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Cybex Aton Q

Price $379



If you’re spending north of $300 on an infant car seat, you’re a baller.

That is all.

Anyway, the German-engineered Cybex Aton G and Cloud Q ($399-$499) are very cool infant seats, not to mention great-looking. And super pricey!

Safety Features

These seats boast two safety features that most other seats lack ~

1. The Linear Side-Impact Protection (LSP) System

This is a “wing,” of sorts, that pops out from the handle of the seat, which transfers side-impact crash energy to the seat’s shell. If you’re installing your baby’s seat in an outboard (side) position, take special note of this. *Only use on the side facing the door, or else a passenger sitting next to this seat could become impaled — that would be very bad.

2. The Load Leg

The Aton Q’s load leg is a “leg” that pops down (shown left) from the car seat base, which minimizes “rebound” and transfers crash energy to the floor of the vehicle and away from your baby. The Nuna PIPA has this feature as well.

Want more? Attention, people in cities who don’t own a car: this seat is super easy to install WITHOUT the base because of its European belt path, which routes the shoulder strap behind the seat. You can do this with other seats as well, but this installation is particularly easy and sturdy (cue to 1:40).

Furthermore, this seat takes up much less space than other popular seats. In fact, it is the smallest seat depth-wise of all the seats in this review. Thus, if you have a small backseat or a sports car, perhaps, this may be your only option.

The Cloud Q is truly different in that it can fully recline ALL THE WAY (while not in the car, of course), which gives you the functionality of a car seat AND a bassinet. That’s cool, I’ll admit. One less piece of gear (or adapter) to buy. Note the Cloud Q is quite heavy (12.6 lbs).

*The Cybex Aton Q and Cloud Q have a European-style belt path.

Stroller Compatibility

These Aton(s) can be used (with an adapter) with any of Cybex’s strollers (excuse me, “push chairs”). The Priam is really sweet (it has SKIS, yo!). There’s also the Mios, Balios S and EEZY S Twist — all of their weird, awesome, expensive German strollers. Seriously, you should see their booth at the Baby Show — all of their reps are wearing black leather, have German accents, and have no time for you. It is like the old Sprockets skit on SNL.

With a Cybex OR Maxi-Cosi car seat adapter, the Aton/Cloud Q can also be used on the vast majority of strollers in the strollersphere, especially the luxury strollers.


  1. The Cybex Aton Q seems to be discontinued. I’m wondering which version in the Aton series you would recommend now.

    1. Boy, I’m about done with Cybex. They just cannot keep a single one of their infant seats in stock in the US. Are they discontinued? Sold out? There is no info available. Sorry about that. I’m just as frustrated.

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