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Best Travel Gear for Infants and Toddlers

Whether you are going by car or airplane (or train, perhaps?), traveling with little ones can be completely overwhelming. It’s no coincidence that the #1 item in our poll asking moms what’s their most indispensable travel item was WINE!

Fret not, dear parent, you CAN do it (but do bring some booze just in case things get hairy). See also: Best Travel Accessories (headphones, games and such) and Travel Babyproofing.

airplane (400x300)

The first step in planning your journey is to understand which of your necessities can be provided at your destination. The fewer items you have to transport from A to B, the better.

If you are visiting a place frequently (e.g., grandparent’s house), it’s well worth it for grandma/pa to get their own gear (see also: Grandparent’s Guide to Baby Gear, Toddler Gear and Babyproofing the Grandparent’s House). My mom and in-laws, for example, have a high chair, a Pack ‘n Play, a monitor, and an umbrella stroller at their place; they even have car seats. Local mom’s groups often hold children’s resales, these are great places to get lightly used items for grandparents.

This isn’t totally necessary, but it will make your trips so much easier for years to come, especially if you have (or plan on having) multiple children. And especially if you visit them often.

Best Travel Gear for Infants and Toddlers - suitcases
Let’s go, Mom!

Best Travel Gear for Infants and Toddlers

Nursing moms may also want:


If you’re going to a hotel or resort, many times these items can be provided upon request. I’ve only been to one hotel where they could not provide a travel crib (and it was only because they had run out).

Even the economy hotel and motel chains (Choice Hotels: Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, etc.) are generally good about supplying cribs (typically Graco Pack ‘n Plays) and bedding. Many vacation rentals even have this stuff, but check the fine print before you go. You may also want to bring items that help your baby sleep, like a white noise machine.

Bottom line: If someone else can provide it – let them!

Marriott Pack ‘n Play

If you do have to bring everything along, the good news is that there are many travel-specific products that can lighten your load and make your life easier.

Best Travel Cribs

If there isn’t a safe spot for your kiddo to sleep at your destination, you’ll probably want to bring along a travel crib or Pack ‘n Play (or other collapsible play yard). Will a regular PNP do the trick? Yes, absolutely. However, many parents prefer the lightweighty-ness and portability of a travel crib. If you travel a fair amount, it’s definitely a worthwhile convenience purchase.

Phil & Teds Traveller

Here’s the benefit: travel cribs are in the neighborhood of 11 lbs, while regular play yards (Pack ‘n Play, 4MOMS Breeze, etc.) weigh more like 20-30 lbs – a huge difference. Furthermore, travel cribs fold and assemble VERY easily, and they usually come with a nice transport bag and can be carried like a duffel or backpack. Some travel cribs can even fit in the overhead compartment on a plane (not sure why you’d ever do that, but…you can if you want!).

For Newborns (0-6 months only)

Remember with this age group, your needs are very basic because climbing out is not an issue. We’ve had our tiny ones sleep in a laundry basket or even a drawer (placed on the floor) on various trips (Tokyo-style!). So…keep it simple.

1. Munchkin BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet ~ $47

For 0-6 months only, this travel bassinet from Brica is just 2.4 lbs and folds down for easy carry.

Munchkin Brica Fold N Go Bassinet

You could easily stuff it into a large suitcase. This is a tried and true parent favorite. Some families even love it for camping! *Includes mattress pad and fitted sheet.

Munchkin Brica set up
Buy Now


2. Chicco Lullago Bassinet ~ $99

Charlene used this as a bassinet for her firstborn, and she loved it. It definitely is substantial enough to use on an everyday basis, but it’s also portable and compact enough to take with you on your car travels.

Chicco Lullago Bassinet for travel

The mesh side panels keep your mind at ease, so you don’t have to worry about overheating or suffocation; plus they make it easy to see baby from your bed. It comes with a matching carry bag, so it’s easy to transport. The weight limit is 20 lbs, but you want to stop using it once baby can sit up. It also comes complete with a storage pocket, which is great to stash diapers and wipes for nighttime changes.

Carry Bag
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Travel Cribs for Infants and Toddlers

We feel that being lightweight is extremely important for any travel product, which is why the finalists we chose here are all under 20 lbs. Note there are other portable cribs out there that we love, like the 4MOMS Breeze; but at 25 lbs, we don’t feel that these are the easiest to travel with — at least not when it involves flying.

