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BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Review

Price $799


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Weight: 34.1 lbs

To own him is to love him. BOB, that is.

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Review

Typically when studying customer reviews, you see a fairly even distribution of likes and dislikes: 1 star, 5 stars, and everything in between; not so much with this stroller.

An All-Terrain Double Jogging Stroller With Great Reviews

The vast majority of the reviews of this stroller are 5-star, making it VERY highly rated. Prior to Thule emerging on the scene, it used to be a runaway favorite double jogger (no pun intended). Don’t get me wrong, we still like it very much, but note that it’s now pretty much tied(ish) with the Thule Urban Glide Double.

YES, this is a great running stroller — in fact, I’ve been running with it frequently. BOB used to make a fixed wheel jogging stroller called the Ironman, which has since been discontinued. Right now (at time of publication), they are in the process of rebranding and updating all of their strollers, so you can probably find the legacy models (with the old logo) at a discount. That said, they have plans for totally redesigning this stroller (the double version) to make it like the new BOB Alterrain (their new single), but it won’t be for a while.

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Review
Via IG @iamstronglikemom

In the past, this model came in several different bold/fun colors (in fact, the ubiquitous orange BOB was quite the icon!). However, please note that since March 2020, the Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie is ONLY be available in Graphite Black (below, left) and Lunar Black (with white cross-hatched canopy, below right). We are sad to see all those sporty colors go away!


The deal with the “lunar” print is that it’s ultra reflective and makes you highly visible for those morning runs and evening strolls – so if you’re someone who likes to go jogging/walking in the dark, it’s ideal for you.

Also, while no functional changes are being made, the stroller will have an updated look with new branding and logo (see below).  

Thus, you can tell if you’re looking at an older model or a newer model by looking at the letters. The new BOB is in all caps (below).

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Review
BOB’s updated and newly branded logo for 2020. 

Ok, moving on.

Why do we love BOB? A friend of mine joked that you could simply blow on the handlebars of the BOB from behind and the stroller would start moving. That’s how well this stroller (and other BOBs) push. We feel that this BOB has a better push than one of its biggest competitors, the Baby Jogger Summit X3, due to the fact that its weight is better distributed (from front to rear). However, its other biggest competitor — the Thule Urban Glide Double — performs just as well, and is overall sleeker and less bulky (BOB’s a beast and Thule’s a jaguar — HA!) . 

Photo via IG @sneaksandstilettos

Dimensions: Size & Weight

Weighing in at 34.1 lbs, the Revolution Flex 3.0 is large and in charge. Made of high-strength aluminum alloy and with giant 16” rear wheels, it’s designed to hold up to 100 lbs of baby meat (50 lbs per seat). In other words: if you are looking for a lightweight, compact stroller, this ain’t it.

The double BOB is 30.5” wide. It will fit through standard doorways — not easily, but it should fit.

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Review
BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie in Lunar Black


The seats on previous versions of BOB were completely unstructured, but on the Flex 3.0 they are now fully structured, ultra padded with ventilation and compression, and even have lumbar support for longer journeys. This was one of the big upgrades on the 3.0 version. The seat fabric has an open cell foam padding, which looks rad and makes for a comfortable ride. 

Pre-March 2016 model of BOB Revolution flex 3.0 Duallie — Photo via IG @wolfhouserevival

The seats have padded, 5-pt harnesses and recline independently, about 20 degrees from the horizontal. The manufacturer says you can use this stroller from birth with the use of infant car seats (walking only — no running!); once babies are 8+ weeks, and if they have solid enough head and neck control, you may place them directly in the stroller seats (again, walking only — no running!). Once babies are 8 months+, you may use it for jogging and off-roading. 

On the newer models, such as the 3.0, the seats sit fully upright and you can recline them to a near-flat position with one hand. 

One downside is that you can’t remove the seat fabric for washing; it must be spot cleaned by hand.

Car Seat Compatibility & Adapters

You can use the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie with one infant car seat only. You’ll need an adapter (this one works with Graco seats, this one for Britax, and this one for Chicco). You’ll have to purchase adapters separately. The car seat adapter for the Duallie is an infant seat adapter on one side and a snack tray bar on the other side. 

Yes, this is the only way it comes. If your other child doesn’t want the snack tray, too bad. They currently have adapters for MOST of our favorite infant car seats (but none of the fancy pants Euro seats, except for Peg). 

Previous model shown

Note, you cannot use the BOB with twin car seats, twin bassinets, or anything like that. If you’re looking for a stroller for twins, you’ll have to wait until they are old enough to be placed directly in the stroller seats.

Canopy, Braking, Storage, Accessories

The EEEE-normous canopies on the Flex 3.0 operate independently and have GIANT peek-through plastic windows on top with quiet magnetic closures (older models used Velcro), so you can see all the antics below. 

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Review

The canopy material is thin and a bit cheapy feeling (a common complaint); and many grumble that the bunching of the canopy material impedes head room for taller children. However, there is a drawstring feature you can utilize to draw all the canopy fabric up and away for taller children. See this here (cue to 6:15). However, even with the material pulled back, the canopies are still pretty bunchy; we much prefer the canopies of the Summit X3 and the Thule Urban Glide

The footrest used to be made of fabric, but on the newer model, it’s made of sturdy plastic, which holds up better and wipes clean more easily.

