Updated April 2017

A jogging stroller gives you the freedom to go for a run whenever you darn well please, especially if you feel like you can never get away.

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Jogging Strollers come in two different flavors: swivel wheel and fixed wheel.

Swivel Wheel

fixed front wheel

Fixed Wheel


It all boils down to this: if you require a stroller to serve as your day-to-day stroller and as a jogger, get a stroller with a front wheel that can swivel. If you don’t have a swivel wheel, you’ll have to resort to lifting the front wheel from the ground each time you steer, which is fine for jogging, but terrible for walking, shopping, or futzing around.

On the other hand, if you are an earnest runner and your stroller will not be used for bumbling around the neighborhood, grocery store and such (i.e., you have another stroller for that purpose), go with a fixed wheel jogger.

With a fixed front wheel, you will most definitely experience a smoother run with better tracking and less wobbling. In fact, most hardcore runners wouldn’t dream of using anything other than a fixed wheeled jogger.

BOB Ironman

Generally speaking, jogging strollers are all fairly large and heavy, so if you’ve been using a City Mini or an umbrella stroller, you’re in for quite a surprise. Sorry, this is the nature of the beast — it’s apples and oranges compared to other types of strollers. Another point to make is that the seats in sports strollers tend to be reclined more than most (thus, they don’t sit bolt upright, even in the most upright position).

FYI — All of the joggers reviewed here use pneumatic, air-filled tires (as they should), which will need to be reinflated occasionally and may become flat if you hit something sharp; such is life with a jogging stroller. On the plus side, air-filled tires ride and handle exceptionally well, even on the cheapest of strollers.

Running with Babies

If you’re unsure at what age you can begin running with your babe, consult your baby’s pediatrician. The general standard is that babies should be around 6-8 months old before you can run with them in the stroller, even while in a car seat. Otherwise, it’s just too much jostling around for their little baby brains – especially during the first 3 months when they have zero neck control.

Best Jogging Strollers

Here are the best jogging strollers in each price category. Click on the link for the full write-up. [See also: best double jogging strollers]

Swivel Wheel

$ — Schwinn Turismo ~ $165 – ECONOMY PICK

 Runner Up #1: Baby Trend Expedition ~ $95

 Runner Up #2: Graco FastAction Fold ~ $160

$$ — Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight ~ $219

$$$ – Thule Urban Glide — $399 – Review Pending

$$$ — BOB Revolution Flex/Pro [tie] ~ $375/$420

  Baby Jogger Summit X3 [tie] ~ $429

Runner Up: Chicco Tre ~ $300

$$$$ — Bumbleride Speed ~ $549

Runner Up: Mountain Buggy Terrain ~ $599

Fixed Wheel

$ — Schwinn Arrow ~ $220

$$$ — BOB Ironman/SUS ~ $352/$360

Schwinn Arrow

Best Swivel Wheel Joggers

$ – Schwinn Turismo ~ $165


Schwinn Turismo Swivel jogging stroller

With economy joggers, you get what you pay for. Thus, don’t expect it to weather well or last as long as a higher quality stroller, such as a BOB or Baby Jogger.

That said, both the Schwinn Turismo and the Baby Trend Expedition rate pretty darn well in the economy category; the Turismo has a slight edge in that the front wheel is more stable.

The Schwinn Turismo has many of the features of more expensive jogging strollers (namely, BOB), but for a lower price and with surprisingly few complaints.

It weighs in at 24.5 lbs, which is fairly average for a single jogger. Keep in mind that joggers are the biggest and heaviest of all stroller types.

Seat/Car Seat

On the Turismo, there’s a sturdy, 5-pt harness and the seat reclines nearly flat for the requisite nap. It comes with a child tray, which flips out to get baby in and out and has a nice little snacky snack tray and double drink holder (are babies really double fisting? Anyway).

turismo-front jogging strollers

To use a car seat, you rest the back of the car seat on the child tray and strap it in. It doesn’t “snap” in like others, but most feel that it’s good enough. Anecdotally, it seems to work well with all the major car seat brands.