1. Chicco Alfa Light Travel Playard ~ $169

New from Chicco is the Chicco Alfa Light, which is stupid easy to pop open— one arm motion and voila!

Chicco Alfa light travel crib

Chicco also offers the LullaGo Anywhere bassinet (mentioned above) for $99 – perfect for newborns.

The Alfa Light weighs 12 lbs, which is much lighter than its predecessor and cheaper than others on this list – a win-win!

Chicco Alfa Light Travel Playard
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2. Lotus Travel Crib – EDITOR’S PICK ~ $229

I still think the Lotus is the best travel crib, followed closely by the BabyBjorn Travel Crib (below). It’s a tried and true favorite.

The crib, mattress, etc. weigh just 13 lbs and fold compactly into a backpack. The crib sets up in about 15 seconds and unlike most Pack ‘n Plays, the Lotus is also extremely simple to use (i.e., you don’t have to remember to pop the rails up first and push the hub down last, etc., etc.).

Lotus crib - best travel crib

Reminiscent of crate-training a dog (kidding!), the Lotus also has a cool zip-open side door feature that kids love (yes, you can secure it from the outside). Other travel cribs lack this feature. Parents who’ve used this say it’s the best travel crib on the market. (Note: it’s also available as a bundle with the lotus bassinet.)

Older babies and toddlers love to crawl in and out of this secret door, the thought being that it makes them more fond of being in the crib.

Buy Now

The mattress on the Lotus sits directly on the floor, so it won’t sag. Heck, mom or dad could even crawl through the opening and lie down with baby when times get tough. The only complaint is that the Lotus mattress is quite thin.

*For sheets, use the Guava Family Lotus cotton fitted sheet that has slots for the velcro tabs.

3. BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light ~ $279

At a close second (of our favorites) is the Babybjorn Travel Crib Light, which also weighs around 13 lbs, although I am astounded by how much the price went up last year. I don’t know many people who will spend $300 on a travel crib, but anyway…

The Bjorn crib comes in a square-shaped package with regular carry handles (not backpack style). It’s more like carrying a large (but lightweight) briefcase.

The Bjorn crib is also extremely fast and easy to set up and take down; simply pop it open and insert the mattress. The mattress is a bit thicker than the Lotus Crib’s and is held off the floor a couple of inches, so some say it’s more comfortable.

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4. Nuna Cove AIRE Go Crib ~ $350

Nuna is a luxury brand from the Netherlands; they make high quality products that have a sharp, minimalist design.

This is their scaled down version of the full Nuna Sena ($400) and replaces the Nuna Air Sena Mini as of 2021. The Cove AIRE Go is a narrow full-size crib (6″ narrower than the regular Sena, and 5 lbs less), and lacks the changing station add-on of the full-size Sena.

The price on the Sena Mini was $199, so going from $199 to $349 is a huge leap. I don’t know that I can justify recommending this product just for travel, so you should know that you can use it as your day to day in-room bassinet as well.

Nuna COVE Air Go

This travel crib is extremely well made, though not as lightweight as some others listed here (22 lbs, and that’s WITHOUT the bassinet portion). So yeah, it’s not very lightweight…. but it is very easy to set up and break down (you simply pull the sides out and push the bottom down, then pull a tab to fold it up).

It comes with a bassinet that sits up higher for younger babies — as well as an organic cotton sheet and travel bag.

Buy Now

Bottom line: We especially like how lightweight and simple to set up the Lotus and Bjorn are, which is why they’re our top picks for travel. The Nuna and Chicco cribs are easy to set up, but a bit heavier. What about the 4Moms Breeze? IMO, anything that’s 30 lbs is not ideal for travel. Those heavier playards are really best for home use.

Travel High Chairs

It’s a bummer having to eat every meal with a baby or toddler on your lap because you don’t have a high chair, especially for infants and one-year-olds. Again, if you can arrange a high chair at your destination, GREAT. If you need to BYO, here are our favorites:

1. Summer Infant Pop N’ Sit Booster ~ $35

This simple booster is very versatile. You can use it on the floor or hook it up to a chair to secure baby at table level. It is super light and folds very compactly and fits into a small tote (which it comes with) for easy transport. The tray is removable to clean easily, and the chair fabric itself can be wiped clean in a jiffy. Charlene traveled with it on multiple occasions, and it made outings a lot smoother. Plus, it looks like a baby beach chair — aka cute!

