I find them relaxing and even meditative. ~ Charlene

Rhone Loungewear for Men ~ $79

I bought a Rhone loungewear set for my husband for Christmas, and he’s been living in it. It’s butter soft and roomy — perfect for lazy Sunday mornings. I also love that they offer a waste-free alternative to shipping: their packaging is completely reusable, and their shipping partner, Olive, will come to your place to pick it back up. ~ Charlene

Theragun Mini ~ $159

Sore muscles begone. This little guy targets those stiff & painful areas in a way you simply can’t do on your own. Bonus: it’s small enough to travel with. ~ Marissa

Tower 28 Mascara ~ $20

This mascara checks all the boxes: it defines and elongates every single lash; it’s gentle enough for sensitive eyes; and it’s nontoxic. All of Tower 28’s makeup line has a been a win for me so far, especially their tinted sunscreen foundation and their lip gloss. ~ Charlene

Vuori Joggers ~ $98

These ultra-comfy joggers have quickly become part of my daily uniform. I love how they fit and feel – and they’re so cute paired with a plain t-shirt & sneakers. ~ Marissa

Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment ~ $62

I only recently started to embrace my curls. But after a lifetime of hair straightening, my locks needed a little help to get the bounce back. This treatment has been a game changer, and I’ve gotten so many compliments about my hair. If only I could go back in time and tell my 14-year-old self to drop the straightening iron… ~ Charlene

We hope you find something on this love list to help get you through the doldrums of winter. Brighter days are on their way!


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