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Joovy Qool Stroller Review

Price $699


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Price: $699 (older version still available for $499)
Stroller Weight: 30 lbs
Weight Capacity: 55 lbs per seat

Joovy Qool as a single

The Joovy Qool stroller is the ultimate multitasker: 4 configurations out of the box and over 50 with the use of accessories (!); and you can use it as a single, double (with purchase of additional seat and Front Adapter), or triple (with purchase of Bench Seat) — perfect if you have triplets or twins and an older kid. 

Joovy Qool is a great pick for those who have 3 kiddos of differing ages, or twins and a singleton


The Qool comes with one seat that is suitable for children who are 6+ months. The new model comes comes equipped with a swing-open snack tray with cup holder (the previous version — which you can still purchase on Amazon — didn’t include this), as well as a parent organizer with large cup-holders. As with this previous model, you’ll still need to purchase the front adapters and second seat separately.  

New integrated snack tray

That said, You can purchase the Qool Double Bundle for ~$799, which does include the second seat and all the necessary adapters. 

Size & Weight

The Joovy Qool weighs about 30 lbs and can hold up to 55 lbs per seat. Yes, 30 lbs is heavy, but it’s very much in line with other strollers in the “3+ kid” category

Bonus: it meets Disney-size requirements! 

Car Seat & Bassinet Compatibility 

The Joovy Qool accepts two car seats at the same time (and both can be parent-facing, which is amazing!), with the use of the Qool’s Front Adapters and car seat adapters for Maxi Cosi/Cybex/Nuna or for Chicco/Graco (sold separately), making it a solid pick for twins. It’s compatible with several of the major brand car seats — just  check out Joovy’s car seat compatibility guide to see if you can use yours with the Qool. 

You can also use the  Front Adapters (sold separately) to install two infant bassinets, each of which can hold a baby up to 20 lbs. 


The Joovy Qool seats have a high weight limit — both the main seat and the second seat can hold a child up to 55 lbs! However, the height limit of the seats is only 44 inches. Some parents say that with the second seat attached, the space can feel squished. Not a dealbreaker, but something to note if you have taller kiddos. 

The seats, which are equipped with a 5-point harness, can easily recline to a nearly flat position by engaging the gray recline lever at the top of the seat. That said, though they can recline down far, Joovy does not recommend you place babies in the regular seat until they are about 6 months of age (or have solid head and neck control). New on the Qool: an adjustable footrest, added padding, and a magnetic buckle on the harness for added safety and support.

New magnetic bucke
Check out that recline! Photo from Amazon reviewer, Jason

The seats on the newest Qool edition have a swing-open snack tray with a cup holder, which makes snacking a cinch (no more passing snacks and sips of water down to your kiddos every few minutes!). Plus, seats also have an adjustable footrest, which is great for naps on-the-go

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: seat configurations! As discussed, this stroller is incredibly versatile. In singles mode it can be configured with your child facing you or the world, as well as up higher (closer to you), or down lower. In fact, straight out of the box (without the need for additional accessories), the Joovy Qool has 4 different forward- and parent-facing configurations — see below.  

4 different Joovy Qool seating configurations straight out of the box

The seat is super easy to take out and put back in. Just press the two buttons on either side of the seat and then lift the seat out to remove it. When you want to put it back, it simply clicks in (you don’t need to press any buttons to do so).

You also have a ton of customization with the use of the second seat and front adapters. Like the main seat, the second seat has 4 recline positions and can be placed forward- or rear- facing in the high or middle positions.

It doesn’t stop there: if you have a third, older child (3+ years), you can add on the bench seat, which is also suitable for children up to 55 lbs. It has a 3-pt-harness as well as a little kick bar for kiddos to place their feet on, and it’s simple to click right into position. Reviewers seem to prefer the bench seat option over the ubiquitous riding board. Even older children, sometimes, just want to sit and ride rather than stand. And for parents too, having a sitting option for their kiddos can make all the difference: at the end of a long day, being able to sit down can really avert a meltdown!

Good news: the Joovy Qool can be folded down with the Bench Seat attached. Woohoo! 

Some of the Joovy Qool configurations (many with use of accessories, purchased separately)


The wheels on the Qool are durable and made of rubber, meaning they’ll never go flat. The front wheels are 8.5″, while the back wheels are 12″. They can handle all kinds of terrain, from hilly to grass to gravel. The front and back wheels offer suspension for a nice, smooth ride and can swivel or be stationary. 

