Updated July 2019

Ah, maternity clothes. Nobody wants them, but everybody needs them. Unless you are one of those annoying people that “never looks pregnant” – HA!

At first glance, buying a new wardrobe to wear for just nine months may seem annoying and wasteful, but the best maternity clothes—those that flatter your changing body and show off your bump in a way that makes you feel cute rather than elephantine—will help you feel comfortable and beautiful throughout your pregnancy.

Photo Credit ~ Dressing the Bump

Another thing: you’ll put your maternity clothes to good use long after you give birth; it typically takes a woman’s body a year to return to normal—or at least, something resembling normal. The average person will be wearing maternity clothes roughly 3-4 months after birth.

Even so, it can be difficult (and downright overwhelming) to try to pull together a maternity wardrobe out of the blue. If this is how you’re feeling, take a deep breath; you’re in the right place! Just start with a few key pieces.

Hi! My name is Kristen and I’ve worked in fashion and retail for over 10 years. I live and breathe new trends and really enjoy translating those ideas into your everyday mom-life to make them work for your style, especially during pregnancy! I’ve searched far and wide to help you find the best maternity-wear staples for all types of occasions – and at every price point.

We’ve divided this series into 7 chapters, if you will.

Best Maternity Clothes

We hope you find just what you’re looking for. Happy shopping and bump-accessorizing, friends!

— Kristen Toshner, Fashion Editor