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The Best Kids Wagons

Strollers with decent storage usually do the trick, but when it comes to going to the beach or park for a few hours, kids’ wagons will hold a lot more stuff… not to mention, most bigger kids who are too cool to sit in a stroller are more than happy to take a ride in a wagon (this is usually the 2.5 and older crowd).

Kids’ wagons come in two main styles: the traditional kind, like Radio Flyer, that you pull behind you, and a new breed of high-end kids’ wagons which you can push like a stroller or pull like a wagon. These new stroller/wagon hybrids are essentially strollers for kids who hate strollers: haha, fooled ‘em!

Whether you’re looking for a simple, no-frills wagon to lug your little ones to the playground or a fancier stroller/wagon hybrid to cart them off to the beach or even along rugged trails, we’ve put together a list of our favorite kids’ wagons for the upcoming summer season. Here they are, in order of price (from lowest to highest). Enjoy!

Best Basic Wagons – Summary

Best Hybrid/Full Featured Stroller Wagons

Regular Wagons (the cheaper “pull around” kind)

Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon ~ $115

Step2’s All Around Canopy Wagon features “whisper ride” wheels that move quietly across pavement (unlike some cheaper plastic wheels, which sound like a mack truck roaring down the street). It has seating for two kids, seatbelts, 6 cup/snack holders, and storage underneath the seats. It’s easy to pull, has seats that flip forward into a bench seat or table, and comes with a canopy for sun protection.

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The only downside parents find with this wagon is that it can be challenging to assemble. Additionally, it doesn’t fold up for easy storage in your trunk or garage.

For a basic wagon to pull kids around in, this one will do the trick— though note that the small plastic wheels won’t do well on rougher terrain or sand; for that, you’ll want a wagon with all-terrain wheels (below).

Radio Flyer All Terrain 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon ~ $109

As an upgrade to their traditional wagon, the Radio Flyer EZ Folding Wagon has air-filled “all terrain” tires designed to handle rougher terrain more easily. That said, the tires are still medium-sized and aren’t going to magically move a heavy wagon across the sand for you without some effort on your part: heave! Ho!

This wagon can hold two kids (or one kid + beach gear). Its seat cushions wipe clean pretty easily, and it has two external cup holders and a very easy one-hand fold. To fold, simply pull up a handle in the center of the seat and it collapses into a rectangle. The ability to fold up this Radio Flyer compactly (to throw in your trunk or whatnot) is a unique feature among this group of basic wagons.

The EZ Folding Wagon has zippers that can undo one of its sides, so you can also use this wagon as a bench seat once you get to your destination (see below). Radio Flyer now makes a version of this wagon that comes with a sun canopy (sweet!), but also has the regular ol’ plastic wheels.

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Other downsides: the handle has no grip and feels a bit slippery, and the magnet designed to hold the handle upright is too weak to hold it fully extended, so it will come crashing down.

*Note also that none of these basic wagons has a parking brake, so if you park it on a hill… watch out.

If you don’t need a wagon that folds, Radio Flyer also makes the Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Pathfinder Wagon ($162 at Walmart), which has plastic sides, air tires, and a UV blocking canopy.

Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Pathfinder Wagon

If you prefer your kids’ wagons with a “vintage” look, Radio Flyer also make the classic All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon ($191 at Walmart), which lacks a canopy and the outer storage pockets of the others, but gets points for its simplicity and ruggedness. Melissa has this wagon and is very happy with how it handles on sand – and how much beach gear she can cram inside it!

Hauck Eco Wagon ~ Foldable Wagon ~ $231

The Hauck Wagon is something in between the cheaper wagons (mentioned above) and the nicer stroller-wagons, which tend to be $450+ (mentioned below). Because it lacks seat belts, it’s intended for your older kids who don’t need to be strapped in when going for a ride (they recommend ages 3 and up). It’s made with a foldable steel tube and a hand washable fabric that’ll fit in the trunk of any average-sized car.

The wide foam wheels are made of a durable rubber, and it includes a removable sun shade. The Hauck wagon weighs 37 lbs (5 lbs more than the Radio Flyer E-Z Fold Wagon, for reference) and can schlep up to 100 lbs of weight.

For many parents, this is a great “in between” solution for a kid’s wagon.

Hybrid Kids’ “Stroller-Wagons”

Stragons? Yes, let’s go with stragons.

These luxury hybrid wagons are the newer generation of stroller-wagons; and they are super cool!! They are much pricier than the Radio Flyer-type of wagon and have the high end features you’d expect in a luxury stroller.

There are several newer stroller-wagons on the scene, such as the Evenflo Xplore, more Wonderfold and Keenz variations, the BOB Renegade, and a brand new one from Graco that we haven’t even delved into yet. I imagine we’ll see many more brands get into the “stragon” game as this product type gains popularity.

