Updated September 2018

Regulating your body heat with a baby stuck to your body is quite tricky; there is a fine line between freezing and sauna-like.

Have you ever overheated when carrying your baby, then realized you couldn’t take your coat or jacket off without completely taking everything apart and starting over? Jeaah, me too. (Here, baby, lie down on the sidewalk while I take my jacket off.)

No thanks.

Our Top Baby Carrier Cover Recommendations

Check out these covers and jackets that can easily come on or off, as needed:

Bebamour Universal All-Season Carrier ~ $27

The Bebamour cover has multiple uses; it can be used with any carrier type, and in the stroller as well. If the day turns warm, the side zippers can open to allow airflow. And the detachable hoodie is reversible for use in front or back carry positions.

baby carrier cover



7 A.M. Enfant “Pookie Poncho” ~ $106

This versatile Pookie Poncho can be used in three different ways: as a carrier, stroller, and car-seat cover. It is the ultimate in winter warmth for baby, comes with two different hood attachments, and is safe for use while in the car.

baby carrier cover


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