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Kids’ Snow Boots – Our Top 5 Faves

Updated January 2019

Last month we received a ton of readers asking for snow boot recommendations for this year. Love me some early birds! For our friends in rainy, winter climates, be sure to check out our fave rain boots. Stay warm, cozy and dry this season!

Favorite Kids’ Snow Boots

Tundra Boots Snow Kids ~ $30 – Economy Pick

Tundra is a cold weather brand with clout. They have great reviews and this is a great price! They are cozy and the tread isn’t clunky for new walkers.

Check out the boy’s color combo here.

Stonz Cold Weather Snow Boots ~ $39+

A few of our readers who experience REALLLLLLY snowy winters (think Bomb Cyclone circa 2017) told me I needed to check out Stonz. These bad boys are produced in Canada—where they are quite familiar with below zero temperatures and heavy snowfall.

Stonz are equipped for temps close to -60 degrees F. I mean, what does that even feel like? (I don’t think I want to know…) People rave about how lightweight these kids’ snow boots are, while still being among the warmest out there. They are considerably lighter than Bogs and offer a great grip/tread.

Kids Snow Boots - Stonz Snow Boots

Sorel Kids Snow Commander ~ $54.95

For our trip to Sun Valley, ID last year, I bought this Sorel styles for both my boys. They were super easy to get on their feet; with a quick velcro strap, my kids were ready to go!

The fur lining kept their feet toasty but not sweaty. At the time, my youngest was a new walker and he did great in these. The tread was effective even though the boot isn’t a giant clodhopper. Upon finishing their snow sesh, the kids’ feet were dry and their boots were not soaked. Winning!

Kids Snow Boots - Sorel Kids Snow Boot

Kamik Kids Rocket ~ $55.00

This is one of the highest rated kid’s snow boots I have come across. This boot cinches at the calf, which is awesome for extra cold weather protection.

If you prefer a removable liner in your kids’ snow boots, this is the perfect option for you. These liners dry pretty quickly, so your kids will be ready to head back out in the snow in no time. This boot is also available in a wide sizing for kiddos with wider feet.

*Kamik boots tend to run a tad small, so sizing up a tad will be your best bet.

Kids Snow Boots - Kamik Kids Snow Boot

Bogs Kids Classic Insulated Boot ~ $79.97

During our research, we asked thousands of readers for their favorite kids’ snow boots on our Facebook page. We got an overwhelming response about how much our peeps LOVE Bogs.

My own kids have been rocking Bogs for a while, and I love how easy they are for my little guys to pull on and off by themselves. Readers felt the same and also praised these boots’ quality and durability. The brand produces basic colors as well as fun prints. The insulated version is produced to manage -30 degree F — BRRR!!! I am personally digging this rainbow print in blue, swoon.

*Sizing: many reviewers recommend sizing down, as Bogs tend to run a tad large.

As runners up, these 3 brands also deserve a quick shout-out:

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