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Best Children’s Books

Most of us already have our own ideas about the best children’s books from when we ourselves were kids (I swear I didn’t only become a parent to read Make Way for Ducklings to my kids…), but just like for adult reads, there’s nothing like a good book recommendation from a trusted friend.

We suggest digging in to all your favorite classics right from day one — because reading to your kids is an incredible gift with all kinds of associated health benefits. The more and earlier children hear words and become familiar with the way books “work,” the better off they tend to fare in the world.

By the time your kiddo hits the toddler years, chances are she’ll be asking for everything on repeat, and all those books you once loved may begin to feel a little… tiresome.

We’ve got you covered! Based on our pooled experiences, friends’ recommendations, thousands of ratings and reviews, various awards and media recognition, and what our kids have to say (!) — we’ve rounded up the best children’s books for different age groups. They’re like Kix (remember Kix?!) — kid tested, mother approved.

Whether you’re just starting out with a new baby, looking for some new titles to add to your toddler’s library, or gearing up for your first read-aloud chapter book, there’s a good book for that.

Read on, parents!

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