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Love List January 2022

Every New Year’s we hear friends and family sharing resolutions and promises that amount to any variation on the general goal of “being better.”

I’ll tell you what my resolution is whenever I think of it… probably in July. Until then, can we parents agree that things are (still) crazy, and it’s okay to just take each day as it comes?

Here’s to 2022: may it be better than 2021 and 2020. Please. Just, please!

Here are our team’s picks for books, podcasts, shows, newsletters, and treats to ring in the new year. See you out there, friends — stay warm, safe, and sane.


This is The Story of a Happy Marriage, Ann Patchett ~ $15

This collection of essays from Ann Patchett has everything: humor, love, friendship, family, and all the rest. It will make you laugh, smile, cheer, wonder, and think. *Patchett reads the audio version, and listening to her read her own work is a treat all its own. ~ Brit

Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harare ~ $26

If you missed this when it came out a few years ago, you have to check it out — it reads like a sweeping long-form podcast that is history, but also anthropology, science, psychology, economics, religious studies, sociology, and everything else. It’s like the ultimate academic take on everything since the dawn of human life… for the non-academic. ~ Brit

Liane Moriarty audiobooks ~ $varies

I hadn’t read anything by Liane Moriarty since Big Little Lies, but after reading Farhad Manjoo’s case for listening to her books, I tried some out and I’m *hooked. As he writes: “Although her prose is unflashy and her subject matter seemingly pedestrian — Moriarty writes tightly plotted domestic dramas about middle- and upper-middle-class suburbanites — her observations are so precise, her characters’ psychology so well realized that I often find her stories burrowing deep into my brain and taking up long, noisy residence there.” ~ Brit


One Bad Mother

A non-judgmental parenting website? Because we’re not all born natural mothers and could use a little laugh (or two) — and way less judging. Co-hosted by Theresa Thorn and Biz Ellis, One Bad Mother reminds us that, regardless of the circumstances (the genius moments and the parenting fails), we are doing a great job. ~ Charlene


Did you ever wish you could change the past? In his podcast, Heavyweight, humorist Jonathan Goldstein goes down memory lane with his guests to help them resolve moments from the past they wish they could change. This podcast is about turning points — about getting answers to long-lasting questions; it reckons with the past, and does so with a perfect balance of storytelling, humor and emotion. ~ Charlene



Be prepared: this Showtime series is a bit dark, but my goodness is it addictive! For those, like me, who came of age in the ’90s, you’ll love the music and throwbacks. The show weaves back and forth between the past and present day, as it follows a high school girls’ soccer team trying to survive out in the wilderness after their plane suddenly crashes on the way to Nationals. I won’t spill all the tea, but get ready for a bit of sweet nostalgia, mixed with psychological thrills, terror and gore, and a hefty dose of drama. ~ Marissa

The Sex Lives of College Girls

Mindy Kaling’s newest series — an homage to friendship and self-discovery — follows four roommates from different walks of life navigating their new freedom on a prestigious campus (and all the endlessly entertaining shenanigans that ensue). It’s bright and fun and honest; and the cast (including Pauline Chalamet!) is stellar. ~ Charlene

Queer Eye

The moment we’ve all been waiting for — The Fab Five are back for a new season of Queer Eye! So grab your box of tissues and get ready to cry your eyes out ’cause they’re back in full force with hot tips and makeovers that are sure to bring out all the feels. ~ Meg


If you haven’t seen this yet, what have you been doing for the last three weeks? The latest from Disney & Lin-Manuel Miranda is well worth a watch — it’s visually stunning, the songs are amazing (duh), and the story is sweet and magical. ~ Brit

Newsletters and Social Media


CSApunch, dentist by day, TikTok sensation by night. Her Instagram account is for the aging millennials who remember the slow agony of modem connection and glory of AOL aim chats, and who are a tad nostalgic about all things 90s. Also, she’s just as obsessed with Encanto as we are. Follow her, she’ll bring you joy. ~ Charlene

Yoga with Adriene

The beginning of the year is often ripe with resolutions, new routine and month-long challenges. This one, though, stands out for helping you connect to yourself with purpose while also decreasing anxiety and building muscle tone and stamina. It comes with a daily email — plus, it’s free, good for beginners and advanced yogis alike, and on-going (you can start it any time of the year). ~ Charlene

Cup of Jo

Cup of Jo is the ultimate lifestyle destination — for decor, style, food, travel and relationships. Well, now you can get it all straight to your inbox, nicely packaged in an email filled with the site’s latest and greatest (along with jokes, fun facts and wishlists). ~ Charlene

Self-Care and Self-Gifts

2022 planner ~ $varies

For those of us who still get our planning fix the old-fashioned way… ~ Brit

Madewell Quilted Scuff Slippers ~ $29

These cute indoor slips are super soft and cozy but still give your feet room to breathe. I’ve been living in mine since September… bonus: the faux fur is made from recycled materials! ~ Brit

Hum Kids Toothbrush ~ $15

Ok not very self-care at first glance, but hear me out. I fought with my kiddos about brushing their teeth. A LOT. Like, enough that it put a serious damper on my family’s good bedtime vibes. With this toothbrush, we no longer argue: my boys love brushing their teeth, thanks to little monsters guiding them through the process (so I don’t have to). If that’s not self-care, then I don’t know what is. ~ Charlene

Elemis Pro-Collagen line ~ $varies

Elemis offers spa sessions in bottles. Seriously, their pro-collagen line is divine and restorative and luxurious. A treat for all mamas in want of a little pick-me-up for their skin. ~ Charlene

Faux Olive Tree ~ $46+

Recommended by many home decor influencers, this faux olive tree is as realistic as it gets. Comparable in pricing to the Studio Magee Target option, it offers fuller branches and has more heft in the trunk. ~ Melissa

Rocksbox ~ $21/month

Stitch Fix, but for jewelry — this subscription box lets you discover new looks and designs without having to commit to full prices. Each month, you get three pieces of jewelry that you can send back or, if you come across something you love, you can pay extra to keep. Brilliant! ~ Meg

Revision Skincare Intellishade Anti-Aging Moisturizer ~ $76

This tinted moisturizer seriously makes my skin glow. It glides on so nicely, offers SPF 45 protection, and with its blend of anti-aging ingredients, such as vitamin C and peptides, makes skin appear smoother, fresher and younger. ~ Marissa

What are you loving this new year? Tell us in the comments below.

We see you, parents. Take good care!! 🙏


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