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Britax B-Lively Review

Price $229



Hi all! I’ve been wanting to write a Britax B-Lively review ever since it debuted in 2019. Here we are!

The B-Lively replaced one of Britax’s bestselling strollers, the B-Agile. Like its predecessor, the B-Lively is proving to be an all-over winner in the category of “three-wheeled compact, yet full-featured” strollers. At 19 lbs, the stroller is somewhat lightweight.

Britax B-Lively Review

First, a brief history…

The B-Agile was exactly that: an agile, easy to fold, compact, 3-wheeled stroller that rode and steered quite well and offered an exceptional value. Debuting in 2011, it was a near exact replica of the Baby Jogger City Mini, one of the most popular and beloved strollers of all time — still to this day.

This is Britax’s MO: copy another successful stroller, pair it with a high-quality infant car seat, and undercut the competition (in this case, Baby Jogger). If you don’t believe me, check out the BOB Alterrain and compare it to the Thule Glide (ummmm….). But because you (the consumer) are the beneficiary of these shenanigans, I’m (somewhat) okay with it.

Bottom line, a quality compact stroller paired with a high quality infant car seat for $319 is a pretty damn good deal in anyone’s book.

Car Seat Compatibility

The first thing you should know is that this stroller is only compatible with one brand of infant car seat: theirs. You see, most stroller brands offer adapters that are compatible with car seats from other brands. The City Mini 2, for example, pairs nicely with a multitude of infant car seats, though you’ll have to pay $30 extra for an adapter. Britax includes the “Click & Go adapters” to use with the B-Safe infant seat, which is a nice touch.

The good news is that Britax makes high-quality infant seats (and all car seats, for that matter — it’s really their strong suit). So if you’re ready to commit to their brand, there’s really nothing to worry about. In summary: unless you’re past the car seat days, investing in this stroller means you’re committing to their car seat as well. If you already own another brand’s car seat, this stroller is probably not for you.

Britax B-Lively with car seat


Suitable for newborns up to 55 lbs, the B-Lively seat has a full recline and generous legroom and headspace, which is great for taller/older children. The 5-point harness system easily adjusts as your child grows, but a few reviewers noted the lack of crotch pad, which would make for a more comfortable ride.

Britax B-Lively - mom pushing stroller


Yes, the B-Lively has better under-basket storage and, more importantly, access to it. Access is available from 360 degrees, through the side, front and rear. The City Mini, on the other hand, has a curved metal bar that impedes access to the storage basket from the rear.

Britax B-Lively basket

There’s even a “secret compartment” (below) in the front by your kid’s legs. This is extra nice when your kiddo is taking a nap with the seat fully reclined and you can’t get access to your bag from the back.

Britax B-Lively Review

Neither of these strollers comes with a cup holder or snack tray, though you can buy them separately. The B-Lively comes with a zippered, built-in organizer (below) that has plenty of room for your keys, cell phone, tissues, and two closed bottles (the B-Agile didn’t have this). However, it is not for a hot coffee or any other cup that you can’t securely close. For that, you’ll need to buy the real cup holder, though you’ll be better off with the Britax stroller organizer, which is worth every penny (owned it, loved it).

Britax B-Lively organizer


Like other of its ilk, the stroller weighs in at 19lbs. It does (barely) meet all airline gate-check requirements, including American Airlines. See also: Best Travel Strollers


Aside from the storage basket, the fold is the stroller’s most talked-about feature. In fact, it folds smaller than the City Mini 2 (barely).

The one-handed, compact fold is intuitive and easy, and it’s especially convenient for those using public transportation, though not as compact as something like the Yoyo+ or Minu (see also: Best City Strollers). Many note that it fits nicely in their city apartment; it doesn’t have a “self-stand,” though it can be coaxed into it.

Britax B-Lively standing fold

Brake, Canopy and Handlebar

The linked parking brake, which is flip-flop friendly, allows you to lock both rear wheels with just one single step. We also love the large, ventilated UV 50+ canopy, which is perfect for long walks in the sun; and a reviewer who was caught in the rain with the stroller noted that it is also waterproof.

Britax B-Lively canopy

When used with the infant seat, the stroller canopy complements the car seat canopy perfectly to give you full coverage (with ventilation!).

Like other strollers, the handlebar does not adjust, so it’s not ideal for the very tall or very short. Those people will be better off spending a little more money for a luxury stroller that has an adjustable handlebar.


The Britax B-Lively and Baby Jogger City Mini 2 both have a double front wheel. Like the City Mini, the B-Lively also has all-wheel suspension, but let’s be honest, the wheels are my least favorite part about this stroller. They feel rather plasticky (because… they are); many users agree. I feel like the wheels were “cheapened” from the B-Agile.

Britax B-Lively wheels

Though it has all-wheel suspension, the rigid wheels won’t give you a very good ride over anything other than paved surfaces. But remember it’s all relative: if you’re switching from an umbrella stroller, you’ll be pleasantly surprised; if you’re used to a sporty stroller with bigger tires, you’ll be disappointed with the ride. Just remember: the B-Lively is marketed as a compact stroller, not an all-terrain one, so keep that in mind. If you’re looking for something with a better ride, check out the Britax B-Free, which is analogous to the City Mini GT; both are what I would consider “compact, lightweight all-terrain.”


Like its competitor, the Baby Jogger City Mini, the Britax B-Lively is a quality compact workhorse stroller that’s great for everyday use on paved surfaces. It has a nice, zippered pocket for your personal items and better access to storage than the City Mini 2, though the wheels are not our favorite. It’s only compatible with Britax car seats (which we generally love), and bundling them together makes for an affordable, high-quality package that won’t disappoint.

Britax B-Lively Hero Image
Britax B-Lively

Enjoy! ~ Meg

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    1. It’s very similar, just a little heavier and the front wheel is supposed to be…. higher quality (the front wheel was a real) thorn on the side of the B-Agile) 😉

  1. Avatar of ellie

    RK- I haven’t used the B-Agile but my friend just got it and I quickly compared. A few upgrades off the top of my head:
    1) access to under stroller storage compartment through the front which is amazing
    2) frame is different and nicer, a bit sturdier and looks to be better quality overall
    3) standard organizer that comes on the back is better quality and ergonomically more friendly
    4) somewhat stands on its own while folded whereas the B-Agile doesn’t
    5) sun canopy is larger and made of thicker material. Ours is ripping along the fold lines from wear and tear, this one is sturdier and I don’t think will happen as quickly
    6) view window at the top is magnetic instead of Velcro (the Velcro frequently wakes up sleeping baby when you rip the two pieces apart)

    I’ve had the B-Agile for 2 years and love it. The wheels don’t bother me, but I don’t live in a snowy climate. We used it for a 6 week vacation last summer and found it to be perfect for our needs and the amount of moving around/hauling stuff we were doing. The only things I don’t like about my B-Agile are that the snack tray is way too far from where my child sits for him to reach it easily. The seat doesn’t sit all the way up when you pull the tabs as tight as possible, so he has to pull himself up to get food and water off of it. Don’t know if Britax fixed this issue with the B Lively. And, I don’t like not being able to access underneath while the seat is all the way reclined, but that has been addressed with this new model. It was more of an issue when he was an infant because we had to leave the seat back a lot more, now that he’s almost 2 he is only completely flat while napping.

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