Brake and Storage

The stroller brakes with a single, linked brake bar that engages with one simple step.

The Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie has a much larger storage basket than previous models. It will hold quite a bit, although it is bisected by the “seat retention” safety strap.

This safety strap (the red strap below) secures the bottom of the seats to the horizontal bar between the rear wheels. A common complaint about this stroller is that the strap and bar make the basket very hard to access (one Amazon reviewer likened it to having a big strap or bar down the center of your car trunk). That said, this strap keeps the seats in place if (God forbid) you have an accident with your stroller while jogging. So… it’s there for a reason. 

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Review
Here’s what the Seat Retention Strap looks like — you can see how it makes it tough to access the basket.
Photo courtesy of Bree of Grinning Cheek to Cheek

Additionally, there are 10 other storage pockets as well: two zippered pockets near the handlebar, two mesh seat back pockets and four in-seat pockets to hold snacks, toys, sippy cups, etc. Lots of options!

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Review
Awesome storage!

I wish they would include a cup holder or parent organizer, but you can buy one separately (which I strongly suggest).

The stroller also comes with a runaway safety strap in case the stroller gets away from you. Note that the safety strap is fixed on the right side of the handlebar, so if you are a lefty… you may find it a bit annoying.

See the safety strap positioned on the handlebar’s right side

Lastly, the Flex 3.0 features an adjustable handlebar with 9 positions, which is great for parents of all heights. 


The ride and maneuverability of the BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 3.0 is simply unmatched. With 16” air-filled pneumatic tires in the back, a single 12” tire in the front and world class suspension, the ride on the BOB is like no other, even on the double. Stroll BOB down the paved sidewalks in your ‘hood, or take him off-roading on rough, uneven terrain — no matter what, he’ll perform beautifully. 

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Review

The suspension system even has fine tune shocks on each side, which can be tweaked to adjust for the uneven weight of your two children. This suspension system allows for 3 inches of vertical travel, which is what gives BOB a ride smoother than a baby’s butt.

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Review

Yes, the tires will need to be re-inflated occasionally, and you may pop a tube if you hit something sharp enough, but this comes with the territory. 

Not only does the front wheel lock straighten for better tracking, it also has a dial you can tweak to remedy any uneven pulling to the side that you may experience so you can get the stroller tracking dead straight (Thule Urban Glide Double has this too). We wish there were a switch on the handlebar, like on the Baby Jogger Summit X3, to change the front tire from swivel to fixed mode; but alas, you must kneel down and do it manually at the wheel (as shown below). You also have to do this on the Thule Urban Glide Double as well. 

Folding & Carrying

The BOB has a two-step fold, which is a bit more cumbersome than the fold of its competitors, but not a deal breaker. Yes, you will need a large(ish) trunk to fit this stroller, even with the wheels removed, but this is true for all double joggers.

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Review
Photo by Jason

Because of its size and weight, this stroller is ideal for people who can keep it in their garage and don’t have to heave it in and out of the car a lot, especially if you are on the petite side. However, I’ve seen it done, even by the smallest of moms. I’ve also seen it checked as gate luggage many times (which I would never recommend). Point being, people seem to find a way to bring BOB with them.

Bottom line: People love their BOBs, but it’s now getting big competition from the Thule Urban Glide Double. The Glide is sleeker, better engineered and has covered, waterproof storage. BUT — you’ll be happy with either. BOB is more rugged/sporty looking (American-looking, perhaps?) while the Thule is more of the sleeker “Euro” look. 

If you’re an all-terrain enthusiast (especially if you like to run), if you can get over the bunchy canopies and you have a larger vehicle with which to transport this stroller, you won’t be disappointed. Those who love BOB really love him. Enjoy!


  1. Avatar of Jessica

    Thank you for your review! I love my Bob Revolution Flex 3.0 and am planning on getting a double jogger when my next is born in August. You mention that Bob is redesigning their double stroller to be like the Alterrain but it won’t be for a while. Is there any indication of when it may be released? I really like the idea of the redesigned double.

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for your question. The Alterrain Pro Duallie won’t coming out in 2020. I’ll see if I can learn more — stay tuned.
      ~ M

    1. Hi Emily!
      BOB has not started working on the Alterrain Pro Duallie so as of now, there’s no release date. I’ll be sure to keep you posted once that changes!

    2. Avatar of Kris

      Yes I’m wondering the same. My second is due in less than 2 months & I’m holding out for it to come out hopefully by the spring!

    1. Hi Betty!
      As of a few months ago, no — they didn’t have plans for the double Alterrain Pro. But if that changes, I’ll be sure to let you know!

    1. Hi Chels!
      I’m waiting to hear back from BOB, but last I heard, they hadn’t even started working on yet. So… it will be awhile!!
      Hope this helps!

  2. Avatar of Alyssa

    Is there any news on whether BOB is still planning to release an Alterrain Pro Duallie? I’d love a double with a hand brake!! I did not realize the Revolution Flex Duallie has no handbrake…

    1. Hi Alyssa!
      Unfortunately, they still have no plans for an Alterrain Pro Duallie. I know — this would be SO great! I promise to keep everyone posted if things change!
      ~ M

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