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2. Portable Seat Harness Travel High Chair ~ $21

*currently unavailable

This product really isn’t really a high chair, per se, rather, it’s a clever way of safely attaching your baby to the chair so he doesn’t fall off. It has a strap that goes under the chair (and around the back) and it cleverly fits over the back of almost any type of chair. However, because there’s no tray, you’ll have to be sure you can pull your little one all the way up to the table.

The seat is really a great device to use in restaurants and at friend’s houses because it’s minimally invasive. It comes in a small stuff sack and will fit easily into any bag. I always love being prepared!

If space (or cost, for that matter) is a concern, this is your answer.

Buy Now

3. Airtushi ~ $25

This compact seat inflates super fast and attaches to any chair – great for camping! It has a 3-point harness, which prevents sideways falls. Easy to clean and deflates in 30 seconds to quickly pack away in your bag. *Best for use with a toddler, as it may be a bit big for babies.

Buy Now

4. Munchkin Travel Booster Seat ~ $49

Designed for babes 12 months and older (up to 50 lbs), the Munchkin Travel Booster is another great alternative.

Like the previous harness seat, this one also affixes to an existing chair. It’s not only a toddler seat, but a storage bag with an inner pocket to stash diapering and feeding items, as well as toys. It folds into a stylish little tote bag. Again, great for bringing over to a friend’s house as well.

Buy Now

5. Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair ~ $59 – Top Pick for Car Travel

This camping-style chair is great for car travel (too big for airline travel). It includes an attached tray, a carry bag, and weighs only about 8 lbs. Best of all, no assembly required! This is also a great chair to keep at grandma’s house. * For kiddos up to 3 years.

Buy Now

“Hook On” Style Travel High Chairs

Hook on (or clamp on) chairs are also very lightweight and portable and simply hook on to your tabletop or bar top. The risk is that the tabletop at your destination may not be compatible (i.e., if it’s too thick or has a lip along the underside). In my experience, this happens about 20% of the time.

1. Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair ~ $49

The Chicco Caddy (not to be confused with their stroller) Hook On Chair is our economy pick, though not one we recommend for daily use because it’s not as well built (and doesn’t hold up well after frequent washings).

Buy Now

The Chicco Caddy folds flat for easy storage and travel, has a wipe-clean seat and works for table skirting up to 6″ (great for thick table tops). 

2. Guzzie + Gus Perch ~ $89

I was so happy to discover Guzzie + Gus at the 2016 Baby Show. Our favorite yet lesser-known clamp on chair is now the Perch, which is like the Inglesina Fast (the next product on the list), but with a much quicker installation.

hook on travel high chair
Buy Now

It has a high back and high weight limit (35 lbs) and fits tabletops up to 4″ thick. Comes with cover. Machine wash AND dry (many have to be hung to dry, which can take a long time). Comes in many cute colors.

3. Inglesina Fast Table Chair ~ $79

Extremely well-made, the Inglesina Fast comes in an easy to carry, self-contained sack.

inglesina-fast-table-chair-bag (400x320)

We used this seat for a couple of years at the breakfast bar at our old house and it held up very nicely. The downside is that the “screwing” of the clamps to tighten them can take a long time (the Guzzie + Gus is faster).

Maximum weight of 37 lbs. Fits table tops up to 3.5″ thick.

hook on travel high chair
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4. Phil & Teds Lobster High Chair ~ $90

The Phil & Teds Lobster High Chair is another favorite, albeit a little more expensive, but has an attached tray (the Inglesina does not). You can attach this light (nearly 4 lbs) seat to most sturdy tables with a thickness between 0.8”-3.75”. Also comes in a convenient stuff sack. For ages: 6 months-3 years (37 lbs max).

phil and ted travel high chair
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Travel Bath Tubs

For 0-6 months:

0-6 months is the only time period when it’s pretty darn difficult to bathe your baby in a sink, unless you have two pairs of hands. Babies over 6 months of age who can sit up unassisted can easily be bathed in a sink or regular tub, although some still prefer a proper baby tub whilst traveling. This particular item is low on my list, though I loved traveling with my ducky tub when my kids were smaller.