According to Amazon reviewer, Mom2HowMany, “The wheels are a good size, it handles grass, dirt, gravel, and cracks in the sidewalk with ease, even with someone in the bench seat. Yet they aren’t so big that the fold is huge.”


Before you fold the Qool, make sure the main seat is in the middle position. Note that if you’re using the second seat, you must detach it first. Then, you just press the triggers on either side of the handlebar, and the stroller will fold in half backwards. You’ll know the stroller is locked when you hear the safety click. Note that the Qool doesn’t stand on its own once folded. 

Even when folded, the stroller is quite long and takes up a lot of space in your trunk or garage. You’ll want to make sure it fits in your trunk before you buy it. 


Reviewers LOVE the large UPF 50 canopy. It has a zip-out panel that provides full sun protection, as well as a mesh peek-a-boo window for increased airflow and to check on your little one. Bonus: the second seat offers this same exceptional canopy. 

You can see the mesh window on the back of the canopy which allows for increased airflow; photo from IG @bitebybitela


The Qool has an adjustable, leatherette telescopic handlebar that is suitable for parents of all heights. The leatherette material ensures it will last longer without wear and tear and is comfortable to grip. 

Leatherette telescoping handlebar


The basket on this stroller can hold about 25 lbs. It’s an easy access, extra large basket that can hold a diaper bag plus other belongings. It even has some pockets within the basket to hold smaller items, like a phone, wallet, keys etc. 

According to Amazon reviewer Mom2HowMany, “The basket is insane. It has high enough sides to hold stuff in but not so high to make it inaccessible from the sides. You can access it from all 4 sides of the stroller with ease. Even if the seat is in the lower position and you feel like it’s a little more difficult, the front unzips to make accessibility easier. The basket is big enough to easily fit TWO good size diaper bags.”

Look at all that underseat storage! Photo from IG via @abigailandco

In addition to the basket, the 2022 Qool now also comes with a parent organizer, which includes two large drink holders. Yay!

Joovy Qool parent organizer — oh la la!


The Qool has a linked parking brake that’s super simple to use. Just step on the brake pedal, and it locks the wheels; push it up with your foot, and it unlocks the wheels. Easy. 


In addition to the second seat, the bassinet and the bench seat (which turn the stroller into a double or a triple) you can also purchase car seat adapters, parent organizer (if you are using the older model), rain cover, child tray and a shopping tote.

Image via IG @asekyb

Joovy Qool Stroller Review: Bottom Line

This stroller gets awesome reviews. Parents of multiple children especially love it because of its ease of use and incredible versatility. Although some say that it’s heavy and difficult to get in and out of the car and pop over curbs, if you’re a mom of three (differing ages, triplets or twins and a single) and are looking for a stroller that will give you several riding options (and last you for quite some time), we think you should definitely check out the Joovy Qool. 


  1. Just wondering if your price points were correct here…$429 with one seat and $549 with the second seat as of June 2021? Looking to purchase this stroller now (Aug 2021) and it seems as it is $549 for just the one seat.

    Interested to see if the price went up that much in a short timeframe!

    Thank you – great article.

    1. Hi Stephanie!
      Thank you for calling this to our attention — yes, it appears they did! Article now reflects correct price points.
      Thank you for letting us know!

  2. I’m wondering how this compares in quality, etc to the uppababy vista v2. Mine will be 21 months apart and while i’ll have a double jogging stroller for walks, the zoo, etc, I will need something that can go from single to double.

    1. Hi Abigail,
      The UPPAbaby Vista is a true luxury stroller. It comes with all the bells and whistles, including a bassinet for baby. It’s a workhorse stroller that, while expensive, will certainly last you.
      The Joovy Qool is also wonderful, but less “luxury”. While it’s also very customizable, it doesn’t come with some of the features the Vista does… such as, a bassinet — but you can turn it into a travel system with the right car seat adapter. It kind of just depends what you’re looking for. If you want a more luxury stroller that comes with all the accessories, go with UPPAbaby. But if that doesn’t concern you and you are fine using a car seat rather than a bassinet, the Qool is great. People love it.
      Good luck!

  3. Can you attach a ride board to this instead of the bench seat? If yes, is the handlebar long enough that the kid can stand inside the handlebar on the board like they can on the uppababys? Would love the option for both bench seat and ride board in the triple configuration for my 3rd (will be 3.5y when next baby comes, currently almost 40 lbs so not sure how long the bench seat will last us!) thoughts on this vs vista v2 with ride board?!

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