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What to Wear After a C-Section

If you’re wondering about post c-section attire, you’re not alone.

I’m not gonna lie — the c-section incision site (just below your bikini line, unless you have a vertical incision) will be painful at first. Remember that a c-section is a major abdominal surgery that takes approximately 6-8 weeks (or so) to fully recover from, so take it easy!

After your surgery, you won’t be able to wear your regular underwear (not that you would anyway — hello, mesh undies and massive pads!), or just any pair of pants or leggings. You’ll want high-waist underwear (think: granny panties) that reach above your incision site, and dresses or loose-fitting pants that won’t rub against your incision or squeeze your abdominal area. In short, anything that chafes your scar (like elastic) will not feel good.

So what can you wear after a c-section? Here are some suggestions:

Favorite C-Section Recovery Clothes

Maternity Dress (or nightgown)

As one reader explained, “the only thing I wish I had taken to the hospital for the c-section was a long dress to come home in. I took some loose pants, but it was still a little painful, no matter how loose the elastic is.”

A regular nightgown will do the trick, but some moms prefer a maternity and/or nursing nightgown as their post c-section attire.

Here are some favorites ~

PinkBlush Maternity Midi/ Maxi Dresses ~ $varies

Maternity maxi dresses are loose and forgiving on your c-section area and shrinking belly. Make sure to get ones that are easy for nursing (pull-down or side-pull).

Buy Now

Kindred Bravely: Eleanora Bamboo Soft Maternity & Nursing Nightgown Dress ~ $45

This super-soft nightgown from Kindred Bravely also passes for a stylish dress. Some reviewers even noted they’ve worn it out on the town at night. It’s a great choice to wear home from the hospital because it’s cute, comfortable, and simple (discreet!) to nurse in.

Buy Now

2-in-1 Baby Be Mine Nursing Nightgown ~ $29

This super cute nightie comes in several colors and patterns (seriously – this is not your typical nursing nightgown!). Reviewers love that it’s stylish, comfortable and practical (easy to nurse in).

Buy Now

C-Section Underwear

One option is to purchase regular high-waist underwear (just make sure the elastic reaches above your c-section incision), but there are some panties that are made especially for c-section mamas. If you want to go that route, here are some solid choices:

Kindred Bravely High Waist C-Section Recovery Panties ~ $35 for 5-pk

*Let me start by saying your tummy will not be this flat right after your c-section, ha!!! It takes time for everything to decompress.

If high-waist granny panties aren’t your thing, these beauties may be more up your alley. They look more like lingerie than postpartum panties, are super soft, stretchy, and sit well above your incision. The wide crotch area will fit your post-delivery pads. I’ve worn these well into the first year, haha.

Buy Now

C-Panty ~$20

These can be worn immediately following your c-section. What’s cool about the C-Panty is that it has a medical-grade silicone panel that goes over your incision site for extra comfort and healing. In addition, the compression supposedly helps reduce swelling, supports weakened muscles (due to pregnancy and surgery), and may even help slim your postpartum pooch (again, ha!).

post c-section attire
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That said, the C-panty has mixed reviews. Some mamas complain that they run too big (even the smallest size) and don’t offer enough support or compression around the belly. Many also say the C-panty is too pricey and simply not worth the money. Still, most reviewers say these are supportive, comfy and (miraculously?) do aid in recovery after a c-section, but be aware of the mixed reviews.

INNERSY High-Cut Tummy Control Underwear ~ $25 for 5

These are soft, (lightly) supportive, and comfy. If you like a high-waisted fit, these are great (even well after you’re postpartum days are over… ) and won’t irritate your scar.

Buy Now

Bodily’s The All-In-Panty ~ $58 for 5

I kid you not, these postpartum and C-section panties feel like butter. Made from micromodal fabric, they are the softest, stretchiest and most comfortable pair of undies I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting against my skin!

Like the others listed here, these are high-waisted to support your postpartum belly, and protect your C-section scar. But what I love most about them is that they’re also a little sexy — I know, I know, no one feels sexy after having a C-section, but the All-In-Panty really is flattering; with its low cut-thigh and “cheeky” backside coverage, you’ll feel comfortable, confident and completely held in place. Bonus: you can wear these as regular high-waisted undies… I do!

By the way, Bodily also has a pretty cool Scheduled C-Section Box that comes with many items you may want/need post c-section, such as mesh underwear, stool softener, giant maxi pads and more. Though, you can also steal a bunch of mesh undies from the hospital — they’re so chic! 😉


Believe this: basketball shorts are amazing after a c-section. Short of stealing your husband’s underwear, these make for great post c-section attire because the loose waistband won’t rub against or irritate your incision.

Wearing regular pants after a c-section is ill-advised. You’ll need time before that can feel okay again.

Here are some easy shorts/pants options:

Athletic Shorts ~$11

These simple shorts will do nicely for you — they’re comfortable and won’t rub against your incision.

Buy Now

Belly Bandit Postpartum Smoothing Shorts ~ $49

These are essentially a pair of postpartum biker shorts. If you prefer some compression around your incision and over your abdomen, you’ll love these.

H&M Fleece Pants ~ $10

These are warm and cozy with an elastic waistband — size up for good measure.

Buy Now

Bamboo Maternity & Postpartum Lounge Pants ~ $45

Super soft, stretchy waistband and perfect for every season. You’ll want to live in these post c-section!

Buy Now

and last but not least….

Post C-Section Robes

Robes are (obviously) insanely comfy and perfect for lounging with baby and nursing. Here are two fantastic options for warmer and cooler climes:

Kindred Bravely Emmaline Robe ~ $40

Super soft, comfortable and great for lounging, nursing and cuddling with baby!

Buy Now

Women’s Sweatshirt Robe ~ $69

This fleece robe feels like a soft, cozy sweater. Perfect to hang in all day long!

Buy Now

See also:

We hope this helps with your post c-section wardrobe search. Good luck, mommy!!! You’re gonna do great!

~ Marissa


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