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Maternity Loungewear & Pajamas

It’s no secret that pregnancy often causes sleepless nights (the beginning of the end of sleeping normally, LOL).

Even so, sleeping and lounging were two of my favorite activities when I was pregnant. I looked forward to walking in the door every night and changing into something soft, warm, and cozy. There were some weekends where I never changed out of my maternity pajamas, ordered in food, and watched endless reruns of Schitt’s Creek (*sigh… life without children 😬).

Below are 11 of our favorite maternity PJ and loungewear pieces — for everything from relaxing and binge-watching Netflix to early nights and late mornings. Enjoy!

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Maternity Pajama Set

Maternity PJs work well for your bump, but also double as nursing pajamas for after the baby arrives. It’s a two-fer! Look for a comfortable, soft blend of cotton/spandex that will stretch and grow as baby grows.

Maternity Pajama Sets – Top Picks for 2024

$: Old Navy, Target

$$: Kindred Bravely, PinkBlush

$$$: Nordstrom, Storq

Maternity Nightgown/Sleepshirt

Not a pajama-set person? We love a good nightgown or button-down sleepshirt for pregnancy. They’re comfortable and breathable, and they make those midnight bathroom breaks as easy as can be. If you think you’ll be nursing, opt for a breastfeeding-friendly shirt for easy boob access. 

Maternity Nightgowns – Top Picks for 2024

$: Target, Gap, ASOS (sleep shirts)

$$: Kindred Bravely (sleep shirts), Nordstrom

$$$: HATCH


All hail the jogger! Sweatpants that are actually on trend? Yes, please. Thank GOD these came back in style, because they are the most comfy thing ever, especially during pregnancy.

The elastic cuff at the bottom means you won’t be tripping over your hem, especially once you can no longer see your feet. Note that some of these have a panel, while some fit below the belly.

Maternity Joggers – Top Picks for 2024

$: Old Navy

$$: Kindred Bravely, Seraphine, PinkBlush, *Ingrid & Isabel

Casual Maternity T’s

Basic T-shirts, whether short-sleeved or long, are an absolute must in your pregnancy lounging artillery. You can either raid your partner’s closet or get your own. There are plenty to choose from. 👇

Maternity T-Shirts – Top Picks for 2024

$: PinkBlush, Old Navy

$$ Kindred Bravely

$$$: HATCH, A Pea in The Pod


A comfy one-piece outfit that doubles as loungewear and a cute brunch ensemble, a maternity romper or jumpsuit can wear many hats (LOL). Highly recommend at least one! (This is another staple that you will likely be able to continue wearing beyond pregnancy…)

Maternity Romper – Top Picks for 2024

$: Target, MakeMeChic

$$: PinkBlush

$$$: HATCH, NOM Maternity


There are few things more necessary than a cozy robe or kimono when you’re expecting. You might be able to wear your “normal” robe, but many mamas find that you’ll run out of belly coverage material by the end of your pregnancy.

This is a great thing to bring with you to the hospital or birthing center when you deliver. Pair one with soft jammies and plush slippers… and you just might never leave the house again. 😉 

Maternity Robe/Kimono – Top Picks for 2024

$: Kindred Bravely

$$:  PinkBlush,

$$$: Storq, HATCH

Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are a staple of every maternity wardrobe. Like a chameleon, they can be dressed up or down, depending on the shape of your day. Bonus points: many of them offer back and bump support, which are welcome features as your pregnancy progresses.

Note that many of the recommended brands are *not maternity specific, but still do the job beautifully (and can be used in your post-bump days). **Note that Storq brand is a reader favorite.

Maternity Leggings – Top Picks for 2024

$: H&M

$$: **Storq, Blanqi,

$$$: *Lululemon Align Leggings, *Girlfriend Collective (plus size)

Oversized Hoodie/Sweatshirt

Nothing says cozy like an oversized hoodie you can curl up in to watch your favorite series. Made to stretch with your expanding belly, it will never feel restricting; plus the versatility is undeniable.

Yes, you can wear it around the house on a cool evening, but you can also pair it with skinny jeans and comfy slides for a casual look outside the home. Another great postpartum item as well!

Maternity Hoodie/Sweatshirt – Top Picks for 2024

$: H&M, Gap

$$: Isabella Oliver, Seraphine, PinkBlush (plus size)

$$$: HATCH


Comfy footwear that doesn’t require bending over/tying/pulling on is a must — opt for something that’s breathable and a little roomy to allow for some inevitable swelling. A good pair of house slippers will also serve you well into your first year of motherhood.

Slip Ons and Slippers – Top Picks for 2024

$$: Bombas, Parachute,

$$$: Allbirds, UGGs

Enjoy the comfort, ladies!

Is there something we missed? Please leave a comment below.

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