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Chicco KeyFit Car Seat Review

Price $199


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Weight: 9.6 lbs

“Old Faithful” — the Chicco (pronounced KEE-ko, it’s Italian!) KeyFit is rated #1 by consumers on multiple 3rd party sites, including Consumer Reports. And we agree! The KeyFit is a high-quality, beautifully designed car seat that won’t break the bank.

This seat is best known for ease of installation, safety, and fit (trust me, after doing many car seat checks for my CPST certification, I totally concur). I love how easy it is to tighten and loosen the straps on this seat. It has a removable newborn insert, a decent canopy and best of all, the “SuperCinch” Latch Connectors (on certain models), which believe you me, are the most amazing thing in the world (same as found on the NextFit). Yes, this seat is ridiculously easy to install — whether you are using a seatbelt or LATCH — and that, my friends, means a lot to a new (frightened?) parent.

It’s also a favorite for transporting preemies (babies 4+ lbs) home from the NICU.

But wait, I’m about to blow your mind…. We are loving (even more!) the KeyFit 30 “Zip.” For 30 extra bucks ($229), you get a super easy-to-remove seat pad (you’ll understand how key this is when your kid yacks all over it), a flip-out visor for extra sun protection and an all-season “boot” (great for cold winters). Worth the extra $30? In this case, yessss. *Check out the KeyFit 30 Zip Air for those in warmer climates.

Because the KeyFit is such a popular seat in the U.S., you will (almost) never have trouble finding a stroller adapter for this seat. It’s ALWAYS on the list. See also: Best Infant Car Seats.

Bottom line: If you want a great seat and don’t want to think too much about it, this is your guy. It’s lightweight, it’s compatible with almost every stroller under the sun, and it comes in super cute patterns.

*The KeyFit is an American-style seat.

Stoller Compatibility

Chicco excels in car seats (of all types).

Strollers?? Not so much. These are all strollers that are designed to go with the KeyFit, but they aren’t necessarily our top favorites. It’s very possible you’ll have to mix and match brands to get your ideal combination.

Your lightweight stroller option: The KeyFit + KeyFit Caddy ($99) is a classic combination you’ll see everywhere.

Your “travel system” option: The Bravo stroller ($249 stroller only or $379 travel system) is a high-quality, all-purpose stroller — and VERY well-liked. At 23 lbs, it’s not at all lightweight, so it’s not one I would personally choose, but it’s very well built and people seem to like it for whatever reason (for 23 lbs, I’d expect a reversible stroller, but whatevs). You can also use the Bravo as a stroller frame by removing the seat, so I guess it’s pretty versatile (but 23 lbs? I think you can do better…).

Can you tell I don’t like heavy strollers? Just checking…

New(ish) also is the Chicco Viaro 3-wheeled stroller, City-Mini-like stroller. People seem to like this stroller a lot, though we haven’t yet tested it. Bonus points: it has an awesome built-in parent tray, which is a real crowdpleaser.

There’s also the Chicco Urban ($399), which is a reversible stroller. It’s meh and heavy at 26 lbs (surprise!!).

Chicco also has a pretty awesome jogging stroller called the Activ3 ($299).

Bottom line: Outside of the Caddy, strollers are not Chicco’s strong suit… (that sounds harsh, but it’s true…).

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