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Top 5 Most Useful Items for Twins

When you are preparing for twins, you realize that some of the items you need might be different than what you would get for a singleton. Read on to learn about our top 5 most useful items for twins, all which will help make your life as a Mom of Multiples a little easier. Because we can use all the help we can get, amiright?

1. Double Frame Stroller

A frame stroller is a must-have for the first year because it’s so lightweight and easy to use, not to mention, you don’t have to take the babies out of their car seats – simply snap each car seat into place, and go! Once you figure out which car seat you want for your twins (our list of recommended car seats for multiples is here), you will either need the Baby Trend Snap N Go or the Joovy Twin Roo Plus (plus adapters). Read more about each one here.

Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go

Assuming your car seats are compatible with both of these strollers, there are a few differences to note. First, the Snap & Go is a little bit less expensive than the Joovy and the car seats are stadium style, facing rear; with the Joovy, they face out to the side.

For me, it was MUUUUCHH easier getting two babies out and about with a frame stroller, especially in the cold winter. It’s not a happy day when you have to start taking them out of their car seats, but for when that day comes, we have amassed a list of our favorite [regular] twin strollers.

top 5 most useful items for twins
Joovy Twin Roo Plus

2. Carriers

There will be a time when you will need more than your foot to get things done (you’ll totally understand once you have your babies, lol). Multitasking takes on a new meaning when you are a MOM.

During the first few months you’ll want to invest in a wrap-style carrier. Our favorite is the Boba Wrap, super s t r e t c h y, great for tandem-wrapping. Check out YouTube for how-to videos.

top 5 most useful items for twins
Wearing twins in a Boba

Newer to the scene is the Minimonkey Twin — it’s like a double wrap, but with some structural features for added safety and ease of use.

minimonkey twin double wrap
Minimonkey Twin

If you aren’t into wrapping, go with the Baby K’tan or Nesting Days. The K’tan has a double loop design making it perfect for twins. The Nesting Days carrier is worn around your tummy, offering much needed support after giving birth, especially for c-section moms.

top 5 most useful items for twins
Nesting Days

For newborns only, there is the Weego carrier. This is a soft structured carrier made for wearing preemie and newborn twins both in front.

weego twins carrier
Weego Carrier

Once you are past the newborn stage, there are several options.

Double ring slings are great for low key activities while the kiddos are awake.

For the heavy-duty user, get the TwinGo. It is sturdy when tandem- or single-wearing your babies. There is some complexity to this carrier, but the instruction booklet is very easy to follow. Secure and sturdy, this carrier can be used for long stretches of time.

twingo twins
Twins in the TwinGo

Again, read about all of the carriers in depth here.

3. Twin Z Nursing Pillow ~ $119

Even if you don’t plan on nursing, this pillow will still get tons of use;  it’s the perfect spot for your twinnies to chill.

twin z nursing pillow

With it, you can easily (well, as easy as feeding two babies at once can be) bottle feed or breastfeed both babies at the same time. Bonus: it’s the perfect little prop for getting good pictures of your new bundles of joy!

Once the babies get bigger, you can use it for [double] tummy time, and then as a prop to help them sit up.  It also makes a great cushion for when the babies start to stand but aren’t very steady.

There are other breastfeeding pillows out there – you can read all about that in our breastfeeding twins section, but this one is the best multi-purpose pillow around. It’s super soft (the floor can get uncomfortable and this pillow makes a nice seat!) and the cover comes off for easy cleaning.

twin must haves

Table for Two ~ $339

For bottle-feeding and general “hanging out” purposes, a lot of moms also love the Table for Two. Simply sit babies in the seats, strap them in, and feed. It also has two bottle holders  (one for each baby, of course), so you can set your bottles down while taking burp breaks, etc. Once babies get older, it serves as a great “double chair” for them to lounge in and play.

4. Baby Lounger x 2 (one for each baby)

Many MOMs (self-included) say having two baby loungers is almost as essential as having diapers. Okay…maybe not that essential…but close.

You definitely cannot hold/carry your babies around all day long (especially since there are 2+), so these lounging seats are a must-have. Many of them also sit at a slight incline, which proves super helpful if, like me, one (or both) of your babies has reflux (spit-up, anyone?).

Please note that baby loungers only fit ONE baby, so you’ll need two of these (you can get two of the same type, or mix and match, etc.) Some of these, such as the Bright Starts Rainforest Vibrating Bouncer, are super portable and lightweight, and can easily be moved from room to room.

Note: Please don’t put your babies to sleep in any of these loungers — flat surfaces for sleep only! See our post about the Rock ‘n Play (and other inclined sleepers) Recall.

For more info on the top best loungers, baby bouncers and swings, read here (multiples) or here (regular).

5. Shopping…with twins

So you need to go grocery shopping. Like, with an actual shopping cart. Seems reasonable.

With twins, not so much…

Luckily, there are a few options so you can shop like a normal(ish) person and stop accidentally shoplifting because stuff gets tucked into all the stroller crevices….(whoops!!).

The Binxy Baby Hammock (x2) is perfect to use with your twins until they can sit upright (up until 6 months or so).

double seat shopping cart twins

There’s also this twin double shopping cart cover for when you’re duo can sit up on their own (6 months+).

fun with twins

Note that many of the larger grocery and big box stores offer two-child grocery carts. Many of them have two seats side-by-side – and many stores (Target, Safeway, etc.) offer FUN two-kid grocery carts (for older twins) with a race car motif, etc. These carts make shopping sooooo much easier!!

top 5 most useful items for twins

Hopefully this list is helpful! If there’s something you can’t live without, please share it with us so we can let all our other fellow parents of multiples know. In the meantime, enjoy these “must-haves” my friends.

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    1. Hi Ranae!
      I truly loved the Table for Two. I think my twins used it until they were about 1 or so, because after we were done with bottles, it became a favorite little lounging space! They could hang in there, have snacks, etc.
      Highly recommend!
      ~ Marissa

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