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GB Lyfe Stroller Review

Price $249



GB Lyfe Travel System ~ $249

When I first saw the GB Lyfe at the 2015 baby show, I was viscerally excited.

You know me: I love a great value.

The GB brand is owned by Goodbaby, which has international offices in Shanghai and a U.S. office in Boston. They’ve been manufacturing products for other juvenile brands for 25 years and recently started producing their own brand. They have tons of experience with product design and manufacturingand it shows.

Their products are luxury “seeming” without the luxury price tag.

GB Lyfe-main GB Lyfe Travel System Review

The Lyfe is the perfect stroller/travel system for the everyday mom. For $249, you get an amazing infant car seat (the Asana 35 LTE) and the stroller itself. The stroller is modular, which means the seat comes off to forward-face or rear-face. This is a feature that people usually pay big bucks for. See also: Best Reversible Strollers.

The cherry on top is that the seat also becomes a pram-style bassinet, which is perfect for the 0-6 month’ers. Note that bassinets for most other strollers are typically sold separately and run somewhere in the $150-$200 range.

GB Lyfe Travel System Review

The Asana 35 LTE Car Seat

The car seat is the fabulous Asana 35 LTE. It’s very similar to the DLX version ($199), except it lacks the load leg (an anti-rebound feature). The car seat comes with one baseextra bases can be purchased separately.

It has a sturdy lock-off feature that makes seatbelt installation a breeze.

GB Lock Off GB Lyfe Travel System Review

Remember, for baby #1, most parents opt to install the car seat in the center position because it’s the safest spot; very few cars are equipped with LATCH connectors in the center seat. So, seatbelt it is!

Gb asana-infant-seat GB Lyfe Travel System Review

The headrest contains the energy-absorbing foam for side impact protection (pictured left), which is a key safety feature.

A preemie body support pillow is included.

So. Let’s recap the equation: the price tag for the car seat alone is about $225.

$340 – $225 = $115 for the stroller. And how much do we love this stroller? Let me count thy ways…

The Lyfe Stroller

The stroller itself is a high-quality, modular strollerand you get the bassinet functionality too. Crazytown!!

Seriously, it’s an incredible bargain. Similar strollers, such as the UPPAbaby Cruz, run about $550 and you still have to buy the car seat and bassinet.

Here is an overview video we shot at the baby show.

I’ve been using the Lyfe stroller all week with Alice, who is an older, bigger 3-year-old (at time of publish). She had such fun making faces at me while we walked – it’s quite a different experience from a fixed-seat stroller!

GB-lyfe-main GB Lyfe Travel System Review


I dig the seat fabric  it’s very silky and well-made. Note that the seat itself is not as tall as seats on other strollers, so I would not expect it to last past your child’s 4th birthday. It has a nice 5-pt harness to keep your kiddo secure.

Canopy, Braking, Storage

The canopy is fab, although the loosey-goosey feeling took some getting used to.

The basket, y’all… the basket is HUGE and so very accessible. You can get at it from the rear (like normal) or from the front! Regardless of how your seat is oriented, you can always get in there.

GB-lyfe-storage GB Lyfe Travel System Review

The brakes are two individual foot brakes, which are easy to use.


The wheels are 7″ in the front and 9″ in the rear  with suspension in the rear. All four wheels are made of EVA foam and have a nice little give to them. Note that this is not an “all-terrain” stroller, although the wheels ride fairly nicely over uneven terrain.


This stroller weighs 22 lbs with the seat/bassinet attached, which is typical of a modular stroller. Remember that modular strollers are typically heavier than compact, fixed-seat strollers like the City Mini.


The fold is typical of a modular stroller, which means it’s a two-handed fold. No, you aren’t going to get that quick, one-hand “seat fold” you find in Baby Jogger and Britax strollers.

The folded size of the stroller is larger than most, but again, par-for-the-course for a modular stroller (comparing it to a non-modular stroller is comparing apples and oranges).

GB Lyfe-folded GB Lyfe Travel System Review

This stroller stands on its own when folded, which keeps the seat fabrics off the ground. Again, this stroller will take up more space in your trunk than a fixed-seat stroller, which will have more of a compact, square fold.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is a stupendous value for a travel system (translation: car seat, stroller and bassinet package). The rear-facing seat is a wonderful feature that people pay big bucks for. The car seat is very high-qualityand you get a bassinet! If you’re a first time parent, the GB Lyfe is a no-brainer. Enjoy!

GB-lyfe-lifestyle GB Lyfe Travel System Review

*Available in “Merlot” and “Windowpane”. Sorry, they did not end up making the green color you see in the demo video.


    1. Hi Christiane – the Lyfe was only tested to be compatible with the GB Asana, so that’s the only seat they can confirm compatibility with.

