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ZOE XL3 BEST Triple Stroller

Price $395



Triplet mamas rejoice! The Zoe XL3 Best Triple Stroller is for YOU! And quad mamas — check out the Zoe XL4 Best Quad Stroller.

Zoe has completely changed the landscape of triple and quad strollers. Up until now, most of the triple and quad strollers on the market (if not all, really), have been HEAVY, unwieldy, bulky, difficult to maneuver, and nearly impossible to fold and store in the trunk of a car. Enter The Zoe XL3 Best Triple Stroller.

This stroller consists of two main components: the regular ol’ Zoe XL2 Best Double Stroller plus the Zoe XL2 Add-On Triple Seat attachment. If you have 4 kids, you can use the Zoe XL2 Add-On Quad Seat, which makes it a quad stroller!

Zoe XL2 Double + quad attachment, courtesy of Catie Graham

Zoe With Triple Attachment & Quad Attachment Pieces

ZOE XL3 BEST v2 Triple Stroller: An Great Pick for Triplets & Quads
ZOE XL3 BEST v2 Triple Stroller: An Great Pick for Triplets & Quads

With the attachment (i.e. the 3rd or 4th seat), the Zoe instantly and easily transforms from a double to a triple or quad. You simply click the attachment seat onto the belly bar of the double stroller, and voilà!

Check out this video, from triplet Mom, Catie Graham.

In this video, Catie offers an in-depth look at how the attachment piece works. Catie says she really likes that it’s super lightweight and easy to fold. However, she mentioned that it’s hard to turn corners. She also noted that Zoe customer service is unreliable and sometimes unreachable, which is no surprise given their massive growth of late. Also, they are a small family-run business, so they aren’t exactly “on it” with questions and requests.

Catie Graham’s Zoe XL2 Add-On Quad Seat

The Attachment 

The attachment seat doesn’t come with its own belly bar, though you can buy it separately. The seat(s) does recline, but not as deeply as those on the Zoe XL2 Best Double Stroller. Other than that, everything about the seats on the attachment are exactly the same as they are on the regular XL2 stroller. They include the same mesh baskets on their backs, peek-a-boo windows and 5-point-harnesses.

Note: you cannot fold the stroller as a triple or a quad, so you’ll have to remove the seat attachment before folding it. To do that, just push the red tabs on either side of the belly bar handle, and pull the lever on the attachment itself. The attachment easily folds with one hand, the same way the Zoe XL2 Best does. Also important to know, the XL2 Add-On Triple and Quad Seats are not compatible with older model Zoe XL2’s such as the Deluxe, Best v1, or Sport. The seat attachments are only compatible with the Zoe XL2 Best Double Stroller.

Triplet mom Lisa Kerr out for a stroll with her littles using the triple attachment piece (photo from Lisa Kerr’s Instagram page @lisadkerr)

Triplet mother Lisa Kerr (whose photo is featured above) says, “my husband loves the compactness of the stroller and that it’s light and easy to use. I love that we don’t attract as much attention in public, which is such a great feature, as any mom of multiples can understand. Before we got the Zoe Triple, our Peg Perego Triplette would attract so many strangers wanting to see, touch or take pictures of our babies; that just doesn’t happen anymore. We take the Triple Zoe everywhere now. We’ve been to Disneyland with it, the beach and in and out of Target sales racks. It fits everywhere and the babies love it.”

According to another triplet mama, Jen, the Zoe XL3 Best Triple Stroller is all the rage in the triplet mom world right now. Jenna, another one of our triplet moms, says, “it is soooooooooo much better than the Foundations stroller. It’s lightweight, fits in most trunks (because it separates into two pieces) and is relatively inexpensive.” Note that none of the commercial-sized Foundations strollers fit into a regular vehicle. Like, at all.

Triplet mom Victoria Buursma says the Zoe XL3 Best Triple Stroller is “fantastic. It turns on a dime and weighs 17 pounds. It drives smoothly with straps so very easy to adjust, and you can do so when they are sitting in their seats. Way more space in the baskets below, it’s very easy to collapse AND all three seats recline! Hallelujah!”

Triplet Mama, Victoria Buursma’s triplets in the Zoe with triple attachment; pic from Victoria’s IG page @triplethefun

Additionally, none of these stroller seats accepts infant car seats. However, the stroller’s seats do recline down rather far — about 150 degrees (note: 180 degrees is totally flat, for those who failed trig). This means you’ll have to wait a few months, until your babies have some head and torso control, before using the stroller (Zoe recommends at least 3 months).

In addition to reclining independently, each seat also has its own individual canopy — yay!

The stroller and attachment pieces comes in a variety of colors, such as: navy, plum, grey, red, black, lime green and aqua.

ZOE XL3 BEST v2 Triple Stroller: An Great Pick for Triplets & Quads

The Zoe XL3 Best Triple Stroller is seriously all the rage among triplet and quadruplet parents right now. Zoe has answered the prayers of sooooo many parents of multiples who have long been searching for a triple or quad stroller that isn’t insanely heavy, impossible to maneuver or something you might see in a circus sideshow. Plus, it fits in most trunks, and is Disney-size approved. It’s not totally perfect, of course, but if you ask some of the parents who currently use it, it’s pretty darn close.

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