Canopy, braking, storage, accessories

The parent cup holder and tray is our favorite, with a closed compartment for a phone and keys and two drink holders that have flexible, rubberized rims. It also has canopy mounted speakers for an MP3 player, but they are a total joke. Just… no.

turismo - handlebar

The handlebar swivels up and down to adjust for height, which is great if you or your partner are particularly short or tall. The canopy is not huge but does swivel down to block the sun wherever it happens to be. There’s a peekaboo window so you can check on your babe from above.


The wide tread, 16″ rear tires push and steer quite easily. The suspension is actually pretty good, with shocks over the rear tires. The storage basket is decent for a jogging stroller, although there’s a support bar across the top, which limits the size of the opening (see below).

turisno-back wheels

Another neat feature: the lock/unlock release lever is under the handlebar near the canopy, so you can lock or release the front swivel wheel without having to bend over and flip it at the front wheel, like on other models – very convenient!

Folding & Carrying

Folding the stroller is easy: you grab the two red finger tabs just in front of the handle and push the button on the right one, and it collapses easily. There is a swing bracket to hold it closed.

schwinn - folded


Given the abundant features and the satisfaction people have with this stroller, we give it two thumbs up. Just remember you won’t get the build quality that you get with a BOB, Baby Jogger or Bumbleride. With that caveat, the Schwinn Turismo is the top economy jogging stroller (swivel wheel) pick for 2017.

*Note (if buying used) a recall on this stroller for units made from January 2010 through June 2016 for between $130 and $350.

Runners Up – Economy

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger ~ $96

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is also generally liked, and for a lower price. The biggest problem with the Expedition is the front-wheel wobble that many reviewers have noted, which is why we ultimately chose the Schwinn jogging stroller as our top pick.

But if you can fix this issue (you can, with a little persistence), the Expedition has decent storage and rolls very nicely — and the price is super cheap, no doubt.

People love the parent tray, which also has two cup holders and a closed compartment for keys and such. All in all, the Expedition is good (great!?) for the price and a great choice for the slimmest of budgets. Unlike pricier strollers, however, it will rust over time and generally won’t last as long.

Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller

2015 Graco FastAction Fold Jogger ~ $190 retail/$150 sale

The Graco FastAction Fold Jogger sports many good features, including ample storage (in the under basket and parent tray), a fast one-handed fold, a three position recline, a large canopy with a peekaboo window, all-wheel suspension, and a kickstand to hold the folded stroller upright.

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger (350x350)

The big downside of this stroller is the weight (30 lbs, eeek!!). Imagine lugging this beast in and out of the car. Many have mentioned that the sheer bulk of the stroller makes it hard to run effectively and steer – even with the wheel locked straight. It certainly doesn’t glide along like the others. * Keep in mind when reading reviews that the vast majority of owners do not actually use it for running, so they are not reviewing it as such.

At the end of the day, the only thing the FastAction Fold Jogger has going for it is, well, the fold — and the fact that it goes so well with America’s top-selling infant car seat, the Graco SnugRide Click Connect (NOT the Classic Connect).

Thus, as joggers go, we think you can do better.

We do not recommend the InStep Safari because it is a bulky, low-quality stroller that does not perform well — ahhhnd the tires go flat pretty quickly.

$$ – Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight ~ $219

Joovy… I love Joovy. They are one of the few manufacturers that I feel actually has parents’ best interests in mind when designing their products. They always strive to give you a good quality product with great features at a fair price — and the Zoom 360 Ultralight is no different.

As you might expect, in the $$ department, you get a nicer stroller than you would in the $ department, though I will note that I had a persistent problem getting mine to track straight.

Size & Weight

The stroller weighs 25.7 lbs, which is on the average (to high) for a jogging stroller.

Seat/Car Seat

The Zoom 360 Ultralight has a wide seat, though it’s not terribly tall (about the same as BOB). The seat has side mesh pockets, which is great for sippy cups and small toys. The seat does not sit very upright, though it does recline pretty far — about 30 degrees from the horizontal. Again, the seat is not terribly tall, so it may not fit your taller/older kid.

The lower part of the seat has a nice metal footrest for wet or dirty feet — easy to spray off with a hose.

