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Double Travel Strollers for Newborns, Toddlers and Twins

Traveling with one child certainly has its set of challenges, but traveling with two kids (or twins! — read all about traveling with twins here) is a whole different beast. Whether you’re looking for the easiest double stroller to fly with and cart through the airport, the best double all-terrain for hiking or camping, or the double stroller with the most compact fold, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together this list so you can pick the best double stroller for travel for your specific needs.

Best Double Travel Strollers
photo cred: Jennifer Hanks via Amazon

For simplicity’s sake, we’ve broken down the best double strollers for travel into 3 distinct categories: 

  1. Double Umbrellas 
  2. Tri-Fold Doubles
  3. Lightweight Regular Doubles

While each category touts different features and serves different purposes, each is great for travel: they’re all lightweight and easy to fold, carry and maneuver. *Note that we didn’t include anything in the tandem stroller department because the fold on tandems tends to be too unwieldy (long) for travel, though many sit n stands tend to be lightweight and okay for travel.

Without further ado we’ve picked our Top 7 double strollers for travel… and here they are:

All-Terrain – Ready for Jogging, Hiking, and Camping

All-terrain strollers are less popular for travel due to their bulk and weight. But… if you’re in need of a beefier stroller with better wheels/tires (perhaps you have to contend with cobblestone streets in Boston or Rome?), we recommend the following all-terrain double strollers for travel:

Umbrella-Style Doubles

Double umbrella strollers are inherently good for travel because they are lightweight, fold easily and compactly, fit in most trunks, and can be gate-checked on most airplanes. They also all meet Disney-size requirements. Yay!

The big downside to a double umbrella stroller is that they usually don’t come with a whole lot of features, and their storage space (or lack thereof) and smaller canopies leave something to be desired. Also, you definitely need to push a double umbrella stroller with two hands because of the separated handles.

With that, here are our favorite double umbrella travel strollers, listed in order of lowest to highest price. 

1. Delta Children LX Side-by-Side Stroller ~ $74 — Barebones Budget Pick

This double umbrella stroller is only 18 lbs (!!) and is a great barebones, no-frills budget double umbrella that’s awesome for travel. It folds easily and compactly, comes with two hanging storage bags on the backs of each seat plus two parent cupholders, and each seat has a 5-point safety harness, though not the best in the sun canopy department (very small).

Read more about the Delta Children LX Side-by-Side Stroller here

2. Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight ~ $250 (on sale for ~ $239 at Amazon) — “Full of Features” Pick

For travel, the 26 lb Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight is a bit heavy, but it has features!! We love that it has a shoulder carry strap, which is super helpful for transporting it up and down stairs, on subways, planes and trains, etc. We also like that it has a compact self-standing fold, cupholders and zippered pockets for parents to store little things (keys, phone, wallet, etc.). All important for travel!

Read our full Joovy Twin Groove Review – or the overall summary below:

Tri-Fold-Style Doubles

Tri-fold strollers are a newer class of stroller on the scene. In addition to being lightweight, they fold into thirds (most other strollers in the world fold in half).

This makes for a pretty compact fold, which is inherently good for travel. While the fold is not quite as compact as umbrella strollers, tri-folds often come with all (or some) of the features of a regular full-size stroller, like a large storage basket. Double tri-folds are super brand new on the scene – at present, there are only two of them on the market.

In short, they are the most compact, yet full-featured strollers out there. They are also lightweight.

3. Summer Infant 3D Pac CS+ Double Stroller ~ $249 (on sale for ~ $241 at Amazon) — Economy Tri-Fold Pick

The Summer Infant 3D Pac CS+ double is a new double tri-fold in the double travel stroller scene — and we’re VERY excited about it! It’s another awesome pick for traveling with two (and a cheaper option than the Nano Duo — see below). This stroller also accepts an infant car seat!

Read our full Summer Infant 3D Pac CS+ Stroller Review – or the overall summary below:

4. Mountain Buggy Nano Duo ~ $499 — (on sale for ~ $479 at Amazon) High Quality Tri-Fold/Everyday Stroller Pick

The MB Nano Duo is only 20 lbs and, thanks to its tri-fold design, makes it a VERY compact double stroller. The Nano Duo truly is your quintessential “traveling with two” stroller. Bonus: it takes up to two infant car seats! It’s also really just a great overall twin stroller for newborns, or a baby and a toddler.

Read our full Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Review – or the overall summary below:

Lightweight (Regular) Doubles

Even without the slim umbrella fold, these strollers are lightweight, quality doubles with some nice usability features that make them solid picks for travel (though they are not the most compact type of double stroller).

5. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller ~ $175 (on sale for ~ $142 at Amazon) — Economy Pick with Solid Features

This lightweight (23 lbs) budget double stroller has more features and storage than you’d expect, plus an easy fold making it awesome for traveling with two kids.

Read our full Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller Review – or the overall summary below:

6. Zoe Twin+ ~ $299 — Lightweight, full featured and expandable

At 19 lbs, the ZOE Twin+ is an incredibly lightweight stroller that will comply with all airline gate-check weight limits (yes, even on American Airlines). It’s Disney-size approved, has an easy and compact fold, and the added bonus of versatility — it can grow to a triple or quad with an expandable tandem add-on seat.

It’s great for travel due to the large underseat storage basket, large four-panel sun canopies (!!), and comes with two kid cup holders, a parent cup holder and one kid snack holder. Parents love this stroller for travel and even everyday use. 

Read our full Zoe Twin+ Stroller Review – or the overall summary below:

7. Valco Baby Snap Duo Trend ~ $699 — Lightest, Luxe Travel Stroller

Oh, snap! A great day-to-day stroller as well, parents LOVE the Valco Baby Snap Duo Trend. Not only is this stroller insanely light (24 lbs), but it’s compact, has a simple fold, offers great maneuverability, and has a ton of luxe features to boot.

If you’re headed to a warm weather destination, you’ll love the mesh paneling for added ventilation and airflow and the amazing sun canopy coverage that will block your littles from any harmful UV rays.

Read our full Valco Baby Snap Duo Trend Stroller Review – or the overall summary below:

We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect double travel stroller to fit your family’s needs. Have fun on your adventures, friends. Bon voyage!

My girlies getting ready for their first trip!

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