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Snow Activities for Toddlers + Kids

I live up in Maine (the “Fah North,” as they say on the radio), and the people here, grown-ups and kids alike, are giddy about the prospect of snow. 

I’ve learned two things about winter in my time here:

1) Gear Up. I once went for a jog in my snowpants because I didn’t want to be cold — I looked completely ridiculous, but I was warm and cozy. (This is a far cry from my former self, who did things like walk to dinner in nothing but a pea coat and jeans when it was -12 degrees, then proceed to spend the entire time rubbing my body in pain, all because I wanted to “look cute.”) Gear makes all the difference, seriously.

2) Enjoy Winter Outside. I’d always thought of winter as “a time to get through” (indoors), but when I recognized that treating winter like I did any other season (a time to enjoy and do things), I got six months of the year “back.” Seems obvious enough, but it was apparently a small epiphany for me. Reclaim the cold!

Now that you’re a parent, do the same with your kids: Gear Up and Enjoy The Great Outdoors!

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Here are some of our favorite picks for fun in the snow for toddlers and little kids: 

Sleds for Babies and Toddlers

If you have a baby or a toddler, a pull sled is the absolute best. Here are the crowd’s faves: 

Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled ~$159 or Wooden Pull Sled ~$199 — Best for Babies and Young Toddlers

This classic fire-engine red pull sled is perfect for littles who need more support and structure. The seat has a high back (like an old-school booster) and a little seatbelt(!). Plus it has a handle so you can push or pull your baby easily. We used it with my son when he was barely more than one, and it was perfect. (Note: only seats one child.) [These prices on these remain INSANE… this sh*t used to cost twelve bucks!]

The wooden pull sled is a slightly more durable and crafty version. (Note: the cushion is sold separately.)

Baby Pull Sled
Wooden Pull Sled

Vintage Upgrade: L.L. Bean Kids’ Pull Sled Set ~ $199

For those of you die-hards who want the *perfect winter wonderland photo opp for the annual holiday card, this sled will give you that and a fun ride for your kids. Add some jingle bells for extra fun…. It will last a lifetime (shoot, it better for that price!). (Also comes in a tandem version that’s great for a couple of kiddos or twins!)

photo @L.L. Bean reviews

If you have slightly older children who are dabbling in downhill sledding:

Slippery Racer Downhill Toboggan ~$34

The textbook hard plastic starter sled (it can also double as a pull sled, but your child needs to be old enough to sit up straight on their own while on the move).

Buy Now

L.L. Bean Sonic Snow Tube ~$159

Kids like that this one is more “cushiony,” and it’s also really well-built, so it’s durable enough to last you through the years. 

Buy Now

Toddler Snowshoes

Toddlers can snowshoe, y’all — it’s true! They love it!

Romp around wherever in these (“the outdoors is always open”) — they allow you to get off the beaten path (plowed roads and sidewalks and such) for a true winter outing.

For the uninitiated: you don’t need any special boots or other gear for snowshoes… they fit right in with your kid’s normal winter boots. Unlike downhill-skiing boots or skates, snowshoes adjust to fit a range of sizes, so it’s a one and done purchase.

Tubbs Snowflake Snowshoes ~$44 — Budget Pick

photo @Amazon reviews

These are an affordable way to explore snowshoeing with your toddler, and we really would only recommend them for a (younger) toddler because they’re not the most durable things in the world. But it’s a solid choice for those who just want to dabble.

*Tubbs also makes an older kids version, which is a more sturdy pair, but for the price ($64), we think you’re better off with our top pick…

L.L. Bean Kids Winter Walker Snowshoes ~$99 — Editor’s Choice

These kid’s snowshoes are the best. They are REAL snowshoes that perform admirably, are easy to use, and stand the test of time. They come in two sizes: 16” for kids 25-60 lbs., and 19” for kids 50-110 lbs. 

Buy Now

Cross Country Skis for Toddlers and Little Kids

L.L. Bean used to make a pair of toddler’s XC skis, which were great, but they’ve discontinued them for whatever reason (booo), which leaves us with slim pickings.

Here are your options for toddler cross country skis. Note that none of them require any special boots/footwear (aka, they have a universal binding), and you also don’t need poles. In fact, I’d honestly recommend against poles for very young children (especially those just starting out) because they’re more like to interfere with the learning process (or result in injury…) than anything else.

In general, shorter, wider skis will be easier to learn on, so if your child is younger and/or smaller, that’s something to keep in mind. Note also that you could try these out as downhill starter skis (bunny hill only — and they’re not super slippery on the bottom), but they’re really designed for XC, not downhill. 

Here are our picks:

Sola Cross Country Ski Set for Kids ~ $39

Great for beginners, these skis are lightweight and easy to carry, and the bindings are simple to adjust. Users say this is a great set for getting first-timers acclimated to skis.

Buy Now

Madshus Snowpup XC Skis ~$68

This classic set does the trick; it’s recommended for kids up to 55 lbs. (No poles.)

Buy Now

Another Idea…

I’m planning to repurpose our summer sand toys for building snow forts in the backyard. (I may or may not have gotten this idea from binge re-watching GOT…)

Toddler/Little Kids Snow Shovel ~$10

Last but not least — kids love to shovel! Put those toddlers to work!

Buy Now

OK, friends — that’s a wrap. Let us know how else you and your kids have fun with snow play. ❄️

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