With the purchase of a car seat adapter, you can attach your Graco SnugRide click Connect, Chicco KeyFit, Peg Perego and many others to the stroller. These seats securely click in and out of the adapter.

Canopy, braking, storage, accessories

This stroller has a HUUUGE canopy with a large peekaboo window, a non-adjustable handlebar, a runaway strap, and, our favorite part, a large storage basket.

It also comes with a neoprene parent console, which has two deep cup holders, a zippered storage pouch, and reflective tape for dusk or night use. *It used to come with a rain cover, but doesn’t any longer.


As with all joggers, you get huge 16″ air-inflated tires that ride like a dream. You can switch the front wheel to locked mode at the front tire for jogging. The stroller also includes a mini-tire pump for your monthly pump-up, although I personally couldn’t figure out how to get the pump to work properly.


The suspension system is excellent thanks to shocks over the back wheels.

Folding & Carrying

You can fold the Zoom 360 Ultralight at the seat and it auto locks into place. The fold is very compact for a jogger (yay!). Pop off the wheels for even more space. It fits well in tight trunks, like that of a Toyota Corolla or RAV4.


Bottom Line: If you are looking for something better than a Schwinn or Baby Trend jogging stroller but don’t have the money for a BOB (and the like), look no further than the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight. The customer service is top-notch (good luck trying to contact anyone at Schwinn or Baby Trend! Speaking from personal experience).

$$$ Tied:

2016 BOB Revolution Flex/Pro

Best swivel wheel/around town jogger 

Smoother than a baby’s butt: in the $$$ category, the BOB Revolution Flex & Pro strollers are the pimp mac-daddy in the convertible wheel/jogger stroller world. Delivering the smoothest of rides, we joke that if you just blow on the handlebars from behind, BOB will start rolling on its own. Note that while the BOB Revolution stroller can be used for jogging, it’s really not their hardcore jogging stroller (see BOB Ironman, below).

Size & Weight

The weight is 28.5 lbs for the Flex and 30.5 lbs for the Pro — on the heavier end. The wheel base is wider than most, but the stroller itself is not terribly long like the Mountain Buggy Terrain, for example. Compared to the Graco FastAction fold, for example, there is no comparison. Many attribute the excellent “push” of the BOB to the wide wheel base and well-balanced center of gravity.

2016 Bob Revolution Wheel Base

New for the 2016 models, the max weight has increased to 75 lbs of child meat.


The seat has a padded, 5-pt harness and now sits completely upright in the 2016 models.  You can adjust the height of the straps with an easy, no-rethread harness, which is quite nice. We noted that the buckle is pretty easy for motivated little ones to pop off, so watch out for those jail-breakers who can get out on their own (definitely not cool while jogging!)


New for 2016 – one hand recline adjustment lets you quickly lay the seat back with the simple squeeze of a button.

The seat has mesh pockets on the side for toys, sippy cups, etc., and you can purchase a snack tray if you’d like. A neg is that you can’t remove the seat fabric for washing; it must be spot cleaned by hand.

Car Seat

You can purchase (separately) an Infant Car Seat Adapter for most car seats on the market – yay! You can even purchase a matching 2016 BOB B-Safe 35 car seat (below) that’s super slick and sporty. Yes, you can use the car seat from birth, but again, please don’t jog with it until 8 months or so.

Canopy, braking, storage, accessories

The huge, multi-position canopy is adjustable and the big peekaboo window allows you to keep an eye on things from above. The canopy can get very bunchy and may rub on the heads of taller children. To prevent this, you can use the pull-cords to pull the folded canopy junk out of the head space.

BOB has a heavy-duty, easy-to-use linked parking brake in the back.

2016 Bob Revolution Rear

Note that the runaway safety strap is fixed on the right side of the handlebar, so if you are a lefty… you may find it a bit annoying because it’s tied to your non-dominant hand.

The handlebar for the 2016 Flex and Pro models adjusts height-wise for those of you (or your spouse) that are on the tall or very short side (they don’t make the “regular” Revolution anymore).

2016 Bob Revolution Handlebar

The storage basket is decent and there are two interior pockets, as well as a large, mesh pocket in the back of the seat for smaller items.


