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Best Maternity Coats

I’ve always been jealous of those people who boast about never having to buy maternity coats. “No, I just buy one a size bigger than normal, hehehe.”


There’s NO WAY I could have worn a “slightly larger coat” with the torpedo that was jutting out of my belly. Hence, if your due date falls between November and April, you may need to find yourself a proper maternity coat [ahem].

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Buy Used

My first piece of advice, if you have the time to search around, is to buy used. This could be anything from Salvation Army to eBay to ThredUP and Poshmark to local consignment stores. I had very little luck finding anything used with my first pregnancy (due in February, brrrr) but found a nice used coat for my second. Persistence pays off.

You could also check into renting such things from sites like La Belle Bump and Le Tote Maternity.

maternity coats

Buy New

If you’re in the market for a new coat for your pregnancy, we have compiled a list to help you find the best one — we covered everything from cheap to chic.

Here goes!

7 Maternity Coat Styles for Winter 2024

Maternity Parka

Traditionally, parkas were fur coats that were used in the Arctic and other regions of extreme cold. The modern versions are hip-length or full length, often made of wool or other natural materials (as opposed to puffer coats), usually have an attached hood, and are often windproof and/or water-repellent. A good parka will zip or snap all the way up the front to maintain warmth for you and your bump. In short, a parka is more of a classic/ traditional look for the very coldest weather.

Note that for maternity parkas, you can often find styles that include a papoose-style panel that fits a baby (in a carrier).

Maternity Puffer

(some include a panel for babywearing)

This is probably the most popular category for maternity coats, as puffers have become the de facto cold weather coat over the years. Puffers can be short or long, depending on the style. Some have hoods and some don’t. The longer ones will keep your butt and legs warmer in extreme cold.

Also note that many maternity puffer coats also have an optional babywearing panel, which can be used to keep you and baby warm for a couple of years after birth. For that reason, the maternity puffer (with panel) is our #1 value pick.

Puffer with babywearing panel

Maternity Puffer Coats – Top Picks for 2024

$ – Momo Maternity Puffer, Motherhood, H&M

$$ – Modern Eternity 3-in-1 Down Puffer

Maternity Cape

The cape is a very different look for milder days – or for an indoor/outdoor kind of day. The best thing about a maternity cape is that it needn’t actually be a maternity item — you can buy a regular winter poncho/cape and it should work just fine. If you’re really feeling bada$$, you could think about a full-length one, hah! 😲

This one comes with a zip-off kangaroo panel so you can keep baby warm when using a baby carrier. We love how elegant and versatile this piece is, without trying too hard.

$-$$$ – Seraphine pretty much owns the show on this one, friends 

Maternity Fleece

A good fleece can get you far in the world… but unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of companies that make good maternity fleece jackets. Here are your best bets (or you can just buy a super-oversized “regular” one, hah).

Maternity Fleece – Top Picks for 2024

$: Old Navy, Smallshow

$$: ASOS, PinkBlush

$$$: LL Bean

Wool Maternity Coat

If you prefer a Dutchess of Cambridge look (no kidding), opt for a classic wool maternity coat, perfect for the holidays and for dressing up for a night on the town. This wool coat is an investment piece that will take you from playdates to the office for years to come.

Wool Maternity Coats – Top Picks for 2024

$ – Momo Maternity

$$ – Kimi and Kai, Modern Eternity

$$$ – *Seraphine

Maternity Raincoat

Looking for a coat or jacket to keep you dry? We’ve got you covered. These picks all work during every stage of pregnancy, and many of them can accommodate your baby with an optional panel.

Maternity Raincoat – Top Picks for 2024

$ – ASOS

$$ – Modern Eternity

$$$ – Seraphine

Maternity Teddy Bear Coat

The teddy bear coat is a plush, fuzzy and super cozy jacket that is great for layering. This is a super warm alternative to a traditional coat and is cozy enough for indoor use as well. Most of these styles are oversized, which is versatile and on-trend. Note that some of these coats have closures in the front, while some don’t. This is a timeless piece you can use in pregnancy, postpartum and subsequent pregnancies.

Maternity Teddy Bear Coat – Top Picks for 2024

$: Old Navy, Boohoo

$$: ASOS

$$$: HATCH — Coco Coat

That’s all, ladies. Stay warm out there!!

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  1. Avatar of Elise

    I bought the Old Navy puffer coat. Got it on sale for under $40. Works over my Tula carrier. I live in VT and this totally works. Not the most attractive thing but super functional; definitely recommend.

    1. Hi Jamie! Thanks for reaching out with your request. We try and add a few plus size options with every edit. Luckily many stores (Old Navy and Motherhood for the win!) are offering plus size options alongside all sizes).

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