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Stroller Footmuffs and Accessories

There’s nothing quite like a brisk winter walk, especially when wintertime cabin fever is setting in (RED RUM… RED RUM). And while you may work up a sweat pushing the stroller around, your baby is just sitting there in the stroller.

Add a little wintertime wind and… brrrr.

The solution for this is a stroller footmuff — a must-have in the wintertime (or in San Francisco, the summertime, LOL).

Stroller footmuffs have slits in the back and bottom, so you can pass the straps through and install it into the stroller. Unlike a blanket that will inevitably end up dragging on the ground and getting stuck in the wheels, a footmuff will stay in place for good.

Some people also use these in their car seats, but again, it’s not advised. Also, I like to leave mine in the stroller all winter without having to take it in and out each time because #aintnobodygottimeforthat.

Best Stroller Footmuffs

1. JJ Cole Original Bundleme ~ $71

The Original JJ Cole Bundleme is still a mommy-favorite after all these years. If your coldest days aren’t terribly cold, this is the footmuff for you. The interior lining is warm, faux shearling that you can zip down to control the temp.

Water/wind resistant. Comes in infant (0-1yr) or toddler size (1-3yrs); choose the toddler size if you’re unsure (it will last longer!).

JJ Cole also offers an “Urban” version for infants (up to 20 lbs) and toddlers (22-80 lbs) at $49 and $59, which is quilted and wind/water resistant – me lovie this one! For those that live in colder environments, check out the Polar Bundleme below.

winter cover for stroller
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2. Skip Hop Stroll & Go Three-Season Footmuff ~ $100

If you love matching pieces, the Stroll and Go footmuff coordinates beautifully with other Skip Hop products (stroller organizer, changing mat, hand muff, etc.) and it’s water/wind repellent.

It’s “three-season” because you’ll use one layer for fall or spring or for milder winters. Add the winter layer for colder weather. If you’re running errands and head indoors, the winter layer unsnaps for instant temperature control.

winter cover for stroller

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3. 7 A.M. Enfant LambPOD ~ $126

7 A.M. Enfant, a socially-responsible company, makes cozy, heavyweight car seat and stroller cover/footmuffs designed for temperatures down to 5 degrees F. Their LambPod sizes run S/M (0-18M) and M/L (18M-3T). Water repellent.

winter cover for stroller
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4. 7 A.M. Enfant Blanket “212” ~ $189

Much like the JJ Cole “Polar” Bundleme, the beloved Blanket 212 from 7 A.M. Enfant also grows with your baby through the toddler years with extendable panels.

A bit more upmarket, the Blanket 212 has a more contemporary design and comes in a variety of fashions. It can also convert into a large blanket. Suitable for down to -4 degrees F.

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Mom, we didn’t forget about you! Those of you pushing a stroller in a cold climate will totally appreciate a good hand muff.

Best Handmuffs

1. 7 A.M. Enfant WarMMuffs ~ $35

These stroller gloves also stay attached to the stroller where they belong, so you can tend to buckling and zipping baby with your bare hands. 

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2. Skip Hop Stroll & Go Handmuff ~ $35

For all you techies out there, now you can be all matchey-matchey with your Skip Hop Stroll & Go Three-Season Footmuff. What we love about this handmuff is that it allows you to see your calls and texts via the viewing window and it also has a port for headphones, score! Fits any stroller.

winter cover for stroller
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  1. Avatar

    Do you know where the JJ Cole Polar Bundleme is being sold? We are looking for it and it appears to be discontinued 🙁
    Love your recs, thank you for saving my brain as we expect baby #1 this winter!

    1. Charlene

      Hi, there! I’m Charlene, Lucie’s List managing editor. I took a look around, and it seems the JJ Cole Polar Bundleme is no longer available. Your best bet would be to look on second-hand sites. Otherwise, I would recommend the 7 AM Enfant 212 blanket, which also grows with your child. Hope this helps.

    1. Meg Collins

      7am Enfant used to have one! The 7AM Enfant Duo Double Stroller Blanket — but I think it’s been discontinued. I would look on eBay and other 2nd hand sites 🙂

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