Wonderfold Wagon ~ $289+

They hit all the high points with the Wonderfold Kids Wagon. It’s a serviceable (and somewhat affordable) option if you dispense with all/any of the luxury upgrades. This wagon comes in many different versions, with prices ranging up to $900. Essentially, there is a 2-kid and a 4-kid version; and among those, these are variations within them.

The base model works great on flat, even terrain, but it’s less than ideal on uneven pavement or bumpy terrain. The higher end models have better wheels that are more suited for heavier kids and rougher terrain.

A big selling point of this stroller is the easy, one-step folding design that allows you to fold it in seconds (hence, the name). Please read more about in our Wonderfold Wagon – Complete Review.

Evenflo Pivot Xplore Stroller Wagon ~ $319

The Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon is an awesome wagon/stroller hybrid. With the ability to add a real stroller seat and even a car seat, this is definitely the most versatile wagon out there. It can hold two kiddos, each up to 55 lbs (though, it’s definitely best for smaller kids… more on that in a minute), and seats them facing each other with a tray table and two cupholders (for alllll the snacks) between them.

Note that if one of your children is still in a car seat, you can purchase a car seat adapter separately (much like on the Veer and Joey).

Car seat configurations

You can also add a regular stroller seat (purchased separately, for $150). This allows you to use the whole bottom (wagon) area for storage.

Stroller Seat

Push or Pull: Your Choice

The Pivot Xlpore easily transforms from a wagon to a stroller simply by flipping the handle — which, by the way, is adjustable to make it easy for parents of all heights to push/pull.

The individually-operated and adjustable canopies do offer UPF 50+ protection, however, the canopies are still quite small and don’t provide a large amount of coverage.

Other reviewers say that their taller children don’t even fit underneath the canopies at all. Speaking of which, a common complaint about this wagon is that, although it can holds kids up to 55 lbs and 39 inches, it really doesn’t comfortably fit kids this big or tall. One reviewer noted that her tall 2.5 year old can barely fit beneath the canopy, though one friend who has a 3-year old says you just have to tweak the canopy position to get her comfortable.

The Evenflo Pivot Xplore offers decent storage both inside and outside of the wagon. It comes equipped with a storage basket that can hold a smaller diaper bag or backpack, snacks, sippy cups and other smaller to medium-sized items. The cool thing about this basket is that it can be used either inside the wagon (if only one child is riding in it) or on the outside.

Storage basket can be used inside or outside of the wagon

There’s also storage pockets within the wagon as well, to hold smaller essentials such as wallet, keys, water bottles, diapers, etc.

Something to be aware of, however — though not unexpected, since it’s a hybrid wagon/stroller — is that at 34.7 lbs the Evenflo Pivot Xplore is bulky and heavy. Once folded, it’s going to take up A LOT of room in your trunk… if it even fits in your trunk. If you plan on carting it around in your vehicle, say to the beach, on a day trip, etc., you’ll definitely want to make sure it fits in your car before purchasing.

Speaking of carting it around, with its all-terrain wheels, the Pivot Explore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon strolls okay on uneven terrain… but it works much better on paved surfaces (after all, the wheels are plastic, not air-filled). One other point to note is that there is a footwell in the middle of the seating area, so you cannot have your kiddo lie down flat for a nap, like you can with some of the other wagons here (though I imagine you can overcome this problem by covering the footwell “hole” area with something rigid.)

All-terrain wheels attempt bumpy surfaces
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Bottom line: The Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon is a great pick if you’re looking for an affordable wagon/stroller. It can seat up to two children of differing ages (and even accepts an infant car seat with adapter and a regular stroller seat), and is also a great and versatile option for twins! However, just bear in mind that this wagon/stroller is definitely best for children who are on the smaller side. Also, if you don’t have a large trunk and plan on storing this stroller in your car, you may want to look elsewhere.

Keenz Original 7s Stroller Wagon ~ $599

Keenz is a company out of Korea that first brought the luxury wagon/stroller to the market in 2016. Meg was one of the first to test it – YAY!

The Keenz wagon has everything you need, including a large attached cooler that can hold a full 12-pack of… juice! Of course 😉. I love the generous sun canopy (shown above – though the canopy is a little bulky and awkward). This stroller/wagon is very well built and pushes easily.

My girls love sitting in the Keenz and being pulled around – even at the age of 5 or 6! The weight limit is 110 lbs, so it can hold quite a bit of humans and gear. The bottom is soft and my girls love buckling themselves in (it’s a cheap thrill, don’t ask).

It’s one of the only wagons with 5-pt harnesses (instead of 3-pt).

I’m a huge fan of the high-quality tires, the adult cup holder, the faux leather handlebar… everything is very upscale on this wagon. It folds down nicely into a square-sized package that will fit into most trunks. I wouldn’t call it “small,” but it takes up FAR less room than a side-by-side double stroller.

