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Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Review

Price $179


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With a compact fold, light weight and some attractive features, the Baby Trend Expedition is giving the competition a run for its money and is a stand-out for an economy stroller. Read this Baby Trend Expedition Jogger review to find out if it’s the right fit for you. See also: Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger.


The latest version of the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger, the RG, came out in late 2017. It has a new all-black look, is very well-liked, and the price is right.

I’ve been running with this stroller in my mom’s running club, and, for an economy jogger, I’m very impressed… though it may not be the best choice for the serious runners among us.

Photo by Amazon user Gilles2016


At only 23.6 lbs, the Expedition is one of the lighter jogging strollers out there (lighter than the Thule, which weighs just over 24 lbs, and the Joovy Zoom 360, which weighs in at 26 lbs).

Combine that with its relatively small size, compact fold and self-stand feature, and you’ve got yourself a great contender for people who live in small spaces and with limited storage.  

Folding & Carrying

The trigger fold is two-handed, but it is quick and fairly easy. You just have to slide the side levers up and pull on the handle that’s under the seat. The fold is compact compared to other strollers in the jogging stroller category — and we love that it self-stands, like the Joovy 360 Ultralight.

It’s also simple to pop off the rear wheels to make the whole kit and caboodle more compact for travel. 


The seat has a five-point harness that’s easy to adjust (though it isn’t padded) and can recline in multiple positions. The recline is one handed, easy to use and deep enough for cozy naps. The back of the seat has decent ventilation that you can cover when needed (in the winter months, for example).

This stroller also comes with a swing-away child tray (it’s nice not to have to remove the tray entirely to get your kid in and out of the seat) with two cup holders. The tray doubles as base for a Baby Trend infant car seat, so you can use this stroller with an infant in a car seat (just not for jogging until around 8 months, please).

Child Tray; Photo from Amazon user Anne-Marie

The weight capacity is 50 lbs, which is a lot less than other jogging strollers out there. For example, the Joovy, Thule and BOB joggers all allow for up to 75 lbs of baby meat.

Car Seat Compatibility

The Expedition is only compatible with the Baby Trend car seat. So if you already have a car seat from another brand, this stroller may not be for you. Instead, you may want to take a look at the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight.

You can buy the stroller as a travel system too, for $199 (at Target)!


The Expedition has metal wheels with air-filled rubber tires that offer a smooth push, but it doesn’t have any suspension, which means it doesn’t make for a very comfortable ride for tiny passengers.

The metal spokes are notorious for rusting over time, especially if you live near the ocean. This is one of those features that screams “economy” in this stroller; it simply won’t last as long as a higher quality stroller.

rust is a common sight on an older Expedition

Overall, it is easy to maneuver and turn, and its light weight makes it easy to push. But the lack of suspension makes it a better contender for short jogs rather than long distance runs.

Canopy,  Brakes, and Handlebar

The ratcheting shade canopy on the Expedition offers a good deal of sun coverage, though not as good as on higher-end joggers (and not as good as the Joovy). It has a peek-a-boo window and a mesh pop out visor, and you can rotate it forward to protect your little one from the low sun or headwinds, which is a nice touch.

The brakes, which are not sandal friendly, are stiff and double action. This means that you need to press two pedals for the brakes to be engaged.

The handlebar, which is not height-adjustable, has a parent tray, which is a real crown pleaser. It has two cup holders and a small, closed compartment for your phone and keys.

The Expedition comes with a safety-conscious tether strap (you know… for if you fall and bust your ass — it happens). 


The under-seat storage basket is large, with a maximum weight of 5 lbs (which is not as impressive as other jogging strollers) and accessible from all sides. The storage on this stroller is similar to the Joovy Zoom 360.

Bottom Line

All in all, the Expedition is a great economy jogger for the price. People are generally happy with the weight, the fold and the overall performance. Just remember, you get what you pay for. Unlike pricier strollers, it generally won’t hold up as well over time, lacks an adjustable handlebar and doesn’t have any suspension or a tracking device to keep it straight while running. That said, this is a great economy option for those who take shorter runs and who live in smaller spaces where storage is tight.

Photo by Amazon user Brii


  1. Hello, I’m a little late on purchasing a jogging stroller as we’ve been making do with what we had. I’m looking for a stroller that has a swivel wheel as we will be going or long walks in all seasons (especially snow) as we have a dog. My child will be two in December and we will most likely use the stroller for a few years as we will be walking at a faster speed and longer distance. Having difficulty finding a stroller that will fit him for that long (he is a smaller kiddo). Because we are so late on purchasing it, I’m not hoping to spend over 350. Is there anything you would recommend? We purchased the evenflo victory stroller, but he looks way too big already. Thanks for your help.

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