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Love List May 2019 – Summer Travel Must-Haves

Summertime is around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. We live for family vacations! But if you’re like us, the thought of packing and traveling with your little ones can get you a bit stressed. Not to worry, though. Our editorial staff rounded up their absolute favorite must-haves for your family travel. Don’t forget to pop open a bottle of bubbly when you get there, parents. You deserve it!

Skip Hop Weekender Travel Diaper Bag ~ $99

This bag has my heart! It’s not just that it’s stylish and sized just right for family getaways, it’s also that the whole front opens wide to easily access all your necessities. This bag is a serious win when you’re thousands of feet up in the sky and dealing with a blowout!

Bagsmart Electronic Travel Organizer ~ $18

Ever left home without your phone or laptop charger? Disastrous (in the first world sense)! This handy organizer keeps everyone’s cords and headphones sorted for quick access. I keep it packed with cords that are just for travel so I don’t have to round them up each time we take a trip. So worth it.

Benefit Complexionista Pallette ~ $32

Meg just discovered this awesome palette from Benefit on a recent trip. It comes with instructions for where to put what, which is so helpful. Perfect if you want to lighten your load or if you’re a minimalist packer at heart.

Lugabug Travel Seat ~ $49

A number of our readers sing the praises of this amazing travel contraption. The Lugabug is your new BFF when your kiddo is a tad too big to bring the stroller, but needs a little lift at the airport.

Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine ~ $30

If your little one is used to sleeping with a sound machine, don’t despair. You can now give him the gift of sleep anywhere you go with this cordless, compact sound machine — it’s just like the original Marpac Dohm, but in the perfect size for travel.

Colorful Robot Pad ~ $19

We love our doodle pads. You get endless entertainment for your little kiddos without putting them in front of the screen for hours. It’s equally great for the plane or for a restaurant; plus, it leaves no mess — score!

AmazonBasics Baby Travel Blackout Blind ~ $20

Wanna make a sunny room totally dark for a solid afternoon nap? Take these blackout blinds anywhere with you. All you have to do is suction them to the window, and voila! It comes with a handy travel bag, so it fits neatly in any suitcase or weekender.

eKids Wired Headphones ~ $15

We got these headphones for our two sons to se during spring break. They’re a great price and stayed on our two and five year olds’ heads perfectly.

Melissa & Doug Water Wow! Reusable Color with Water on the Go ~ $15

This is no-mess painting for kids! Our Twin’s Editor, Marissa, raves about these reusable coloring books. Fill up the crayons with water, and with every stroke your tot will activate the vibrant colors on each page. When the page dries out, it becomes blank again and they can start all over — yeee! It’s genius and perfect for on the go.

ModFamily My Brick Case ~ $20

My 5-year old son recently got into LEGOs in a serious way. This “Brick Case” is so clutch for LEGO lovers. The carrying case includes a base for their creation and will hold all the bricks you want to bring along.

Happy travels, parents!

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  1. Those blackout blinds are genius! I’m an AK Momma-so important for summer up here! And we love the WaterWow-it keeps my kids quiet in church for large chunks of time. They absolutely love it.

  2. The headphones you mention in this article are not available at Target any longer. Are there any others you recommend?

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