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It’s no secret that pregnancy often causes sleepless nights (the beginning of the end of sleeping normally, LOL). The bigger your belly gets, the more uncomfortable you’ll feel at night when you’re trying to sleep. And let’s not even get started on nighttime trips to the bathroom… by the time you’ve reached your ninth month of pregnancy, you might as well sleep next to the toilet!

To help you get as comfortable as possible during this otherwise uncomfortable time, I’ve rounded up my favorite pieces of maternity sleepwear. Bonus: most of these items are nursing-friendly, so you can use them long after you give birth.

~ Kristen

Favorite Maternity Pajamas

ASOS Design Lounge Maternity Sweat and Jogger Set ~ $38

Available in three colors, this set looks so cozy and the price is great!

Motherhood Maternity Snuggle Bunny Side Access Nursing PJ Set ~ $24 on sale

I always love a good pair of leggings! These Motherhood Maternity leggings are super soft, and the matching tee offers plenty of room for your growing bump as well as side access for easy nursing.

Maternity Pajamas

A Pea in the Pod Button Front Nursing Pajama Set ~ $44 on sale

You’ll want to wear these nursing jammies long after pregnancy. They also make really great “hospital PJs” to bring along with you on D-day. See also: Pack your Bags!

Belabumbum The MAMA Notes Robe ~ $52

I adore this sweet robe with “MAMA” embroidered on the chest. I’m a big fan of Belabumbum for its sleep and lounge-wear, plus its lovely mom-inspired gifts. Speaking of which, this robe would make an awesome baby shower gift!

Maternity Pajamas

B.D.A. Maternity/Nursing Bra ~ $37

You might find that you’re starting to wear a bra to bed at night during pregnancy. Get used to that because you’ll probably keep doing it once baby is born – ha! This bra doubles as an amazing “sleep bra” during pregnancy, then a nursing bra once baby is born. The fabric will support the “ladies” without feeling too tight. *Note: crossover bras do not work well for nursing twins

A Pea in the Pod Clip Down Nursing Nightgown and Robe Set ~ $49 on sale

This is an awesome value for a robe and gown set. The clip-down tabs on the nightgown are great for nursing, and the belt is sewn in so you won’t lose it (which happens to me all the time!).

Gap Maternity Modal Sleep Nightgown ~ $40

This nightgown is made of modal, which is basically a super soft rayon blend, making it perfect for pregnancy. It’s also cut at a great length that won’t get too short as your bump grows. Another thing to love: the ¾ sleeve offers a little more warmth for the cooler nights without making you hot.

Maternity Pajamas

Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel Short Sleeve Nursing Henley Dress ~ $30

Ingrid & Isabel at Target?? Oh, yes  ma’am! I wore this soft, lightweight nightgown throughout my pregnancy and throughout nursing. It was perfect for night feeds!

Maternity Pajamas

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Circle Cardi ~ $116

Barefoot Dreams is one of our favorite “comfort” brands. On those postpartum days when I didn’t feel like changing out of my jammies or yoga pants, throwing this cute little cardigan on always made me feel a little more “put together” – HA!

Maternity Pajamas

Gap Maternity Modal Soft Sleep Pant ~ $40

These pants are perfect to pair with your maternity tanks and tees. Loose and oh-so-soft, they’re a great alternative to leggings.

Maternity Pajamas

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow ~ $60

I tried two pregnancy pillows during my pregnancies and this one is definitely my favorite. My bump got super heavy by the end, but this pillow gave me some much-needed support (my second baby was over 9 pounds, so I needed all the help I could get!).

Maternity Pajamas

Mama Mio Lucky Legs Leg Gel ~ $21

Starting in my second trimester, I had very restless, achy legs at night. I’d rub this gel into my calves before bed and it really helped me stay asleep. I could definitely tell the difference on the nights I didn’t use it.

Maternity Pajamas

That’s all she wrote in the maternity pajama and sleeping department. We hope you find some soft, cuddly things to help you get more zzz’s.


Kristen Toshner, Fashion Editor

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