Some options:

1. Summer Infant Deluxe Bather ~ $26

While not as compact as the Puj Tub (below), this collapsible bathing chair from Summer Infant is also great for the 0-6 month crowd. Can be used in a large sink or tub and the price is right. Good for a car trip, too big for airline travel. See also: Puj Tub Flyte

Buy Now

For 6 months+:

2. Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub ~ $13 – Editor’s Pick

For 6+ month’ers, the Ducky Tub from Munchkin is my absolute fave.

The Duck inflates and deflates very easily, takes up almost no space in your luggage, and even quacks when you squeeze his beak. This is the best $12 you’ll ever spend on baby gear, I promise!

best travel tub
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Travel Strollers and Such

Yes, you can always bring your regular stroller on a trip, but if you’re like me, your trunk will fill up faster than you can blink. Whether on a car or plane trip, many moms prefer to bring along a lightweight travel stroller to lighten their load.

travel strollers come in many shapes and sizes…

If you’re checking your stroller on a plane trip, it will take a lot of abuse from baggage handling, so do remember to remove those cup holders and other accessories that can easily fall or break off (I have lost two cup holders this way – gah!). Also, remember to tag your stroller (and your car seat, for that matter) at the desk beforehand so you don’t hold up the line while boarding.

Please see our separate articles on our favorite single travel strollers and double travel strollers.

travel2 (300x400)

Lugabug ~ $39

If you’re a “carry-on” person (you know who you are!), definitely check out the Lugabug. As you know, it’s very difficult to push a stroller and a suitcase at the same time (but not impossible! I’ve done it many times — HA).

The Lugabug is a seat that attaches to your suitcase – your kiddo simply hops on and you can wheel them all around the airport (if you don’t carry your luggage to the plane, it will have nothing to attach to — feel me?).

I get soooooo many questions and comments when I travel with my Lugabug, I feel like a walking advertisement. I love it for my short weekend flights when I’m traveling light and don’t want to check luggage. Highly recommend. Note: It’s better to use it with higher quality luggage (for cheap luggage, you risk breaking the wheels).

Seriously, this thing is way cool — I’ve enjoyed it very much! Max weight is 60 lbs.

For the FULL story on flying with babies, download a copy of my handbook, Flying with Baby. It’s riveting! (kidding)


Travel Car Seats and Devices

Best Infant Seats for Travel

All infant seats are perfect for travel, but here are some options if your little one has outgrown her infant seat:

CARES Harness (for airplane only) ~ $79

This is the harness of a forward-facing car seat, without the actual seat. 🙂

CARES (child aviation restraint system) is an FAA-approved harness type child safety device, which you can attach to the back of an airplane seat. CARES is portable, extremely lightweight, and easy to install. If you hate carrying your car seat on a plane as much as I do, this is your new best friend. For children who are 22-44 lbs.

travel Cares Travel Harness (285x400)
Buy Now

Convertible Car Seats

Convertible car seats are the most difficult to transport, mainly because they are heavy, bulky, don’t fit onto a stroller, and certainly don’t roll. However, there are a select few that are travel lifesavers. If you travel by plane frequently, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these lightweight seats.

*Don’t underestimate the difference between toting around one (or two) seats that weigh 10 or 11 lbs vs. seats that weigh 25-30 lbs (most nicer seats, like Britax, etc.). Good day-to-day seats, they are not, but for travel? The difference is night and day.

But first.

If you’re flying a lot and plan on taking your seat to the airplane (or to check it at the gate, which I recommend over checking it at the ticket counter), you may want to look into a car seat travel cart, like this one from Torevsior or GoGo Babyz.

travel car seat cart
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…the crazy things we do for car seats…no?


*Note that you can also rent a car seat (infant, convertible or booster) with your rental car at your destination.

1. Cosco Scenera NEXT ~ $59+  *Exclusive to Walmart*

The Cosco (NOT Costco – that’s different!) Scenera NEXT is an awesome little travel seat. Yes, it’s bare bones, but so deliciously lightweight. Use it forward-facing or rear-facing (up to 40 lbs). Affordable and less than 11 lbs?? Yes, siree (although you may curse the installation, LOL). For full review go here.

Buy Now

2. Evenflo Tribute LX ~ $79 – EDITOR’S PICK

A bit nicer than the Scenera, the Evenflo Tribute weighs just over 9 lbs. The Tribute has a removable head cushion for older kids, an upfront harness adjustment, and buckle release, as well as a body cushion, though it’s not the easiest to install. *Made in the US of A!

