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Best All-Terrain Double Strollers – Side-by-Side

All-terrain double strollers are generally big and hefty — though some of them come in a more compact size. They weigh from 27-40 lbs (heavy!) and typically run north of $400. Most people buy them because of the super duper smooooooth ride and easy steering that air-filled tires give you – mmmm, like butter.

That said, if you don’t need the off-road capability of an all-terrain stroller, you can save some money (and weight!) and get a regular side by side stroller.

The strollers on this page are generally not for running/jogging (except maybe for the Baby Trend Expedition); you’ll find those on the next page, Best Double Jogging Strollers.

Here are the best all-terrain double strollers, listed from lowest to highest price. Click on a stroller name for the full review.

Best All-Terrain Double Strollers

$ – Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger ~ $199 – Economy Pick
A popular economy (full sized) all-terrain/jogging stroller with air-filled tires. A good value for the price, but definitely has a lower build quality (front wheel can wobble). Hence, not an earnest distance jogger, but fine for bumbling around or casual jogging.

$$ – Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double ~ $579 – Top Pick (compact size)
Our favorite “compact, all-terrain” double side-by-side with “forever air” tires (no need to re-inflate them every other week). Super easy to fold, great features, taller seats, fabulous canopies. Note: not for jogging, despite the confusing name

$$$ – Valco Baby Neo Twin ~$599  – Lightweight Pick
The Neo Twin is one of the lightest full-featured side-by-side strollers on the market. Great features. Incredibly easy to fold and carry. Pricey. Not for jogging.

$$$ — Valco Baby Snap Duo ~$699 — Lightweight, Good for Travel
Another incredibly lightweight lux and full-featured side-by-side with a simple fold, great maneuverability and storage. Awesome day-to-day and travel double stroller.

$$$ – Mountain Buggy Duet v3 ~$699  – Best for Tight Spaces
The narrowest side-by-side double stroller on the market. Very maneuverable; can take 2 infant car seats. Use Joey Shopping Bag when in singles mode. Not for jogging.

$$$ – 2018 Bumbleride Indie Twin ~ $769 – Luxury Pick
Beautiful eco-friendly stroller with excellent storage, suspension, ease of pushing, usability and folding/ locking. Great for twin parents and parents of kids close in age. Could be used for casual jogging.

$$$$ – 2019 Bugaboo Donkey2 ~ $1,299+
Available in monoduo and twin versions. An innovative “convertible” side-by-side (can be single or double width) with a nice ride, a sharp look, and good storage. Downsides: smaller seats, VERY cumbersome fold. Large “folded footprint.” Not for jogging.

1.  Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Price: MSRP $199
32.5 lbs

2. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double – TOP PICK

Price: MSRP $579
Weight: 32.5 lbs

3. Valco Baby Neo Twin

Price: $649 ($599 on sale)
Weight: 27 lbs

4. Valco Baby Snap Duo Trend

Price: $699
Weight: 24 lbs

5. Mountain Buggy Duet v3

Price: $699
34 lbs

6. 2018 Bumbleride Indie Twin – Luxe Pick

Price: $769
Weight: 36 lbs

7. Bugaboo Donkey2

Mono (single) version: $1,299+
Duo (double) version: $1,649+
Twin (two carrycots) version: $1,779+
Weight: 29.3 lbs (Mono) and 33.7 lbs (Duo & Twin)

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