  1. Avatar of Jennifer Pino

    I just recieved this travel system and I feel like the car seat is impossible to load correctly into the stroller. Has anyone else commented on this? My husband and I feel like we are doing something wrong due to all the positive reviews and only a couple negatives regarding the same issue.

    1. Avatar of Kelly Montgomery

      Hi Jennifer!
      We had the SAME EXACT problem, AND felt the same way about no negative reviews! It seemed that the only way it would load correctly is if we pushed hard onto the side of the stroller frame to click it in-and really, only my husband could seem to make that work. Here’s what we did: brought it back to BRU and had them try to make it work (to no avail), and went through about 4 travel systems in their store…NONE worked correctly, so we were sent to another local store where we tried THREE more and FINALLY we got one to work correctly and easily snap in. The stores were not happy, and felt that there should be a recall. In fact, they think they got a “bad batch” and are returning all theirs to GB. Sorry to hear you’ve had the same problem, but I would recommend going back to BRU and having them open every single box until you find one that clicks in easily. We’re located in Denver, CO, but I have a feeling GB sent out a bad batch to numerous states. Too bad! Otherwise, we love this travel system! Good Luck!

    2. Avatar of Fina

      Yes! Yes! Yes I agree! I started putting the car seat directly in shopping cart, until recently when I discovered you can use the bassinet under the car seat. It snaps into the bar on the bassinet if you place the bassinet front facing and on a 45 degree angle.

  2. Avatar of Stephanie Garcia

    Hello, do you happen to know where the an extra car seat base can be purchased? I’ve looked online with no luck!

    1. Wherever you bought the car seat! Try manufacturers website if you’re not having any luck on Amazon or BBB or Babie’s R Us, etc.

  3. Avatar of Lauren Coppola

    Does anyone know if the car seat will fit into the BOB jogging stroller with an adapter? I’m having a hard time finding out that information.

    1. Hi Lauren! No, the GB Asana 35 LTE is not compatible with the BOB. You can check out all of the strollers that are compatible with BOB here.

  4. Avatar of Audrey

    We’ve now checked 3 BRU. 19 tries. This seat does NOT snap into the stroller, and I have more than enough upper body strength as I’m a hard core swimmer.

    Waste of money. I’d rather pay for a Bugaboo than deal with this disaster. But we have gotten the UPPAbaby set. Because honestly, if I can’t trust the seat to snap into the stroller, I cannot trust the seat will latch into the base in my car. How can I trust the whole system won’t fail?

  5. Avatar of Lizzy

    I love this stroller so I wanted to add a couple comments.
    We found the car seat hard to snap in when it was empty, but now that our little one is here, when she is in the seat I have literally never had an issue snapping it in. I think her weight just helps guide it into the correct position easily.
    I also wanted to add that the car seat itself is amazing – the height of the straps adjusts without having to rethread them for a perfect position every time.
    Also if you buy an extra base, it has the load bearing leg.
    Overall, I love how lightweight the stroller is, ease of fold, large basket, and all the options.
    My only negative is that I don’t like the wheels – because they’re not rubbery, I find it rides hard even on semi-smooth terrain (like a bumpy sidewalk), compared to the BOB, which is not a fair comparison. Still, for ease of use, it’s definitely our every day stroller, and for price, you can’t go wrong!

  6. Avatar of LeAngela Rogers

    Does the Asana base fit the Lyfe car seat? We are needing additional bases but can only find the Asana base online.

  7. Avatar of Erin Baumgaertel

    Thanks for your review! Have you reviewed or tried the GB X1 Urban Jogger? My first time looking at strollers I fell in love with it even over the BOB, but am wanting more reviews/info before making a decision.

    1. Hi Tracy! Unfortunately, they don’t make a cover for the stroller or the car seat, but we’ve heard the CYBEX Priam Lux Seat rain cover works well on it. Hope this helps!

  8. Avatar of Paul

    This looks like a copy of the UppaBaby Cruz. Typical Chinese copies, sold at a lower price, because they do little to no R & D, use cheeper labor, and cheaper materials, which usually translates into a product that is unsafe.

    I was originally doing research on the GB pockit for international travel, but this spoils it. I’ll likely buy the Baby Zen Yoyo, which also has about 10 different fakes (Yaya, Youyou, Baobao, etc.), all made by Chinese factories. Walking around Shanghai, i would guess that around 1 in 20 “Yoyos”are fake.

    1. Nehh — I don’t think it pretends to be an UPPAbaby Cruz just because it’s reversible. To be fair, GB has been making baby products for over 50 years for Cybex, Evenflo and others. I wouldn’t say that their products are unsafe at all. But it is interesting to hear about the knockoffs you see in China. You don’t see that here — at least I don’t. — M

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