The 2016 Revolution Flex and Pro models have a 12.5″ front wheel and 16″ rear wheels with air-filled tires.

Note that the tires on the BOB don’t have metal spokes like on some of the cheaper strollers. The “spokes” are rubberized and therefore, won’t rust or break. It’s features like these that set BOB (and others like Baby Jogger) apart from the rest.

To switch between swivel and fixed mode, you have to do so manually by kneeling down at the wheel. We prefer a switch up by the handlebars (which even the Schwinn has!), but whatevs.

The front wheel on BOB strollers is special: it has a fine-tune control, which allows you to correct for any right or left drag that occurs while jogging. This corrects any pulling, which is super annoying while running. Since pulling to one side is a common complaint with jogging strollers, especially for distance road running, BOB wins a big one in this department.

The suspension system also has fine tune shocks on each side, which can be tweaked depending on the weight of your child.

These two “fine tune” controls (the trim on the front wheel and the fine tune shocks) set BOB apart from the rest of the jogging strollers in the world, even from the Summit X3. Conversely, if you aren’t using this as a real jogging stroller, these features won’t mean as much to you. You can save some money by buying a less technical stroller.

Folding & Carrying

The fold is a two-step, two-handed fold which is not our favorite, but not uncommon for a jogging stroller. You have to kneel down to fasten the strap to hold it together, which again… not our favorite — we’d prefer an auto-lock mechanism.

BOB will fit into most regular sized trunks and, if things get tight, you can easily pop off the wheels for a tighter fit.

The Scout stroller rack fits nicely in your tow hitch and allows you to transport your BOB without filling up valuable trunk space. Get 15% off with code lucielovesscout.


Bottom Line: BOB is great at many things — he has an awesome “push” (glides like butter), he steers easily with one hand, and the suspension and tracking on the stroller are state-of-the-art. That said, there are some annoyances: the bunchy canopy, the fold and lock situation, and the switch from fixed to swivel mode. In exchange, you get the most amazing push in the world and most wouldn’t trade it for anything.

$$$ Tied:

Baby Jogger Summit X3 ~ MSRP $429

Baby Jogger Summit X3 jogging stroller

The BOB Revolution stroller is not the only fish in the sea, nay.

Tied for best swivel wheel jogging stroller is the Baby Jogger Summit X3, which is slightly more expensive than BOB — especially after a redesign in 2014 when the price for their strollers seemed to jump up somewhat permanently to a new echelon.

“Mall or mountain,” the Summit X3 works very well as both an all-terrain stroller and a jogger and eclipses BOB when it comes to certain features. I’ll explain…

Size & Weight

The Summit X3 is 28.5 lbs, same as BOB Flex. The max weight capacity is 75 lbs, which is now the same as BOB.


Like BOB, the seat reclines nearly flat — and the recline is easy to do with one hand with a simple cinch-strap in the back.


The seat is taller than most jogging strollers at almost 19″. In fact, many claim their 6-year-olds still fit comfortably in the seat. Yes, many people use jogging strollers for much longer than regular strollers out of sheer necessity.

The padded 5-pt harness is awesome and (unlike the BOB buckle), cannot be easily undone by naughty toddlers, especially after the recent redesign.


Car Seat

If you’d like to use it with your car seat, adapters are sold separately (but please, not for jogging until 6-8 months). The Summit X3 jogging stroller travel system accepts a plethora of car seats, such as UPPAbaby, Britax, select Maxi-Cosi seats, Nuna Pipa, and Cybex seats, and the Graco SnugRide Click or Classic Connect.


Canopy, braking, storage, accessories

The Summit X3 has a huge, delicious UV 50+ sun canopy with three full panels and two viewing windows. The canopy is nice and smooth and not bunchy and crinkly like on the BOB.

Another nice feature is these neat little side vents to keep things cool under the canopy when it’s hot outside.

summit-canopy vents

These, combined with the back panel that you can roll up to get a breeze through, make this a better stroller for hotter climates due to the superior venting.

We like that the handlebar on the Summit X3 is rubberized and is very easy to wipe clean. The handlebar is not adjustable, but is fairly tall. For tall – or very short parents – I’d opt for the BOB Revolution Flex or Pro, since each has an adjustable handlebar.

