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Best Items for Keeping Cool This Summer

So hot in ‘ere!

Over the years, we’ve amassed a list of our favorite products for battling the summertime heat. These include items for keeping cool in car seats, strollers, and at home; also: breathable baby carriers, sippy cups and other hot weather must-haves. Enjoy!

How to Keep Cool Babies and Kids Cool

HALO Cotton Muslin Sleepsack ~$43

For hot summer nights, a lightweight wearable blanket (or swaddle) is a must for little ones who still need something to cover them. 100% cotton muslin fabric is breathable and very lightweight.

Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan ~$74

If your nursery doesn’t have an overhead fan, we recommend this blade-less tower fan.

Safe for little fingers, an oscillating fan is also great because it circulates air without concentrating it in one spot. We also love that it helps with air quality. Remote included.

*Note this is just a fan, not an air conditioner.

Baby Carriers for Hot Weather

Just because it’s hotter than h*ll outside, doesn’t mean you should stop babywearing. Here are the carriers we love for summer —

Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh Carriers ~$139-$179

For babywearing in a warm/hot climate, I highly recommend Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh technology. Available in these lines:

  • Omni 360 (~$179): Newborn ready, all carry positions
  • 360 (~$123): 4 months+, all carry positions
  • Adapt (~$139): Adjusts as baby grows

These carriers are all moisture-wicking and super breathable. The fabric is machine washable and fast drying. *Read more about why we love Ergobaby carriers.

Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons ~$99

Get more bang for your buck with the Lillebaby All Seasons carrier. In hot weather, zip down the front flap to allow air through the meshy back area. In the wintertime, zip it back up to keep baby warm in cold weather.

For year-round warm climates, check out Lillebaby’s new line of Airflow carriers, which features even mo’ mesh. Options, people!!

Beachfront Baby Wrap ~$45

This super light and stretchy infant wrap is made of performance athletic mesh, which is extremely breathable, lightweight and fast-drying – you can even babywear in the water. These are SO cool, I wish I knew about them when my littles were little!!

It’s also great for moms with older kid(s) who need an extra hand in the water. Perfect for everyday use as well. Comes in wrap and ring sling versions.

Cooling Accessories for Car Seats & Strollers

The interior of a car can get up to 170° on a hot day, which leaves every surface as hot as lava. The darker your car seats, the hotter they will get. Here are some tools for keeping your little ones cool(er) in the car and stroller.

The Cart Seat Shade ~$25

Don’t let the sun get between your baby and a much-needed car nap (right??).

The Newbie shade is low-profile, low-tech and easy to attach to the front and rear headrests. Made of 100% cotton, it blocks UV rays, works in nearly any vehicle and doesn’t interfere with the driver’s line of sight.

Muslin Car Seat Cover ~$15+

For infant car seats: muslin car seat covers are airy, breathable, and keep direct sun out of baby’s eyes. There are so many out there, it’s hard to pick just one. Check out the many options that are available at various price points.

Jolly Jumper Stroller Sunshade ~$14

Strollers come with a built-in canopy, but most of them don’t cover your entire kiddo. We like the Jolly Jumper sunshade because it fits most strollers, play yards and protects against UV rays. Keeps bugs out too!

Cool Carats Car Seat Cooler with COOLTECH ~$39

Typical strollers have a solid back surface or a cushion with material that isn’t vented, and — especially in super hot states — can make for a very uncomfortable ride for babies. Enter Cool Carats Car Seat Cooler. This is a self insulated baby car seat cooler made with COOLTECH technology. Simply fold the cooler flat and keep it in the freezer over night. Once frozen, place on your empty car seat before you leave. It takes about 10 minutes to cool down a hot car seat and buckles. Once cool, remove the cooler and place baby in the car seat for a much more comfortable ride.

Diono Stroller Clip-On Fan ~$13

Keep your child cool while on the go with this highly-rated stroller clip on fan.

Car Sunshades by Enovoe ~$15 (4-pack)

These window clings keep direct sun out of eyes, keep the temperature down and protect from UV rays. They are the highest-rated shades on the market and use static to stick to your window without leaving residue.

The Noggle Air Conditioner Extender ~$59

These funny-looking air hoses are called Noggles and parents swear by them. They deliver air to anywhere in your car, especially to rear-facing kiddos who don’t get direct ventilation. Works with a/c in the summer and heat in the winter, huzzah! Great for older cars that don’t have back seat vents.

Cooling Garments

Cooling Towel by Ergodyne ~$7

More tools for keeping cool: the best-selling Cooling Towel by Ergodyne. All you need to do is wet it (run it under the tap for one minute), and you can re-use it throughout the day. Bring this one out on a scorcher in August — you won’t regret it.

Insulated Cups and Bottles

Polar Bottle Kids Insulated Bottle ~$12

This affordable plastic bottle uses special insulated foil to keep liquids cold. Unlike heavy stainless steel water bottles, this one’s easy for little ones to drink from, and the opening is large enough to fit ice. We have three and use them almost daily.

Thermos Funtainer 12 oz ~$15

Drinking lukewarm water in the heat is no fun. The Thermos Funtainer is highly-rated and for good reason — it’s vacuum insulated for up to 12 hours (for cooling only).

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle ~$32+

Another very highly-rated insulated bottle (but for triple the cost), is the Hydro Flask. It keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours AND it keeps drinks hot for up to 6 hours.

Green Sprouts Water Bottle Adapter ~$4

Should you ever find yourself out of the house without a sippy, this water bottle adapter may come in handy. At this price, you can throw one in your car and one in your diaper bag for hydration emergencies.

That is all — enjoy!!


  1. This list should help all families that are going on vacation this summer or simply like to keep their babies moods high during long car trips. Personally I like the air conditioner extender the most as this will definitely save your life during rush hours or traffic jams.

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  3. I feel that it should be noted on the Cool Mee Seat Liner by Meeno Babies that car seat manufacturers warn against using any aftermarket products between your child and the car seat because it can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the restraints in the event of an accident.

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  5. Do you have any suggestions for the best pool floaties for a baby? Ideally something inflatable that includes a sun shade! Thanks!

  6. Personally, I prefer using air condition through the summertime, but I know It`s not a healthy choice! However, we love our portable air conditioner, which is always with us when traveling.

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