Updated February 2019

I’ve always been jealous of those people who boast about never having to buy maternity coats. “No, I just buy one a size bigger than normal, hehehe.”


There’s NO WAY I could have worn a “slightly larger coat” with the torpedo that was jutting out of my belly. Hence, if your due date falls between November and April, you may need to find yourself a proper coat [ahem].

Buy Used

My first piece of advice, if you have the time to search around, is to buy used. This could be anything from Salvation Army to eBay to ThredUP to local consignment stores. I had very little luck finding anything used with my first pregnancy (due in February, brrrr) but found a nice used coat for my second. Persistence pays off.

You could also check into renting such things from sites like Mine For Nine. If you are doing Stitch Fix Maternity, rumor is you can also request a coat.

maternity coats

Buy New

If you’re in the market for new maternity coats, we have compiled a list of our favorites — we covered everything from cheap to chic.

Here goes!

Favorite Maternity Coats

Gap Maternity Long-Line Hooded Frost Free Puffer Jacket ~ $80

Starting off in the economy department is this stylish (yet functional!) padded jacket. The faux fur collar trim adds an element of style. This coat goes with everything, especially? Your budget.


ASOS DESIGN Maternity Classic Trench Coat ~ $79

For those of you lucky ladies in warmer climates, a classic trench coat is all you need to get your through the fall and winter. OR maybe you’re the preggo that needs minimal layers because you’re constantly over-heating. I got you. This nice topper goes with so many outfits and never – I repeat, never goes out of style.


BB Dakota Sherpa Draper Front Cotton Maternity Coat ~ $118

One of the top items for 2018 in fall fashion is a “teddy bear coat.” Though this is a trendier option for a maternity coat, the color and style will go with so much in your closet. This jacket is perfect paired with snug-fitting basics.


Noppies Maternity Winter Coat ~ $129

This quilted maternity coat is classic and perfect for the mamas who have to brave colder winters. It has an elastic waistband for a very flattering fit and a high collar to keep the wind off your neck.

maternity coats


Kimi and Kai “Lora” Wool Blend Maternity Coat ~ $228

This is a gorgeous wool maternity coat. The collar is a fun update and the tie waist is super flattering. I’m a fan of both colors this style comes in, but particularly keen on the red. Since the majority of my maternity wardrobe was black, grey and white, a pop of red would have been a welcome addition.


Jessica Simpson Faux Fur Maternity Coat ~ $140

This pretty green gem has a faux fur trim around the hood and a pink faux fur trim. This staple is sure to pair with much of your maternity wardrobe and take your bump through the chill in style.


Seraphine Natasha Cashmere Coat ~ $299

Might I add? This coat was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge (she’s so predictable no?). It’s perfect for the office or for an event. This is a classic piece that you can be sure to wear after pregnancy or with the next. It’s good enough for the Duchess and the price isn’t even too crazy…

maternity coats - Seraphine Natasha


ASOS DESIGN Maternity Classic Duffle with Pocket Detail ~ $103

The toggle fasteners on this coat add a cute element to an otherwise basic style. The sherpa lining in the hood is super cozy and a nice feature for added warmth.


Our Favorite Options For Babywearing:

Smallshow Women’s Fleece Zip up Maternity Baby Carrier Sweatshirt Jacket  ~ $50

This highly-rated hoodie serves you from maternity through your babywearing days with an infant. Our winters in Seattle are chilly, but rarely does it freeze, so this fleece is perfect for this climate. Remember when you wear your baby, it gets hotter than you expect from all that body heat! They’re like little ovens strapped to your body. This fleece is perfect for dog walking with a baby, for example.


Modern Eternity 3-1 Maternity/Nursing Coat ~ $225

This versatile maternity coat will take you the long haul. Check this out: it has an interchangeable panel that fits over your changing figure—and later your baby—so that you can take the coat on and off without disturbing your little one. Best of all, the panel can later be removed and no one will be able to guess that it was ever a maternity coat — winning at life!! The only complaint is that the fabric isn’t the softest.


That’s all, ladies. Stay warm out there!!

~ Kristen, Lucie’s List Fashion editor

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