In addition to the parking brake, the Summit X3 also has a handlebar brake to slow the stroller down while running in the hills. A note: to get the same feature on the BOB, you have to buy the Pro model or the fixed-wheel Ironman.


The Summit X3 also has a runaway strap to prevent the stroller from rolling away if you let go unintentionally (it happens!). The runaway strap is affixed to the bottom of the stroller, which won’t bring the whole dang stroller crashing down if you happen to fall down while running.

The storage basket is pretty roomy for a jogger thanks to the “U” shaped support bar — and is even accessible from the sides.


It doesn’t come with a parent console, but you can buy it, a snack tray, and other accessories separately.


The Summit X3 has fabulous 16” rear and 12” front air-filled tires. The stroller has all-wheel suspension (below) and absorbs quite a lot of bumps for a super smooth ride.


One of our favorite features: you can change the fixed front wheel to swivel wheel mode with a simple side lever, unlike the BOB, where you have to kneel down at the wheel to do it manually. For people who are frequently switching between fixed wheel and swivel modes (perhaps if you like to jog and walk for intervals, for example), this is a wonderful feature. So much more civilized!

Like the BOB, the Summit X3 also has a trim feature on the front wheel (a red knob) that allows you to get the stroller tracking perfectly straight. This is key for a nice, uninterrupted jog.

While the Summit X3 pushes and steers very easily, I think we’d agree that BOB has a leg-up here. Yes, there’s a je ne sais quois about the way that BOB strollers are weighted and thus, they glide and steer like no other. This is the one big thing that BOB does better than Baby Jogger.

Folding & Carrying

The fold is the classic Baby Jogger fold that they are famous for. Simply pull up on the seat-handle, the stroller collapses, and you carry it away. That’s it! It’s super easy, even while carrying a baby. With the BOB (not to pick on BOB, but…), it’s a two-step, two-hand fold, which is a little more work. It’s funny how the little things like this really matter.

The stroller folds pretty compactly and should fit into most trunks, especially with the wheels popped off.

summit jogging stroller - jogging stroller

These are my legs. Kidding!!

Bottom Line: The Baby Jogger Summit X3 has the BOB Revolution SE beat in many areas, including the fold, the better canopy, the buckle, the wheel switch, and the runaway strap. BOB has a better push and a sportier look, whereas the look and feel of the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is a little more finished. At the end of the day, you’ll have to weigh these factors to decide which is right for you. They are both amazing strollers with a 5-star rating, so you won’t be disappointed with either one of them.


summit jogging strollers


Runner up:

Chicco Tre ~ MSRP $380/on sale $300

Don’t overlook the Chicco Tre, especially if you want to use it with a Chicco KeyFit infant seat. Chicco makes great high-quality products, and their jogging stroller is no exception.

The Tre is truly an all-in-one stroller in that it can be used as a car seat frame stroller (with seat removed), an all-terrain swivel wheel stroller, and a fixed wheel jogging stroller. While it’s not the one single stroller I would recommend for long-distance runners, it’s a well-rounded stroller that does all of its jobs quite well. While Chicco doesn’t have the experience in jogging strollers that Baby Jogger and BOB have, they seem to have nailed all of the details on the Tre.

At 28.5 lbs, it’s perfect for people who don’t need to take it in the car a lot. If you keep it in the garage and roll out from there, it’s perfect.

chicco-tre jogging stroller


The recline in this stroller is one-handed and probably the easiest of all the strollers discussed here. The seat itself is comfy and has a nice, padded 5-pt harness. The max weight on the stroller is 50 lbs, so it’s a good bit lower than the BOB or Summit X3.

Car Seat

This stroller was specifically designed to work with the Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit 30 car seat. No, you cannot buy an adapter for other brands of car seats, sorry.

Again, the fact that you can fully remove the seat and fabrics (the “soft goods”), so you can use it as a bare-bones car seat frame stroller (below) is totally rad. The removable bumper bar contains an integrated attachment for the car seat. Yes, the KeyFit clicks in securely (as opposed to others that sit on top of the adapter or need to be strapped in).

chicco-car seat only jogging strollers

Canopy, braking, storage, accessories

The full-coverage canopy is water-repellent for when it starts to sprinkle. It has a magnetic peekaboo window to spy on things below decks.