*40 lbs max weight

Evenflo Tribute LX pic 2 (400x400)
Buy Now

Forward-Facing Car Seats for Travel

If your child is already forward-facing, do yourself a favor and get a forward-facing seat! These seats act just like a convertible seat in the forward-facing position (5-point harness and all), but without the weight of a convertible seat.

THEN, when your child is ready for a high back booster, simply remove the harness and use with a seat belt. Huzzah!

1. Evenflo Chase & Maestro Forward-Facing Seats ~ $59 and $114, respectively

Evenflo monopolizes this category with the Chase and the Maestro and are must-haves for economy traveling with a forward facing child (perfect for 3-4 year olds). These seats are MVPs in our arsenal of travel gear.

Eleven pounds, y’all.

best forward facing travel car seat evenflo-chase
Buy Now

Compared to your normal car seat, it’s like carrying a feather. And for $79 or $99? Forget it. You’ll spend more than $100 renting a crappy car seat, so just bring your own. I have both of these seats for my girls and they go on every flight we take. I look at parents schlepping their 26-lb Britax or Chicco (this one is 11 lbs!) and I feel bad for them. Plus, it’s nice to leave your regular car seats in your car. Undisturbed. Waiting for you in their original positions when you get home.

The Chase ($59) goes up to 40 lbs in harness mode and 110 lbs in booster [seat belt] model, while the Maestro ($99+) goes up to 50 lbs in harness mode (much better!).

Both of these seats include cup holders and are easy to adjust with the upfront harness adjuster.

forward facing travel car seat

2. WayB Pico ~ $380

For serious travelers looking for a forward-facing harness to booster, check out the WayB Pico. This innovative seat is SUPER lightweight (about 8 pounds!) and very easy to set up (like seriously, you can deploy it in a matter of seconds).

I especially love the travel bag (sold separately) because it makes the folded up car seat like a backpack, which makes it easy to schlep around. This seat is a serious investment, so we recommend it to families who are serious travelers (also, it’s also been very difficult to find in stock over the last 2 years.)

Please read my friend Leslie’s blog for a full review.

Booster Seats

I have used the following 2 travel boosters extensively. They’re both great, but they each have their pros and cons…

1. MiFold Travel Booster ~ $39+

*currently out of stock

The miFold is a ridiculously small item that brings the seatbelt down instead of boosting the child UP (make sense?). It’s genius. You can literally stick this in your purse and be on your merry way. The size cannot be beat.

mifold best travel booster seat

There are now 2 different versions of the MiFold, including one that is a highly-adjustable high-back booster:

– The MiFold Comfort Grab and Go ($39)
– The HiFold (high back booster) ($149)

You may still find the original MiFold for sale (until it sells out).

HiFold – for kids at least 40 lbs

The major downside to the MiFold – versus a seat that’s super straightforward like the Bubble Bum – is that it takes more time and attention to buckle and unbuckle it. You sort of have to know…how to do it. I wouldn’t leave it up to a random person driving carpool to do it right (but I’m super anal). It’s takes some adjusting and some…finagling.

First, locate the red tabs on the bottom to adjust the width of the lap belt guides. There are three different widths marked as I, II and III. Choose the same width on each side, and be sure it’s the option that’s closest to your child without touching.

Next, place the Mifold as far back on the vehicle seat as possible. Then, thread the seatbelt through the attached red shoulder belt guide (this is required for this seat to work properly!).

Last, have your child sit on the seat, thread the lap belt through the red guides on both sides and buckle the seatbelt. Note that the shoulder belt doesn’t go through the lap guides, as it does it some seats. Adjust the shoulder clip down so that the shoulder belt makes nice contact between the neck and the edge of the shoulder.

mifold travel car seat
Buy Now

It is somewhat difficult to remove the belt from the guides on either side (the red parts shown above) — and it can be frustrating for kids trying to do it on their own. At the end of the day, this seat is best if small folded size is your top priority – and you don’t mind dealing with a little finagling. If you need a “no brainer” seat, on the other hand, I recommend the Bubble Bum

FWIW, the MiFold is the one I bring on airplane trips (not for the plane ride, but for the car once we arrive). I can stuff it in the outer pocket of my suitcase and it’s sooooo easy 🙂 The Bubble Bum (below) is a little more cumbersome to transport, but easier to use.