The weight is 29 lbs without the canopy (and 32 lbs with), so it’s very comparable to a regular double stroller.

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All in all, I think the Keenz Wagon is pretty dope. Kids who hate strollers will love riding around in it, so it’s a great tool for managing older toddlers and stuff, especially if you have a lot of outings that involve a lot of gear – whether it’s sports equipment, beach stuff or picnic supplies.

Joey Stroller Wagon ~ $689

The Joey Wagon is new(er) on the scene and a direct competitor to Veer (below). Like the Veer, this wagon is made of high-quality materials that can withstand heavy use and rough terrain.

The one standout feature of the Joey wagon is its compact fold. This allows it to be easily stored in a small space when not in use, making it an ideal choice for those who have limited storage space. Additionally, the wagon’s lightweight construction and small footprint mean that it can be easily transported in your trunk (even in a Mini Cooper!).

For comparison sake, the folded size of the Joey is smaller than that of the Veer (29.5 x 20 x 8 inches vs 37 x 20 x 14 inches). Not only is it a small fold, but it stands on its own when folded, something you won’t find elsewhere.

The Joey wagon can accept compatible car seats with the help of the Joey Wagon Car Seat Adapter (sold separately).

Compatible car seats include: Nuna Pipa, Nuna Pipa Lite, Nuna Pipa Lite LX, Mico AP, Mico Max 30, Maxi Cosi Mico NXT, Maxi Cosi Pebble, Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix, Cybex Aton, Cybex Aton M, Cybex Aton 2, Cybex Aton Q, Cybex Cloud Q and Clek Liing.

This wagon has an adjustable handlebar, which allows users of different heights to comfortably pull it. The handle can be adjusted to three different positions, making it easy to customize to your needs, which is hard to find in wagons. The wagon has 2 cup holders, which are perfect for keeping drinks close at hand while you’re on the go.

The Joey wagon can hold up to 110 pounds of weight, which makes it ideal for two kids. The wagon also comes with a removable canopy that can be used to protect your stuff from the sun or rain. By comparison, the Veer Cruiser also holds up to 110 pounds; while the Wonderfold wagon can hold up to 180 pounds, making the Wonderfold the most heavy-duty option of the three.

Overall, the Joey wagon is a highly functional and durable wagon that is perfect for a variety of uses. You might choose the Joey over the Veer or Wonderfold if you have limited space in your trunk or home for storage.

Veer Cruiser ~ $ 699

The Veer’s long list of premium features include two cup holders, a snack/drink tray (shown above), and vented passenger seats with 3-point safety harnesses. These seats are meant for your older kids who can sit up well on their own (approx. 1 year and up).

But wait: this is very cool…. for newborns and infants, you can do two things: turn the bed into a bassinet (for 1 child) — or, you can attach an infant car seat, which allows you to use it with a baby and a toddler.  Yep, the Cruiser really functions as a double stroller for the parents and a wagon for the kids at the same time.

The Cruiser’s handle and sides fold down (and the wheels are removable) for more compact storage and fitting it into your trunk (for reference, it will fit in the back of a Camry with the wheels still on).

You can also get a retractable canopy (shown below) or two ($59 each) to provide shade for each of your littl’uns. Yes, parents are raving about the Veer Cruiser.

You can now choose between the two-seater and four-seater (XL version, $799).

BOB Gear Renegade Wagon ~ $499+

The newish Renegade is perfect for families who enjoy spending time outdoors on trails, beaches, or just around the neighborhood. The welded aluminum frame and high-impact composite wheels make it a sturdy and reliable option for carrying up to 165 pounds of weight. Additionally, the rugged tires (though they are not air-filled, like on Bob’s jogging strollers) and patented suspension ensure a smooth ride on any terrain.

You can push or pull this wagon, depending on which is more comfortable for you.

There are 3 seats total (two one side facing the other seat), each with an adjustable 5-point harness.

Each seat also has a sun canopy. The wagon has a one-step footbrake to keep it securely in place when parked. The wagon also includes a child snack tray and two adult cup holders, as well as four integrated storage pockets to keep essentials close at hand.

My favorite feature is the folding and unfolding; it has a one-hand FastFold close and a SafeAssist soft open to get you ready to go quickly. Literally, you press the open pedal with your foot, and everything pops open. Super cool.

It’s important to note that this wagon is only for occupants who can sit unassisted and is intended for walking speed only. The maximum weight capacity is 165 pounds, with a limit of 55 pounds per seat, and the maximum child height is 44 inches. The folded size is 41″ x 28″, so the Joey is still your much more compact (when folded) wagon option.

Click here to see the Renegade in action. We’re excited to see how the market responds to BOB’s newest offering. Cheers!

There you have it: our top picks for kids’ wagons for 2024. Happy Wagoning!


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