The Tre has a hand-operated brake (like on the Summit X3). The parking brake is on the same control, which means there’s no brake pedal at your feet that can get in the way of your stride.

The storage basket (below) is very generous and even allows you to access it from the front. Yes, they nailed the storage basket on the Tre!


This stroller comes with (yes, I said it) a parent console that has two cup holders and a center pocket for storage (why can’t everyone do this?).

chicco-parent console

Another bonus is that the handlebar is fully adjustable (below) for short and tall parents out there.

chicco - handlebar jogging strollers


The Tre has 16″ air-filled tires, as they all do, with metal spokes (we prefer rubberized spokes, but whatevs). The suspension controls are foot-operated (below) and allow you to adjust the stiffness of your ride. You’ll want to set the stroller on a more rigid setting for running, which helps stabilize it at higher speeds.

chicc-shocks jogging strollers

The Tre also allows you to switch between lock and swivel mode at the handlebar (again, very civilized!).

Note that this stroller does not have the same effortless glide and push as the BOB, although it moves and steers very well. In other words, unless you have been spoiled by the BOB or Baby Jogger, I don’t think it’s something you would ever notice.

Folding & Carrying

The stroller folds very easily with one hand and has a standing mode feature for use in your garage that keep the fabrics clean.



In Conclusion, the Chicco Tre is a great all-around stroller for those who want a multi-purpose stroller they can jog with that accepts the Chicco KeyFit car seat (without having to buy adapters and accessories). At $380, it’s priced up there with the BOB, so I would read both descriptions carefully to decide which is better for you.

$$$$ – Bumbleride Speed ~ $549

*Read our full review of this stroller here.

The Speed has beauty and brains. It’s lightweight, compact(ish), eco-friendly, very well made and easy to fold. It lies nearly flat and has wonderful storage. The canopy and fabrics are delightful. The only conveniences it lacks are a hand switch (for wheel modes) and a hand brake for hilly terrain and high speeds.

With car seat compatibility, this could be the one and only stroller for an active parent. The three wheel modes allow you to do it all.

Again, for more info, please read the full review.

Bumbleride Speed


$$$$ – Mountain Buggy Terrain ~ $599

* The new 2015 model was released in August of 2015. This review has been updated accordingly, although you can still find the legacy model on sale until supplies last.

The Mountain Buggy Terrain Jogging Stroller is well-liked by serious trail runners and other hardcore athletes. It used to only come in black, but the 2015 model introduces a bright yellow color and a “graphite” color, which is more like a black and white marbled pattern (below).


This is a true jogging stroller that loves terrain and works great in the hills, sand, or snow. We love everything about this stroller, except for the weight at 28.5 lbs (which is pretty standard for joggers). Note that it has a 55 lb weight limit (roughly a 6-7 year old).

Yes, the Mountain Buggy Terrain is pricey, in fact, it’s the priciest stroller in this guide. However, the reviews are glowing and those who own it love it. That said, some runners insist that the BOB still has a better push and weight distribution.


A unique feature of the Mountain Buggy Terrain is that the seat folds flat. Yes, totally pancake-flat. This means you can use it for a newborn (not for jogging, please) without having to worry about head-flop. It’s the only stroller in this guide that does this.

The buckle is very toddlerproof and the strap height is super easy to adjust without having to rethread it through — perfect for switching back and forth between kids of varying heights.

The seat liner on the 2015 model has the color on one side and black on the other. Yes, they really upp’ed their game this year!mountain-buggy-reversible-liner-gold-3

Car Seat

You can buy a separate car seat adapter and you can even remove the seat itself (like the Chicco Tre) to use it as a bare bones car seat frame carrier. You can also buy a bassinet-style pram (below) to use with your 0-6 month’er.



Canopy, braking, storage, accessories

While not as big as on the BOB or Baby Jogger, the canopy is big, sturdy, and moves with the sun. It has a magnetic peekaboo window so you can spy on your boo from above.

