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Maternity Workout Clothes

Your life doesn’t stop when you’re expecting, and neither should your exercise routine. In fact, pregnancy is the perfect time to get out there and get moving.

Maintaining some level of physical activity doesn’t just help nurture your physical health — it can also help reduce risks of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, as well as preserve your mental wellbeing.

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Maternity Workout Clothes

Read more about exercise during pregnancy, including prenatal fitness faves.

If you’re gonna move your body, you need the right clothes to do it — clothes that make you feel good in your own (changing) skin, that are comfortable, and that enhance self-confidence. Lucky for you (and us all), the athleisure trend is still going strong, and there are tons of amazing options out there that are sure to make you feel strong, confident and sexy AF!

Here are the top Athleisure brands we recommend, followed by specific picks for every budget in ten categories:

Top Maternity Athleisure Brands

10 Maternity Pieces to do Athleisure Right

Maternity Leggings

Pregnant or not, leggings are the holy grail of… life. I’m only slightly exaggerating. When you’re working out (or just dressing the part), leggings have a way of “holding it all in” – baby bump and all!

My personal favorites are full-paneled styles, but you find the fit that works best for you. *Note that Storq is a reader favorite.

Maternity Leggings – Top Picks for 2024

$: Gap, Motherhood

$$: Kindred Bravely, *Storq, Ingrid & Isabel

$$$: Beyond Yoga

Maternity Joggers

Nothing screams comfort like a pair of cozy joggers. Whether you’re lounging at home or heading out for a walk, maternity joggers are a must-have, especially in the colder months.

Maternity Joggers – Top Picks for 2024


$$: Kindred Bravely, PinkBlush, GAP

$$$: Ingrid & Isabel, HATCH

Maternity Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are practical, but they’re now also in style – thanks to fashionistas like Hailey Bieber and the likes.

Turns out, they’re actually super comfortable for pregnancy too, especially for those who are expecting in warmer climates or during the summer. Check these styles. At the top of our list: the Girlfriend Collective shorts — soft and eco-conscious.

Maternity Bike Shorts – Top Picks for 2024

$: Old Navy

$$: Girlfriend Collective

$$$: Beyond Yoga

Maternity Running Shorts

The cheapest solution in the maternity running shorts department is to… keep wearing your normal ones, under the belly, LOL.

If that’s not your jam, go for something with extra stretch and loose-fitting legs. Most brands only carry one or two options in this category, so it may take some searching… Anecdotally, many women like slightly longer running shorts throughout pregnancy to help with extra chafing.

Maternity Running Shorts – Top Picks for 2024

$: Old Navy

$$: Gap Maternity, Born Primitive, HATCH

Maternity Tank Tops

If you’re working out while pregnant, there are few things that will be more important than a good, supportive tank top that supports your bump and bust. Here are some of our favorite maternity tanks for exercising:

Maternity Tank Tops – Top Picks for 2024

$: Old Navy

$$: PinkBlush, Blanqi

$$$: Beyond Yoga

Maternity Sports Bras

Think you can wear your pre-pregnancy sports bras while pregnant? Think again. Even the smallest-breasted women struggle with finding ample size and support during pregnancy, and especially during their nursing tenure.

Do yourself a favor and get nursing-friendly sports bras, which will give you more bang for your buck. Here are some tried and true favorites:

Maternity Zip-Up Tops

A layering must when you’re working out, running errands and more – the zip-up sweatshirt is perfect to throw on top of a workout top to stay warm.

For all-day comfort, opt for one made with extra stretchy material. There aren’t a lot of options out there, but we’re particularly fond of the one made by eco-conscious brand Ingrid + Isabel.

Maternity Zip-Up Tops – Top Picks for 2024

$$: Ingrid & Isabel, Nordstrom

$$$: Anook Athletics

Maternity Belly Support Belts

Belly bands are designed to support your growing abdomen — they offer a very gentle compression, relieve pressure, and minimize back discomfort. (Healthline uses this analogy to explain their utility: “Ever go for a run without a sports bra? Sounds awful, right? The same principle applies to a growing baby bump.”) You don’t need one, but many women find belly support bands a real comfort in the second and third trimester… especially for exercising. 

There is quite little variability in terms of price in this category (nearly all of the best products cost ~$30-60, depending on style), so we’ve picked the three top brands to check out (see below). *Watch out for crappy belly bands on Amazon — for whatever reason there are a lot of sh!tty knockoffs and poorly designed, cheap products in this space.

Maternity Belly Support Belts – Top Picks for 2024

$$: Kindred Bravely; Belly Bandit (also available @Nordstrom); Ingrid + Isabel

Maternity Compression Socks

When you’re pregnant, compression socks serve an important purpose: as your belly gets bigger, not only is more pressure placed on your veins, but your body also produces a hormone that increases the chances of blood clots.

Compression socks help increase circulation and can also help prevent blood clots or blood pooling. *Bombas, which are pricey, remain at the top of best-of lists.

Maternity Compression Socks – Top Picks for 2024

$: Target

$$: *Bombas, Kindred Bravely (2 pk)

$$$: HATCH (2 pk)

Supportive Sneakers for Maternity

The weight gain and hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy can cause all manner of problems with your feet, including growth, joint loosening and instability, and other pains related to calf swelling. You’ll also need more arch support as your pregnancy progresses.

At the end of the day, it behooves you to choose function over fashion. Look for sneakers that are supportive, but lightweight. Extra props for hands-free Kizik sneakers, which don’t require any bending over or lacing up. Here are some reader-favorites:

Maternity Sneakers – Top Picks for 2024

$: New Balance Nergize Sneakers

$$: Dr. Scholl’s Madison Sneaker

$$$: Kizik, AllBirds

There you have it, ladies. Enjoy and be sure to tell us what your fave athleisure brands are!


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