When we Uber around with the kids in the city or whatnot, I always bring my MiFolds because they fits in my tote! So rad.
*Your child must be at least 40lbs to use this seat

2. BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat ~ $39

Yes, the BubbleBum inflates (and deflates!) when not in use. And yes, it’s safe! Car seat technicians love this thing. Remember: the only job of a booster (at this age) is to raise a child up so the seatbelt fits properly. You could accomplish the same end with a thick telephone book (do they still make those?). Anyway, you get my point.

The BubbleBum can be used for kids weighing 40-100 lbs (ages: ~4-11 years, although remember that harnessed seats are much safer for the littlest ones). Since the BubbleBum is a mere 13” wide, you can even fit three seats across the back seat of a vehicle!

Again, even totally deflated (I can never get all of the air out for some reason…), it’s a bit larger than the MiFold (I can fit the MiFold in my purse or outer pocket of my suitcase, but this one is a bit bigger). The advantage again is that it works just like any other booster – no guesswork.

This is the seat to bring if you don’t mind it taking up a bit more space, but wins in the ease-of-use department.

BubbleBum Booster travel car seat
Buy Now

Travel Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is absolutely essential for travel, especially for air travel. It was the #2 most important rated item (next to booze), and I totally agree. If you don’t use a baby carrier, I don’t know how you do it!

Your regular baby carrier will work, but here is a travel-specific carrier made to be even more lightweight and compact (if you care about optimizing).

If you are looking for a carrier for travel that is ultra lightweight and slim…

Boba Air Baby Carrier ~ $69

Light-as-air (under 1 lb!), the Boba Air is ergonomic, made of sturdy nylon material, and can easily fit into tight spaces for travel. Conveniently folds into a hood pouch.

Boba Air Carrier travel baby carrier
Buy Now

Otherwise, any baby carrier will do 😎.

Baby Gate for Travel

It’s helpful to have at least one baby gate wherever you’re staying to contain baby, if needed.

Please see Childproofing Travel Gear, Hacks and Advice

Travel Baby Monitor

1. VTech Audio Monitor ~ $38

We’ve used this monitor for travels for years and for the price, it gets the job done. The range is decent (we can be sitting on the beach with a baby inside and you can still get reception). It’s not perfect, but it does the trick!

Buy Now

2. Lollipop Baby Monitor ~ $120

This camera monitor connects to your phone (compatible with both iOS and Androids), and it has a design that’s made for traveling. You can wrap its bendable leg on a baby crib, twist it to place it on a dresser, or mount it on a wall, so it’s perfect to use both at and away from home. The quality of the image at night is also pretty great.

Buy Now

Travel Nursing Supplies

Hand Pump

A manual pump is imperative for travel, IMO. If you need to pump during a flight, in the car, or at the airport, you can do so pretty easily. I have used my hand pump while on a road trip (sitting in the back seat with a crying baby) since you can’t nurse while the car is in motion. Just pump and bottle feed since certain people-who-shall-remain-unnamed (ahem) hate stopping.

I suggest the Lansinoh Manual Pump because I dig the shields and the two-phase expression, but any hand pump will work.

Buy Now

Travel Nursing Pillow

If your baby is still very young (less than 4 months) and you’re reliant on your nursing pillow, you’re in luck!

My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Pillow ~ $29

An inflatable version of the My Brest Friend. Who knew? Packs flat to fit in a diaper bag or purse. Ideal for travel. Great for tandem feeding twins on the go as well!

My Brest Friend pillow travel inflatable nursing pillow
Buy Now

That is all, folks.

Have a great trip!!! Keep your expectations low and your spirits high. Cheers!


  1. Avatar of Yarazeth Medina

    I am looking forward to seeing a review of the WAYB pico car seat in this list, I am so tempted on buying it but I haven’t seen a lot of reviews of it.

    1. We definitely have it on our list to review! So far other readers have reached out and love it! Let us know what you think if you decide to buy it 🙂

  2. Avatar of Claudia

    Hi! Thank you for this list. Do you have any suggestions/ideas about portable blackout curtains? There seem to be a bunch out there but they don’t necessarily stay up.


    1. Hi Claudia! I own the Tommee Tippee brand and have used them for many years on many vacations. It packs up small and really does block light and sticks to the window. You’ll likely want to purchase two because some rooms have two windows.

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