The parking brake is an integrated wire brake. You also get a handlebar brake, which is absolutely necessary for decelerating while going down hills (yes, this stroller is very technical!).

MB - handbrake

The storage basket is fairly large and has a mesh cover that you can zip up to keep your stuff from falling out when you’re bouncing about on your jog. The seat itself also has two small mesh pockets for sippy cups and stuff. There’s no parent organizer, but it does include two HUGE bottle holders, one on each side. They’re so big that sometimes I can’t even tell my water bottle is in there!

The stroller comes with a nice bumper bar that my kids love.

The handlebar is another great feature; it rotates up and down to accommodate the tallest and shortest of parents. I like that the grip is textured so it won’t get away from you.


Add the Freerider stroller board for an older child to turn it into a double, of sorts.

This year’s model also offers you a matching duffle bag with changing mat and clips to attach the bag on the stroller sold separately.


The Terrain has 16″ rear wheels and a 12″ front wheel, just like the other strollers reviewed here. The new 2015 model also comes with a 12″ rear wheel set to size it down a bit for urban use. This is a truly unique feature!

terrain-wheel sets

Like the BOB and the Baby Jogger Summit X3, the Terrain also has a tracking device on the front wheel to get it going perfectly straight. This is one of the defining characteristics of a high-quality, heavy duty jogger.

The front wheel locks or swivels with the flick of a lever, which is also an upscale feature (not having to kneel down and do it manually is a godsend).

The suspension on this stroller is great, although it’s not adjustable like on the Chicco Tre or BOB.

Folding & Carrying

Again, the fold on the 2015 model (and all new Mountain Buggies, for that matter) is great! No more fumbling the tabs on the side, this one has a hidden fold mechanism, that you simply twist back  – et voila. A HUGE improvement from the previous model!

With the handlebar swiveled all the way down, it has a standing fold, which keeps the fabrics off the ground.



The Mountain Buggy Terrain is a cool, versatile jogger. You can use it just with a pram or a car seat — or with the regular seat, it lies flat for newborns. With the double wheel package, it’s great for thrill-seeking urbanites who are looking for one stroller for both city and trail. That said, there are more quality complaints than we’d like and the fashions are not for everyone. It’s harder to assemble than the BOB and other and the instructions are not very good.

Fixed Wheel Jogging Strollers

Just to be crystal clear, the front wheel of a fixed wheel jogger cannot swivel. At all. Ever.


I feel terrible for people who buy a fixed front wheel stroller expecting something different. And you see them all the time — trying to negotiate the aisles at the grocery store by lifting the stroller up to turn it. This is not the stroller for shopping, folks.

Ironman -lifestylw

For serious runners, however, a fixed wheel stroller will track beautifully and won’t wobble. These strollers are not multitaskers, but they are specially designed to do their job (running!) very well.

$ – Schwinn Arrow ~ MSRP $239/on sale $220


The Schwinn Arrow is our top pick for an economy, fixed wheel jogging stroller. The maximum weight capacity is 50 lbs, though some parents have mentioned that it may grow difficult to use this stroller even with a 40 lb child.

Again, only buy this stroller if you want to jog with it, as the front wheel does not steer (have I beat this horse to death yet? LOL).

Size & Weight

The Schwinn Arrow is one of the lighter joggers in this guide at a mere 24.9 lbs. We love that!


The seat reclines, but not all the way flat. This will work for babes 6 months+.  It has a nicely padded 5-pt harness, but no reflective tape.

Car Seat

The stroller is not car seat compatible, sorry.

Canopy, braking, storage, accessories

On the downside, the one-panel canopy only covers the sun if it’s directly overhead.  For better coverage, you’ll have to get a little creative with blankets or even after-market products. The canopy fabric is thin and… not our favorite.


On the plus side, the Schwinn Arrow offers many convenience features found in higher-dollar jogging strollers.

Most importantly, it has an adjustable handlebar, which exceptionally tall or short parents find indispensable. The rubber handle is comfortable, slip resistant, and won’t disintegrate with moisture or heavy use. We love the dual cup holders and the storage compartment.

It has a hand brake and a safety wrist strap to control your speed, especially if you’re running in the hills.

