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Maternity Clothes – Spring/Summer 2024

At first glance, buying a new wardrobe to wear for just nine months may seem annoying and wasteful, but the best maternity clothes are the ones that are comfortable while also flattering your changing body and your bump in a way that makes you feel cute rather than elephantine — those that still feel like you.

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And can we let you in on a secret? You’ll put your maternity clothes to good use long after you give birth (The average person will be wearing maternity clothes at least 3 – 4 months after birth, sometimes up to a year). The body doesn’t just magically get back to its pre-pregnancy shape overnight; in fact, it may never really be the same. Remember, you’re growing a human inside of you — so give your body time to be in flux for a while. Not to mention, if you’re planning on nursing, many pregnancy clothes are also nursing-friendly.

Even so, it can be difficult (and downright overwhelming) to try to pull together a maternity wardrobe out of the blue. If this is how you’re feeling, take a deep breath; you’re in the right place! Just start with a few key pieces.

For simplicity sake, we’ve divided this series into 6 parts:

Our Go-To Maternity Fashion Brands

Old Navy & Gap ~ $

Old Navy and Gap together offer a surprisingly substantial maternity collection — we love Old Navy for its affordable maternity staples (especially loungewear & tops), and GAP for maternity athleisure and casual wear. If you are sticking to a tight budget, look no further, friends.

H&M ~ $

Anyone else remembers spending entire Saturday afternoons sorting through H&M’s racks? Turns out, HM.com has a vast selection of maternity clothes – anything from basics and loungewear to work staples and athleisure styles. The megastore is especially a great place to shop for maternity denim — all at a bargain price. And who doesn’t like a bargain?

Target ~ $

The store that needs no introduction, Target has a great selection of maternity clothes of all types, save for coats and formal wear. Their newest addition is an exciting partnership with the high-end brand HATCH, called The Nines by HATCH. They also have a partnership with Ingrid + Isabel called “Isabel.” Bottom line: if you’re looking for everyday maternity essentials at a good price, Target is a great place to look.

PinkBlush Maternity ~ $ to $$

PinkBlush is a fabulous go-to maternity brand for all your wardrobe staples during and after your pregnancy. From jeans, to workwear, to everyday casual, to dressy, to outerwear, to swimwear and more, you can find it all at PinkBlush. Bonus: items are affordable, fashionable and timeless; and, as PinkBlush says on their website, are definitely “Not your mama’s maternity clothes.”

Motherhood & A Pea in the Pod ~ $ and $$

They went out of business as a brick and mortar store, as did their successor and mothership, Destination Maternity. Nowadays, Pea in the Pod (and their budget brand, Motherhood) is an online store that sells a variety of other maternity brands, including designer jeans, in addition to their own label.

Ingrid & Isabel ~ $$

The brand behind the Bellaband has a “less is more” philosophy to try and counter the oft-wasteful nature of maternity fashion. Ingrid & Isabel is all about staples, comfort, and durability. The brand also launched a Target line named “Isabel,” where some of their items are available at much lower prices. This brand is particularly great to build your office wardrobe and get some lounging staples.

Isabella Oliver ~ $$

Isabella Oliver’s maternity line specializes in on-trend yet eco-friendly maternity clothing. Though the brand is on the pricier side, you can feel good knowing that their fabrics are sustainably sourced and planet-friendly.

Kindred Bravely ~ $$

Kindred Bravely is a beloved undergarment and loungewear brand. They are priced in the mid-range and offer great value and quality. They have an extensive line of nursing bras, and a special bra line for busty/plus-size mamas. Not to mention, their loungewear is downright yummy.

Madewell ~ $$

Madewell now carries a variety of maternity jeans that are just as good as their regular denim offerings. Their jeans feature both full and side panels to make room for a growing belly. Aside from having a vast pregnancy-friendly button-down shirts, Madewell also now carries a few other Maternity brands, like Ripe, Ingrid & Isabel and HATCH.

Seraphine ~ $$

Pinkies up! This London-based brand has been a favorite of Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, during each of her pregnancies. Seraphine is known for being moderately priced and having excellent everyday wardrobe staples, great workwear selections and nice occasion dresses. This is the perfect brand if you’re looking for fashion-forward and polished maternity-wear. 

Storq ~ $$$

Storq is a maternity/postpartum-focused brand with an emphasis on design and comfort. One of the pricier brands on this list, Storq is known for its high-quality, fashion-forward, minimalist staple pieces. If you’re looking for classic maternity staples that are on-trend and built to last (and you have some wiggle room in the spending department), Storq is a great launching point (though particularly great for loungewear).

HATCH ~ $$$

HATCH is one of the most beloved luxury maternity brands out there. It offers styles that are high quality, elevated and timeless – meant to be worn before, during and after pregnancy. Charlene still wears a dress and a jumpsuit from there, 5 years later. HATCH is a great brand to shop for office wear, edgy denim, and trendy pieces.

We hope you find just what you’re looking for. Happy shopping and bump-accessorizing!


  1. Avatar of Veronica

    Could you do one for plus sized moms to be as well? A lot of maternity shops don’t offer anything for plus size women, and believe it or not, we do actually have babies too! ;P

    1. Hi Veronica! Thank you for being a Lucie’s List reader! We usually include a few pieces in each guide, so this is a good reminder. I will let the team know.

  2. Avatar of Cyndie Courtney

    Would it be possible to remind folks of local options that might be available in their area as well? We’re lucky in Lawrence, KS to have an amazing maternity store (The Bump Store) that’s 1) the only store in the whole metro area that is focused on clothes for pregnancy, 2) is a great place to get advice and honestly just commiseration for all that you’re going through, and 3) also makes it easy to resell gently worn clothes back – which makes pregnancy more affordable and sustainable in our community. For sure some of my best pieces when I was pregnant came from friends (esp. my coats) and I wish when I was pregnant I had know that there were more options that weren’t fast-fashion but also wouldn’t break the bank.

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