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Summer Shoes for Kids

Summer is coming, and our kiddos need shoes that can keep up with all the summer fun. To help you and your family be prepared, we put together this selection of our favorite sandals and waterproof summer shoes for kids. Check it out!

Best Summer Shoes for Kids

Flip Flops

Flip flops are cheap, easy, and work well for the 2+ crowd (younger kids seem to have trouble keeping the thong between the appropriate toes, heh). For extra security, get the ones with a strap in the back.

Old Navy Flip Flops ~ $3+

They don’t get any cheaper than this, folks! These classic Old Navy flip flops get the job done. *Note these run big! I don’t recommend the “infant” sizes because they’re generally too narrow for chubby baby feet. Past infant sizes, they’re great.

Reef Kids – Ahi Flip Flops ~ $20+

Reef flip flops are very well-made and last forever. These are available in all sizes (the bigger sizes don’t have a heel strap).

Water Shoes

These options can be worn in and out of the water. They are easy to clean, and last forever. Best of all, these styles makes it easy for even the smallest of kids to slide their feet in and out by themselves (“I do it by myself!!”).

Native Jefferson Shoe ~ $35 – Top Pick

The first warm weather season my son could walk, he wouldn’t wear any type of sandals. It was maddening, until I stumbled upon Natives. These are a durable, warm weather shoe option that double as a water shoe. I have found sandal options for boys are harder to come by than girls so this is my very top pick!

Target Cat & Jack Water Shoes ~ $14

These are not available in as many colors as Natives, but are a great alternative at a lesser cost. Often Target does a BOGO on shoes, so you could possibly get two pairs for under $25.

Crocs Kids Clogs ~ $29

The quintessential kids shoes, Crocs are easy for little ones to put on and take off on their own. Charlene was convinced that her little ones would trip with them on, but it somehow turned out that they’ve never — not once — fallen. There’s really something magical about them. Great water shoes overall.


Freshly Picked Carmel Sandal [girl] or Bixby Sandal [boy] ~ $42

This is a great update to a traditional salt water sandal style. I prefer this sandal as the rubber sole is super flexible, almost sneaker like. The more flexible the sole, the easier for little feet to walk and run in safely.

Old Navy Water Sandals ~ $22

Perfect for water play, these sandals stay secure and offer a flexible sole for tiny feet to be active in. Especially great sandal option for newer walkers.

Keen Seacamp II ~ $54

For a full day outdoors, we are keen on Keen! This shoe comes in sizes for toddler to big kids.

Saltwater Sandals ~ $32

Made in a classic design, these sandals are water friendly. That’s right — leather that’s water proof. Charlene took hers and her kids’ to the beach, and they’ve really held up. The hardware is also rust free. Perfect for outdoor play in water splash pads.

Happy Summer!

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