The storage basket is fairly large, but it’s the opening that restricts larger items from fitting into it. Thus, you can fit a lot of loose items down there, but not anything too big. Note also that the storage basket is very low to the ground, so your things may get wet down there in the rain. It also has those silly MP3 speakers that aren’t worth a darn.


All three wheels have 16” air-filled tires, which is a unique characteristic of fixed wheel joggers (swivel wheel joggers have a smaller wheel in the front). The Arrow has suspension on the rear wheels and while most find it sufficient, it’s not quite as smooth as in higher-end joggers.


Alignment: Remember that with a fixed wheel jogger, it’s crucial that the front wheel is perfectly true. Many reviewers had problems with it at first, then learned how to get it perfectly straight.

Folding & Carrying

The dual trigger fold is easy, but you’ll need two hands. Once folded, the stroller locks into place.

Because the front wheel is fixed, this stroller (and other fixed wheel strollers) takes up more space when folded. If you drive a compact car, you will probably have to take the wheels off in order to get it in your trunk — a relatively easy operation.


The Schwinn Arrow is our top value pick for a fixed wheel jogger. It offers many of the features of a higher-end jogger at a much lower price. Thus, for those who haven’t been spoiled by the lushness of a BOB, Baby Jogger, or Mountain Buggy, you should be very happy with this purchase.



$$$ – 2016 BOB Ironman – Best distance jogger ~ $419

$$$ – 2016 BOB SUS (Sport Utility Stroller) –
Best all-terrain jogger ~ $399 ($339 at Amazon)

*Updates to the 2016 model include weight capacity increase to 75 lbs, an easy one-hand recline, larger storage basket, improved quick release wheels, more upright seating and an adjustable handlebar that offers nine positions.

2016 BOB Ironman


The BOB Ironman and SUS are quite similar to the BOB Revolution (please start by reading the review for the BOB Revolution). There are only a few variations, the fixed front wheel being the big one.

[RelatedBOB Ironman duallie and the BOB SUS duallie (double!) review.]

Car Seats

Yes, the Ironman is compatible with several brands of car seats with the purchase of an additional adapter.

Canopy, braking, storage, accessories

It does not come with a parent console or cup holders, although you can (and should) buy one separately (shown below).

Another difference is that the Ironman and SUS have the added hand brake to control your speed while running (like the Pro), particularly when running downhill.

Note again that the safety strap is affixed to the right side, so lefties may find it annoying.


2016 BOB Ironman


The canopy is the same as on the Revolution: VERY large and full coverage with a large peekaboo window to spy from above. Like the Revolution, the canopy isn’t terribly tall, especially when folded back.

2016 BOB Ironman


The three 16″ high-pressure tires are designed for paved roads, while the knobby tires on the BOB SUS (Sport Utility Stroller) are designed more for trails and rougher terrain (it’s otherwise the same). The tires will need to be replaced every 500 miles or so.

2016 BOB SUS

Like the Revolution, they have all the controls that allow you to adjust the front wheel for perfect tracking, as well as adjustable suspension, which allows you to tweak the firmness of the ride based on the weight of your kiddo.

2016 BOB Ironman Suspension

2016 BOB Ironman

Folding & Carrying

The folding mechanism is the same as on the Revolution, but the fold on the Ironman and SUS is not as compact because the front wheel is fixed and juts out more. Thus, you may need to remove one or more wheels to get it into a smaller trunk (something that’s very easy to do).

The Scout stroller rack fits nicely in your tow hitch and allows you to transport your BOB without filling up valuable trunk space. Get 15% off with code lucielovesscout.


Again, choose the Ironman for road running and the SUS for trails.

All in all, serious joggers are gaga over these strollers. They consistently get 5-star reviews. At the end of the day, they really aren’t that much more expensive (especially when on sale) than mid-range strollers and soooo much better.

2016 BOB SUS

2016 BOB SUS


Top Two Jogging Stroller Picks

If we have to narrow it down to one favorite in each category, these are our favorites:

1. BOB Ironman or BOB SUS – fixed wheel for serious runners; $352/$360

2. Baby Jogger Summit X3 – Swivel wheel for runners and multi-use; $429

Happy Jogging!